Ask the Admins - Issue 3

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The Player is resurrecting the old Ask the Admins series from The Smog. This series involves asking any questions you want to members of the administrative team, this time for PS Leaders and above. Our first panel consists of jdarden, The Immortal and Zarel!

In this thread, post any questions you want to see answered by our panel. They can cover any topic you like - you could ask about PS, Smogon or just Pokemon in general. The best questions will be selected by The Player staff and will be featured in the article in Issue 3. If you have any queries, feel free to PM me. This thread will close in approximately 2-3 weeks to give us time to ask the questions and prepare the article. Ask away!

Troll questions or questions deemed inappropriate by moderators will be deleted.
In your eyes, what are the drawbacks of being Leader/Admin? Do you feel like you have a lot of responsability on your shoulders?


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Which part/rooms on PS! do you like the most? What makes you like it?
What else do you do other than modding/coding PS!?


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why does TI never reply to me :(

How did you get started coding on PS!? (Zarel and TI)
Have you always aimed for being a leader/admin? (All)


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The Immortal: How many times have you broke both the OM room, and the whole server by advertizing a random battles tour?

All: What do you want to see/look for in a user and/or battler on the server? Who would you say is a prime example of a great user/battler on the server?
So two things, 1: How much would a Woodchuck chuck if a Woodchuck could chuck? (All) and 2(.5): I'm gonna direct this at jdarden, what tier do you have a liking towards and what do you think separates it from the like of every other tier that exists currently?
Zarel: You mentioned in a Smog interview once that some people pm you spamming your name, how frequently does this happen?
What are your plans technically for the future of PS to stop this fuckhuge lag?

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1. What do you do behind the scenes that presumably makes you so busy?
2. what are the names of your alts?
3. What do you take into account when considering promoting?
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This is a question for Zarel: Say there's a time when the server is restarted for whatever reason; it happens, modchat goes on, blah blah blah. I've noticed that every time modchat goes down people literally start praising you (the one and only Zarel deserves it :p). Do you feel your presence would greatly influence or impact the lobby in any way whether it's good or bad if you stayed and say, casually chatted with users or just made comments here and there?
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