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Welcome to Battling 101! If you're seeking a tutor for SV Never Used, you are in the right place. Please read all the rules carefully and fill out every part of the application.


  • You must be able to access Discord, or whatever your tutor wants as the primary form of communication.
  • You must be willing to use Pokemon Showdown! even if you are being tutored in a cartridge format such as Battle Spot or VGC.
  • You, the tutee, should have at least 15 posts before signing up AND your account's age should be a minimum of at least 1 month old before signing up.
    • This is not a strict requirement meaning you may still be paired without satisfying it, so no matter what, DO NOT spam post elsewhere in the forum. That is an infractable offense and we do not encourage such behavior from potential Tutees.
  • You must have battled competitively for a decent amount in at least ONE of the Smogon tiers or Battle Spot / VGC to sign up. Playing 10 or so matches on the PS! ladder is not substantial enough, ~70 or so is more reasonable. This experience does not need to be for the format you sign-up for; this is just to weed out people who have never played competitively that can improve themselves simply by using resources already available to them without needing a tutor to hold their hand.
  • You, the tutee, are responsible for setting up times with your tutor. When you receive the Smogon notification informing you of the pairing, please take the initiative and post on their VM wall first. Continued scheduling and communication is key to a successful pairing!
  • Use the Tutee Talk forum to complain about your tutor (or praise them if they're doing a good job). These are no longer mandatory, but if your tutor is ridiculously inactive or is a complete jackass, COMPLAIN HERE. Nobody can see your tutee talk posts except for you and the Battling 101 Staff; everything is confidential.
  • Signups older than 4 months or 1 month since last login will be considered inactive. These will be moved to the Inactive Posts thread, and can be returned back to this thread by request.
  • Tutors can and will drop you if sessions go badly, and significant violations may result in a ban from B101. Be active, be enthusiastic, be respectful. Make the best of your time together!
Here is the signup template, and an example sign-up post.
PS! Username:
Signup Format:
Your timezone:
Usual Hours of Availability:
Tell us a little about your experience in competitive Pokemon (min. 3 sentences):
Are you able to use Discord?:
Username: Shiba
PS! Username: Big Sean
Signup Format: SV NU
Your timezone: EST (GMT -5)
Usual Hours of Availability: weekdays 8 PM - 12 AM, weekends 12 PM - 12 AM
Tell us a little about your experience in competitive Pokemon (min. 3 sentences): I started playing competitively in early XY and spammed Baton Pass on the ladder. I was pretty skilled I guess. I then got more involved with Smogon and started to play in various tournaments like UUPL and later on Snake and SPL. I could use a bit more practice in this tier though, so I'm looking to get help
Are you able to use Discord?: Yes
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Username: Olive3552
PS! Username: Olive355
Signup Format: SV NU
Your timezone: GMT+12
Usual Hours of Availability:
Weekdays usually around 3:30 my time
Tell us a little about your experience in competitive Pokemon (min. 3 sentences):
I am relatively new to competitive Pokemon, but I know a bit about it already. Obviously, I'm best at NU, and I know the tier pretty good so far. I think the main thing I wanna learn more about is battling in general, I've got types and stuff down.
Are you able to use Discord?:
Username: Robert Russ
PS! Username: Robert Russ/pex worker
Signup Format: SV NU
Your timezone: -4 GMT
Usual Hours of Availability: Weekdays past 4pm and anytime on weekends
Tell us a little about your experience in competitive Pokemon (min. 3 sentences): I've played pretty irregularly for about 5 or 6 years only just getting more into it at the start of covid. Mostly play a ton of draft in a circle with friends but got more into laddering towards the end of SWSH and now in SV. Pretty consistently hover just outside of T500 in any tier I decide to grind out and peaked at 1486 in NU and am currently in Round 3 of the open. Mostly looking on how to push farther past that peak
Are you able to use Discord?: Yes (@squallnh)

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