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Welcome to Battling 101! If you're seeking a tutor for SS UU, you are in the right place. Please read all the rules carefully and fill out every part of the application.

Current Tutors:
Aqua Jet


  • You must be able to access Discord, or whatever your tutor wants as the primary form of communication.
  • You must be willing to use Pokemon Showdown! even if you are being tutored in a cartridge format such as Battle Spot or VGC.
  • You, the tutee, should have at least 15 posts before signing up AND your account's age should be a minimum of at least 1 month old before signing up. If you do not reach that threshold, you will likely be skipped.
    • This is not a hard requirement meaning you may still be paired without satisfying it, but if you want to ensure you are compliant and you wish to attain 15 posts before applying, DO NOT spam post elsewhere in the forum. That is an infractable offense and we do not encourage such behavior from potential Tutees.
  • You must have battled competitively for a decent amount in at least ONE of the Smogon tiers or Battle Spot / VGC to sign up. Playing 10 or so matches on the PS! ladder is not substantial enough, ~70 or so is more reasonable. This experience does not need to be for the format you sign-up for; this is just to weed out people who have never played competitively that can improve themselves simply by using resources already available to them without needing a tutor to hold their hand.
  • You, the tutee, are responsible for setting up times with your tutor. Don't expect them to come to you. Take the initiative and post on their VM wall first. Additionally, please be patient if your tutor doesn't respond in the first 2-3 days.
  • Use the Tutee Talk forum to complain about your tutor (or praise them if they're doing a good job). These are no longer mandatory, but if your tutor is ridiculously inactive or is a complete jackass, COMPLAIN HERE.Nobody can see your tutee talk posts except for you and the Battling 101 Staff; everything is confidential.
  • Don't request tutors unless they have agreed to tutor you.
  • If your timezone and hours of availability do not match up with the correct thread, your post will be skipped. Please PM a B101 mod if you are unsure about which thread to post in.
  • You may only post in ONE of the signup threads. Delete your post if you change your mind about signing up for something.
Here is the signup template, and an example sign-up post.
PS! Username:
Your timezone:
Usual Hours of Availability:
Tell us a little about your experience in competitive Pokemon (min. 3 sentences):
Are you able to use Discord?:
Do you understand how the blacklist works?:
Username: Shiba
PS! Username: Big Sean
Your timezone: EST (GMT -5)
Usual Hours of Availability: weekdays 8 PM - 12 AM, weekends 12 PM - 12 AM
Tell us a little about your experience in competitive Pokemon (min. 3 sentences): I started playing competitively in early XY and spammed Baton Pass on the ladder. I was pretty skilled I guess. I then got more involved with Smogon and started to play in various tournaments like UUPL and later on Snake and SPL. I could use a bit more practice in this tier though, so I'm looking to get help
Do you understand how the blacklist works?: Yes
The Blacklist (aka Battling 101 Detention)
You will be banned from signing up in the future if:

  • You show poor activity over a course of a month (banned for 6 months, infracted for 1 point)
  • You decide during the tutoring round that you do not wish to be tutored anymore, or you mistakenly sign up for a tier you thought was something else, and no longer wish to be tutored. This is most common when selecting Smogon Doubles / VGC, THEY ARE NOT THE SAME THING (banned for 6 months)
  • You show a lack of enthusiasm or you're consistently distracted by other things (banned for 3 months)
  • You fail to complete the tutor evaluation form that we will send out during the last week of the round(banned for 6 months, infracted for 1 point)
  • You are annoying to deal with. This will vary from tutor to tutor. Some tutors don't like it when you talk back, argue with them, whine about hax, whine about sucking at Pokemon, or any version of the 'woe is me' attitude. Tutors get pissed at different things, so if they complain to us that you are exhibiting poor behavior, expect to be on the blacklist.(banned for 3-6 months)
Repeated offense of any of the situations above can potentially mean a year ban. If you have been on the blacklist for three different instances, you will be EXPELLED from Battling 101 (perma-ban from signing up).
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Username: Neko
PS! Username: a lot of nekos
Your timezone: GMT+8
Usual Hours of Availability: Daily, 9pm-11pm, for laddering. If you kinda wanna just talk/discuss I'm usually free 8am-8pm. I just can't ladder out of 9pm-11pm.
Tell us a little about your experience in competitive Pokemon (min. 3 sentences): I started playing mons due to the pandemic (~late 2020), and I got hooked into playing monotype and GSC. I'm not much of a battler, though, but we can probably try ;w;. Recently, I think its better for me to branch out and try out other tiers. I'm fascinated by how UU seemed to have a lot of mons that I like, so Ig UU would be a good place to start with.
Are you able to use Discord?: Yes, neko#5707
Do you understand how the blacklist works?: Yes
Username:Jase Duken
PS! Username:Jase duken
Your timezone:-7
Usual Hours of Availability: after 8pm and open all day on Saturday,sunday,and monday
Tell us a little about your experience in competitive Pokemon (min. 3 sentences):I have played a large amount of ubers and mono. Won team tours in both tiers. I really wanna expand on to more official tiers. So i can have a chance to play in more bigger team tours and getting the opportunity play against the best.
Are you able to use Discord?:yes
Do you understand how the blacklist works?:yes
Username: Thungan
PS! Username: Tagonicus
Your Timezone--4
Usual Hours of Availability: After 3:30 PM most days.
Tell us a little about of your experience in competitive Pokemon: Have played a little bit of National Dex Gen 8 (albeit on an old account I used to ladder with). Spent decent amount of time teambuilding and damage calcs in particular. Also have some experience in the SWSH Gen 8 OU metagame. I have been somewhat inactive for a while out of hesitation, but I am so willing to improve and expand beyond my current capacity with oppportunity to communicate and play with other users.
Are you able to Use Discord?: yes
Do you understand how the blacklist works?: yes


