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Oh, I was looking at this spreadsheet from the OP of the Battle Hall sign up thread. Maybe it's out of date then.
No, the spreadsheet tells which Pokemon you can enter in which rank. For example, Kingdra can be entered in Ranks 3, 4, or 5, as it is Rank 3. However, Dragonite can only challenge Rank 5, as it is Rank 5.

Basically, you can challenge the Rank listed, or any higher Rank, with that Pokemon.
The subref gets the KO Bonus UC from all KOs had on the battle, or only the ones under his watch?

So, if I subref a 6vs6 doubles with 10 KOs, but only reffed 6 of them, do i get 6/2 or 10/2 bonus UC?
If you evolve a Pokemon, can it learn and use its Pre-evolution's moves, e.g. I evolve Larvesta into Volcarona, can it use or learn Flare Blitz (not that I would, it's an example)?
Fury Swipes is 2 per hit, Cut is 5, so you'd use a base power of 2*2+5=9. Then you add the stuff like STAB, rank difference, etc. just like with any other damaging combo. Don't forget to check low power single-hit moves like Cut and Vine Whip for any combo boosts they might give.


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Critical hits nullify Burn nerfs right, so what happens if, on a multi-hit attack (say a Fursy Fury Swipes that hits thrice), one of the hits netted a crit? Does it ignore Burn nerf completely, or must all 3 hits crit (which is ridiculously improbable) for it to happen?

Also there seems to be some disagreement about switching twice in a row in Switch = OK battles.
How does the accuracy drop from the dodge command work and is Dodge stopped by taunt?

Lets say the result of the dodge formula was 29 (rounded up) if the move that targets the dodging pokemon is normally 100% accurate then would the accuracy of the move now be 81%?

Another scenario is where the attacking pokemon has hustle and the accuracy of its attack is 80% (after hustle) would the 80% be decreased again by the dodge command or would dodge be taken into accound first, then the new accuracy is decreased by hustle?
1. EDIT: Motherfucker when did that happen @_@
2. The dodge formula is: Base Dodge + ((User's Speed - Opponent's Speed) / 5) + Accuracy boosting value from user's +Spe Nature / - 10EVA drop from -Spe Nature. The formula under Trick Room is in the DAT under universal commands.
3. All accuracy modifiers are factored in before the dodge command
4. Taunt prevents Dodge from being used, along with all the other commands.
Crits do ignore burn, check the critical hit section of the DAT.

Not sure about whether or not a single hit would cause the whole attack to ignore burn (or screens for that matter), but I'm inclined to say it should.
All attacking moves under the effects of Normalize will gain the +3 STAB bonus (assuming Normalize isn't Skill Swapped to a non-Normal type), but only moves that are Normal-typed before Normalize will gain the +4 BAP boost. For example, Flamethrower will still have 10 BAP while Headbutt will have 11 BAP under Normalize.

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