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Hey Natdex Ubers.

This will probably surprise certain persons. But I'm stepping down from all my positions, and I'll leave the tier into the hands of entrocefalo.
The truth is, my motivation and energy was on the decline since several months. Ultimately, I was leading the tier without much interest. I don't want to stay in a position if I'm not fully committed to it.

I'm certain the tier is in good hands. Entro is the goat, and all the council members, Runo, Weirdhamster, NeonJolteonWasUsed, Ropalme1914, and Niadev, are all full of energy and will to keep the tier in a good shape. I'm sure without a doubt you will find the way to deal with the balance issue the tier can have.

I remember when I became tier leader back in the days. The tier was at its beginning. Now, it's an established tier with a real presence in the National Dex circuit, and a newly open C&C section. I'm proud of what I have accomplished, and can only be happy to see how it will flourish with a new leader. I will probably stay nowhere far from the tier, hoping from time to time in the C&C section and probably doing the future suspect tests. So if you wanna discuss Natdex Ubers, feel free!

See you all!

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What? No one is going to make even a single post here? May as well be the first one to remain polite.

Anyways, Eledyr, you're amazing, you have a ton of potential and the tier wouldn't have been the same without your effort (or lasted long, even), thanks you.
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