Art Request Thread?

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I wanted Smeargle artists to create a logo for Smogon Doubles, but I did not where to post it. Smeargle Studio is obviously a place for artists to display their work, but it would be AWESOME if there's a way for non-artists like me to request artwork.

I know there's an Art for Article / Tournament / Smog but for other requests not falling to any of these categories would have nowhere to post. This thread would be a place for such inquiries.

Thoughts? Thanks.

EDIT: oh ;x
This thread is for requests which don't fall under any of the threads you just mentioned. Be warned that it's solely for simple requests, but I assume the Smogon Doubles (Which I know Bummer is doing) falls under "simple". If you want any detailed art requests which wouldn't be classified as simple, I'd ask on #smeargle or request individual artists to make them.
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