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B101 General Discussion Chat Oct 8, 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM (EST)

Thanks everyone for participating in the chat! Here's the log of the chat broken into three sections. Since it's a bit tl;dr, I've put the main points of focus below. We will make these new changes to the B101 system as Sun and Moon approach, and will let you know in detail about these changes as well.

[5:10 PM] plus: first order of business is to discuss the break
[5:11 PM] plus: sumo's coming out november 18th
[5:11 PM] Californium: logical would be
[5:11 PM] plus: i think we all agree that a break is reasonable
[5:11 PM] plus: the issue is when to do it so we aren't screwing over any tutees
[5:12 PM] Coconut: Representing a metagame that will be very established fast in LC, we don't need that long of a break
[5:12 PM] plus: give people some prior notice before it happens
[5:12 PM] Californium: like maybe
[5:12 PM] Californium: the 1st week in dec
[5:12 PM] Californium: so current tutees / tutors can finish rounds
[5:12 PM] plus: so sumo is released and we break like 2 weeks after?
[5:12 PM] IronBullet: i think just break for new year plus for metas that we know can be done
[5:12 PM] plus: yeah
[5:13 PM] IronBullet: i mean break until new year
[5:13 PM] Coconut: I like that idea
[5:13 PM] plus: from nov 18 to jan 1
[5:13 PM] plus: that's like 6 weeks
[5:13 PM] IronBullet: and ones that will need to stabilise like uu, ru etc maybe till feb?
[5:13 PM] TraceofLife: i like that idea as well
[5:13 PM] Californium: then sign ups need to end like
[5:13 PM] Ad Aciem: sounds good
[5:13 PM] Californium: early nov
[5:13 PM] Californium: so when evals for month are done
[5:13 PM] Californium: no one is messed up
[5:13 PM] plus: yeah i want to break a little before sumo is released
[5:14 PM] plus: so nobody signs up like a day before sumo
[5:14 PM] plus: for something like oras ru
[5:14 PM] plus: which will be obsolete in days
[5:14 PM] plus: so we close signups before the 18th
[5:14 PM] plus: is what i'm thinking
[5:15 PM] Coconut: absolutely, how early though
[5:15 PM] Californium: what about the 4th novmeber
[5:15 PM] Californium: 2 weeks before
[5:15 PM] plus: okay
[5:15 PM] plus: that makes sense
[5:15 PM] Ad Aciem: And make evals due by then too
[5:15 PM] Californium: that way the latest tutees will end like
[5:15 PM] Coconut: if rounds need to be 3 weeks
[5:15 PM] Californium: 27th nov
[5:15 PM] plus: ya
[5:15 PM] Coconut: then wouldn't it make sense to stop 3 weeks in advance
[5:16 PM] plus: hm
[5:16 PM] Coconut: like I really don't want to be tutoring in ORAS
[5:16 PM] Coconut: when SuMo comes out
[5:16 PM] plus: so that would push it to what
[5:16 PM] Sken: yeah I would do 3 weeks in advance
[5:16 PM] plus: oct 28?
[5:16 PM] IronBullet: yeah like we stop pairing people 3 weeks in advance, makes sense
[5:16 PM] IronBullet: cool
[5:16 PM] plus: so we close signups for everything on oct 28
[5:16 PM] Californium: yeah i wont be taking another tutee after this round anyways, by the looks of it
[5:17 PM] IronBullet: so we can do mid month evals in nov for people who arent graded in beginning of nov
[5:17 PM] plus: yeah ok
[5:17 PM] plus: should we let people tutor their friends if they want during this break period
[5:17 PM] Californium: yeah okay that works too
[5:17 PM] plus: i mean that's what we usually do
[5:18 PM] plus: i mean not everyone is going to be into sumo
[5:18 PM] plus: most will be, but there will be a select few who dgaf
[5:18 PM] plus: particularly oldgen tutors
[5:18 PM] plus: not that we have that many, but still
[5:18 PM] Coconut: if that's what's normally done, that sounds fine
[5:18 PM] TraceofLife: i don't mind either way
[5:18 PM] IronBullet: but but its a water arcanine
[5:18 PM] IronBullet: how can you not be into that
[5:18 PM] plus: wait what
[5:18 PM] Coconut: I don't see a reason to limit tutors like that
[5:18 PM] Coconut: same
[5:18 PM] plus: there's a water arcanine?
