SS OU Attempt at a more offensive team. Suggestions?

Here it is:

(1) Slowking

Hard hitter set. Trick and black sludge to ruin opponent's support mons or mons reliant on their item. Fire blast as it's my only fire move on the team. Future sight for momentum, and sludge bomb for STAB/coverage.

(2) Togekiss

Support set and bulky on the special side. Heal bell to heal team's status. T-Wave + Air slash for last ditch desperation attempt, and roost to recover health.

(3) Kartana

Scarf revenge killer/sweeper. Adamant instead of timid because against opposing kartana, I survive a sacred sword and can OHKO them back. Outspeeds spectrier and dragapult still. Only problem is blacephalon, which it no longer outspeeds.
I've noticed the extra damage to be helpful in securing some KOs I couldn't before.

(4) Tornadus

Defogger and momentum set. Knock off for support and superpower for offense. -SpA nature because there's no special moves. Max Health for bulk.

(5) Swampert

Lead + momentum. Max defense and health to sponge up Cinderace's moves and general physical mons. Flip turn and earthquake for water and ground moves on my team + STAB. Ice punch for coverage.

(6) Rotom-Mow

Choice specs tricking set. Leaf storm to dispose of ground/water pokemon in this meta game. Volt switch for momentum, will-o-wisp for physical attackers, and trick to ruin sets.
EVs are distributed to maximize speed and have a balance between bulk and power


Guys let me know of your suggestions and how to improve it.

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