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This thread is meant to be a collection of arenas battlers have enjoyed battling in. For ease of reference, of course. No one wants to search through 300 threads to find 1 arena. Let's keep them all in one place.

Just some guidelines for posting arena information:
Field Type more or less influences what moves can be used in the arena and what type Nature Power becomes. It is basically a terrain.

Complexity indicates how difficult it is to battle in the arena (or how difficult it is for the referee to do his/her job).

Format indicates what type of battle the arena is best suited for. Some are great for singles. Others are better for Multiples. Some shine in all formats.
At the end of the arena, there is usually a summation of effects associated with the arena, for ease of battling and reffing.

So without further adieu...

Smeargle's Animation Studio

Field Type: Neutral
Complexity: Simple to Driving-The-Referee-Batcrap-Crazy
Format: Singles
Restrictions: None

When a Pokemon is first sent out, its Trainer can declare any number of specific abilities. That pokemon gains the declared abilities for the remainder of the battle at the cost of 2 EN per ability.

Pokemon cannot have duplicate abilities. Meaning, for example, that a Pokemon cannot have two (2) or more copies of Strong Jaw on it.

All Abilities gained through the Arena's effect are treated as though the Pokemon naturally received them.

Banned Abilities / Restrictions:
Receiver, Power of Alchemy, Trace. (Why would you want these abilities? You are already granted access to nearly all abilities. These are pointless.)
Battle Bond is valid only for Battle Bond Greninja and Ash-Greninja
Forecast is valid only for Castform.
Gulp Missile is valid only for Cramorant
Hunger Switch is valid only for Morpeko.
Ice Face is valid only for Eiscue.
Mimicry is valid only for Galarian Stunfisk
Mold Breaker is valid only for Pinsir, Mega Pinsir, Mega Gyarados, Mega Ampharos, Cranidos, Rampardos, Axew, Fraxure, Haxorus, Pancham, Pangoro, Drilbur, Excadrill, Throh, Sawk, Basculin, Druddigon, Hawlucha, Rebble, Tactite, and Crucibelle.
Multi-type is valid only for Arceus.
Neutralizing Gas is valid only for Koffing, Kantonian Weezing, and Galarian Weezing.
Power Construct is valid only for Zygarde.
RKS System is valid only for Silvally.
Schooling is valid only for Wishiwashi.
Shields Down is valid only for Minior.
Stance Change is valid only for Aegislash.
Teravolt is valid only for Zekrom and Black-Kyurem.
Turboblaze is valid only for Reshiram and White-Kyurem.
Zen Mode is valid only for Unovan Darmanitan, Unovan Darmanitan Zen Mode, Galarian Darmanitan, and Galarian Darmanitan Zen Mode..

In most cases, an ability that copies an ability is banned due to redundancy and an ability that changes a pokemon's form is banned due to most pokemon not having that form. Mold Breaker, Teravolt, and Turboblaze are restricted to the pokemon that get it naturally to encourage ability combinations. If you want to stop solid rock, filter, anticipation, overcoat, sturdy, then you have to bring a natural Mold Breaker and Neutralizing Gas Pokémon.
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I am presenting: The Generator Factory! This electric factory has everything you love as an electric type! In an abandoned factory in the old industrial heart of the city, a battle is stirring! In times past, this factory produced much of the city's electricity, along with consumer generators and batteries. However, when the owner Ms. Amps went bankrupt, the factory shut down and closed, with all the equipment still inside. Is there a future for this industrial relic? Or will bygones be bygones?

The setting is a run down, decrepit factory. It's quite medium in size. The floor is smooth concrete. Many desks and tables have fallen over, along with the machinery on top, shattered across the floor. The windows are barred shut with planks. On one end of the building is another room, with a shattered window, the foreman's office.
There is a mezzanine above the foreman's office, with two fleeting stairways heading up there. There are a few more overturn desks and machines.
Rust is all over the place. But through all the rust and dust, you can see spiffy looking generators that look like they can be powered on...

There are 3 areas in the factory: The Floor room, the Foreman's office, and the Mezzanine. You can move to these using an action.

However, there are still several working electric generators. There are 3 electric generators in the factory.

One in the open floor
One in the foreman's office
One in the mezzanine.

You may attack a Pokemon in an other area, but only with ranged attacks.

These generators are old, and will need some booting up... But an Electric type move can change that!
If you direct an electric type attack at one of the generators, the generator will gain HP equal to the damage the attack does!
These are generators and as such have no type. Each generator has 50 HP. You must be in the same location as the generator to attack it.
Once a generator reaches 100 HP, it will send its power to the Pokemon that reached that threshold. It can not be activated again.
If the Pokemon is Electric type, they gain 20 HP, +2 to Attack, Defense, Special Attack, and Special Defense, and 40 speed! This buff lasts 3 rounds.
However, if the Pokemon isn't Electric type, it instead deals 20 damage of Electric type to that Pokemon!
But fret not! If you attack the generator with a move of any other type, it deals that much damage to the Generator! Once a Generator reaches 0 HP, it can not gain any more HP as it is destroyed.

The generators has the following stats:
Attack: 0
Defense: 2
Special Attack: 0
Special Defense: 2
Speed: 0

You must be in the same location as a generator to attack it. As such, you must move to one of the three areas in the factory to attack that area's generator. You must use an action to do this.
Here's an action to do this: Move to Mezzanine
A Pokemon can not do this if they are immobilized.

You can also Take cover behind the Generator, with any attacks dealing damage to the Generator instead.

The floor is littered with shattered machines, so if you use a P/E Move, there is a 50% chance the machines will react, dealing 5 self damage to that Pokemon!

Secret Power Effect: Paralysis
Nature Power Move: Charge Beam
Camoflague Type: Electric

This arena will sure prove to be home to many shocking battles!


1/18/22: Reduced generator defense from 5 to 2 and generator special defense from 3 to 2
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Since we've used this arena before, I figured I'd add it to this thread. I present SAS Lite the Hidden Potential Arena!

Upon sending in, each player picks an extra ability for their Pokemon. Abilities do not stack with themselves.

When thread is posted, sendout will be changed to the following:
- Player 1 picks an ability from each Pokemon of their opponent (not the added one) to be removed.
- Player 2 picks an ability from each Pokemon of their opponent (not the added one) to be removed, then sends out.
- Player 1 sends out and orders.
- Player 2 orders.

Cannot add the following abilities:

- Power Construct
- Flower Gift
- Ice Face
- Battle Bond
- Zen Mode
- Hunger Switch
- Multitype
- Schooling
- Shields Down
- Stance Change
- Gulp Missile
- RKS System
- Disguise

- Huge Power
- Pure Power
- Arena Trap
- Shadow Tag
- Fur Coat
- Ice Scales
- Wonder Guard
- Multiscale
- Shadow Shield
- Water Bubble
- Libero
- Protean
- Normalize
- Delta Stream
- Desolate Land
- Primordial Sea
- Illusion
- Imposter
- Moody
- Parental Bond
- Prankster
- Skill Link
- Stench
- Serene Grace
- Contrary

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