ATTENTION: Analysis Format Changes (Name your sets, don't separate Mega Evos, use the old set style)

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This sticky documents changes to the preview format.

  1. Name your sets. It makes it easier to communicate the intent of the set, so that users and QC members can more effectively critique (and later utilize) the sets. If you have a question of what to call the set, feel free to make a guess and ask for help in the thread. Alternately, maybe the set isn't specialized enough, and needs refinement so that it has a clear purpose.
  2. Mega Evolutions will no longer get their own [Mega Evolution Recommendations] section. They will be included with other sets, and are subject to standard set ordering rules. Use your judgment. Mega Evolutions do not necessarily have to be the first set for a Pokemon, and often will not be when the Pokemon is better served by another item, or may not be worth using as a team's sole Mega Evolution. Note that you do not have to have a non-mega set for a Pokemon with a Mega Evolution. Any and all of a Pokemon's sets can use its Mega Stone.
  3. Return to the "old" set style:

    name: <SET NAME>
    move 1:
    move 2:
    move 3:
    move 4:

    This makes the set much more readable, and is probably closer to what will be officially used.
Thank you. Anyone with a currently in-progress analysis should update accordingly.
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