[5:19 PM] Eyan: So where we at right now
[5:19 PM] plus: :honeybun:
[5:19 PM] TraceofLife: idts
[5:19 PM] Eyan: I'm like half dead lol but I'm here
[5:19 PM] IronBullet: alola arcanine is water type :joy:
[5:19 PM] Coconut: where
[5:20 PM] IronBullet: just google it
[5:20 PM] IronBullet: ok getting off topic
[5:20 PM] plus: okay
[5:20 PM] Empo: hey
[5:20 PM] plus: so we've established that we're breaking oct 28
[5:20 PM] plus: and if you still want to tutor someone
[5:20 PM] plus: just let the b101 mods know
[5:20 PM] plus: and we will resume on jan 2nd i guess
[5:20 PM] Californium: yeah okay
[5:20 PM] Californium: 2nd jan is
[5:20 PM] Californium: good
[5:20 PM] Californium: metas will start to mature
[5:21 PM] TraceofLife: that works just fine
[5:21 PM] Empo: y that workd
[5:21 PM] Eyan: Uh okay
[5:21 PM] Coconut: when does UU become a thing?
[5:21 PM] Empo: works
[5:21 PM] Eyan: It really depends
[5:21 PM] Californium: dec
[5:21 PM] Coconut: I don't think they should start up with Jan then.
[5:21 PM] Eyan: Just don't offer tutoring for the tier until its out of beta otherwise it's pointless
[5:21 PM] plus: jan 2nd i think we would be able to offer sm ou, sm doubles, sm lc and sm ubers
[5:21 PM] plus: does that sound about right
[5:21 PM] Coconut: ok so SPL tiers.
[5:21 PM] Californium: yes
[5:21 PM] Empo: yep it does
[5:22 PM] Californium: that sounds about right
[5:22 PM] Coconut: :ok_hand:
[5:22 PM] Empo: in my opinion
[5:22 PM] plus: i'll talk to the rest of the tier leaders when they feel that their tier is good enough to tutor
[5:22 PM] plus: how about that
[5:22 PM] plus: for uu/ru/nu/pu/fucku/etc
[5:22 PM] Californium: fucku
[5:22 PM] Eyan: Usually it's regarding how long the beta lasts since that's when the tier fluctuates a ton, but that's fine
[5:22 PM] Californium: LOL
[5:22 PM] TraceofLife: lmao
[5:22 PM] plus: okay
[5:23 PM] Californium: how will that work in regards of inactivity
[5:23 PM] Californium: what if someone genuinely only does that tier
[5:23 PM] Californium: say NU
[5:23 PM] plus: hm
[5:23 PM] Coconut: all the NU tutors lose the badge.
[5:23 PM] Californium: thats 3-4 months down the line(edited)
[5:23 PM] plus: i think what i'd do is just activity sweep everyone
[5:23 PM] plus: and if they come back to tutor
[5:23 PM] plus: they get it after 1
[5:24 PM] plus: just like regular activity
[5:24 PM] plus: it's not a big deal if you lose your badge tbh
[5:24 PM] plus: since it's really easy to get it back
[5:24 PM] Californium: okay fair game
[5:24 PM] Californium: didnt know that
[5:24 PM] plus: yeah, so i think what will happen is
[5:25 PM] plus: we activity sweep on oct 28 just for regular purposes
[5:25 PM] plus: and then once a new tier is introduced like sm uu or something
[5:25 PM] plus: then we activity sweep all uu tutors
[5:25 PM] plus: they get the badge back after 1
[5:26 PM] TraceofLife: what about old gens tutor?