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Username: javitu
PS! Username: javitu
Your timezone: GMT+2
Usual Hours of Availability: Rn i'm in summer holidays so you can expect me to be free mostly during mornings from like 10pm to 2pm and maybe from 4pm to 6pm. Once i start classes i will be free wednesday, thursday and friday mornings and some afternoons too
Tell us a little about your experience in competitive Pokemon (min. 3 sentences):
I got into PS 3 years ago more less, playing mainly randbats. But this last year i have decided to play more competitive mons and got interested in UU during the UU Open. Later, i have played for some tournaments like CPL and rn i'm playing CTF and Espanol Premier League (EPL)
Are you able to use Discord?:
Yes, javitu#6816
Do you understand how the blacklist works?:
Username: Memedose46
PS username: Memeodse46
TZ: GMT +5:30
Usual Hours of availability:2:30-4 pm and 9-11 pm on weekdays and 9 am-12 noon,9-11 pm on weekends
Tell us a little about ur experience: I joined pokemon 8 months ago, play mainly monotype. But i am trying to learn new tiers and hence seek help, i played in the UU trios tournament earlier and played a lot of tours like CPL(discord) and mono BLT and HPL. Got very much into UU after seeing few of the matches in the UU trios tournament and im willing to learn.
Are You able to use discord: Yes, username is Memedose46#3026
Do You Understand How Blacklist Works: Yes


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Username: romanji
PS! Username: romanji ≛
Your timezone: GMT -5
Usual Hours of Availability: 5-9 PM (times could change though I will let my tutor know)
Tell us a little about your experience in competitive Pokemon (min. 3 sentences): I started playing UU during the first drops of Isle of Armor, but started taking this a bit more seriously lately. I have done really bad in seasonals/solo tours and my only relevant subforum achievement is having a 2-1 record in UUFPL II and getting carried to finals. I really want to elevate my play up to at least getting drafted to a subforum tour like UUPL or UU Snake in the future and help myself improve and make further runs in solo tours.
Are you able to use Discord?: romanji#8557
Do you understand how the blacklist works?: Yes
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Username: corperaten
PS! Username: corperaten
Your timezone: gmt -4
Usual Hours of Availability:
11 am-2 or 3pm weekdays, sat mornings, weekend evenings
Tell us a little about your experience in competitive Pokemon (min. 3 sentences):
I've been playing uu and mons in general off and on for quite a while now, rly since the end of gen 6, but over the past year or so I've been a lot more interested in playing tournaments and such, and they've been a lot of fun. However, though I think they've helped me improve as a player, I want to do better in them. I click a lot without thinking, and I'm not sure I always know what makes a team good into a specific person or just into the meta in general. I want to learn more about everything and get to the next level, but especially on the playing side of things.
Are you able to use Discord?:
Do you understand how the blacklist works?:


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Username: BlackKnight_Gawain
PS! Username: BlackKnight_Gawain
Your timezone: EST/ GMT +6
Usual Hours of Availability:
My timings are weird but flexible, I am currently physically based in GMT +6 but do a lot of work in EST since I was there for the last 3.5 years
Tell us a little about your experience in competitive Pokemon (min. 3 sentences): Very oldhat, been on PO since Gen IV and then switched to Showdown around V, was top 30 fairly consistently on OU for a good chunk of time then (had a funny winning streak against a certain mod lol) . Took a long hiatus after VIII was barely implemented and now I'm back in time for another gen shift, but would like to get used to this meta and a few others just to stop being rusty and learn what's new.
Are you able to use Discord?: Yes
Do you understand how the blacklist works?: Yes
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