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So, macle and I have been talking and it seems that a good number of articles are being abandoned with us constantly having to remind the owner to work on it, so with that in mind there's going to be some changes to articles.

You are expected to make some progress on your article within one month of your original post, if not then it moved to L&O. If this becomes a habit with a specific user then they will be warned. If for some reason you can no longer work on an article, please post in the thread saying so in a timely manner. Do not wait 3 months then come and say you cannot work on it, you will be warned. We are aware that everyone has a life which can get in the way of things here, just please take the courtesy to post saying you can no longer work on an article so it can possibly be passed on to someone who can.

Only post a thread when you have an outline of your article, like skeletons for analyses these should have bullet points highlighting the major topics of each section. If you feel that what you're writing might be too short, may want to consider making it into a letter, PM user Jellicent about this.

Thanks for reading this.

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