[5:26 PM] Eyan: Hope I don't get activity swept
[5:26 PM] plus: lol shut up eyan u tryhard
[5:26 PM] Coconut: from what I'm getting at this won't affect me
[5:26 PM] Coconut: so w/e
[5:26 PM] Eyan: >me a try hard
[5:26 PM] Eyan: Pls
[5:26 PM] plus: for old gens it'll be the same
[5:26 PM] Coconut: eyan you're such a tryhard
[5:26 PM] Eyan: -
[5:26 PM] plus: come jan 2nd if you're not tutoring then we might sweep yap

Main Points
  • We are breaking October 28th. ORAS Ubers/UU/RU/NU/PU/DOU/LC/VGC will be taken off the available tiers list
  • We will be back January 2nd with SM OU/Ubers/Doubles/LC
  • Tier leaders of lower tiers must let me know when their tier is available for tutoring
[5:27 PM] plus: apprentice rounds v. our current system
[5:28 PM] plus: what's the plan
[5:28 PM] plus: do you want to keep this system
[5:28 PM] plus: or should we go back
[5:28 PM] Ad Aciem: I like the current system
[5:28 PM] Eyan: I like the current system but there's a main issue imo
[5:28 PM] obii: i feel like rounds are more structured but the queue system is more kind to tutors
[5:28 PM] Coconut: I very much dislike this new system
[5:28 PM] Coconut: someone else can go first
[5:28 PM] Sken: the new system is great
[5:28 PM] Californium: new system proves people are lazy
[5:28 PM] Californium: and we actually lack OU tutors
[5:28 PM] TraceofLife: i liked the new system more
[5:28 PM] Ad Aciem: The round system is very dependent on schedules and timezones
[5:29 PM] Californium: new system is better for tutor availability
[5:29 PM] Californium: and pairings essentially
[5:29 PM] Coconut: the new system went has given us 3 LC tutees, which leaves a lot of us doing nothing instead of people pming a b101 mod and getting LC later in the round
[5:29 PM] Eyan: I don't like leaving such a larger number of people at the back waiting to be tutored, granted that's mostly the tutors lacking initiative which can't be helped. It's also annoying because people don't actually check the forums much making pairings with tiers that aren't in demand
[5:29 PM] Coconut: there's only like 3 active LC tutors anyway
[5:30 PM] obii: yeah agreed w what eyan said
[5:30 PM] starry: hi i'm here
[5:30 PM] starry: what have i missed
[5:30 PM] Coconut: but that's besides the point
[5:30 PM] Eyan: Like it's nice when someone happens to look at b101 forum and sign up
[5:30 PM] Sken: there are no active tutors
[5:30 PM] Sken: lol
[5:30 PM] obii: w the rounds the tutors dont need to make initiative most of the time
[5:30 PM] Sken: i mean for lc
[5:30 PM] Eyan: But outside of the initial wave of sign ups
[5:30 PM] Coconut: melon, you and me
[5:30 PM] Eyan: Getting a tutee is hard
[5:30 PM] Sken: unless you let people like goao
[5:30 PM] Sken: lol
[5:30 PM] plus: nah i banned goao from b101 till 2017
[5:30 PM] plus: and that's if he shapes up
[5:30 PM] Sken: yeah ik
[5:30 PM] starry: i like the new system more than the old one
[5:30 PM] starry: even though i haven't used it
[5:30 PM] starry: it's just a better idea
[5:31 PM] starry: the old rigid format was tough for people like me with unpredictable schedules
[5:31 PM] starry: whereas with this one, i can pop in and grab a tutee when things calm down
[5:31 PM] obii: i think the rounds are better for the tutees while this one is better for tutors
[5:31 PM] IronBullet: every single tutor under the new system so far has gotten A and great feedback
[5:31 PM] IronBullet: which makes sense since the tutors who are taking initiative are the ones who truly care
[5:31 PM] plus: i think the biggest criticism of the new system is that lesser represented tiers like LC don't get as much burn as they used to?
[5:32 PM] Coconut: Absolutely
[5:32 PM] IronBullet: main issue is lack of ou tutors really i think
[5:32 PM] plus: i think that's something we could potentially fix if we added a few kinks here and there
[5:32 PM] plus: and yeah seriously
[5:32 PM] Coconut: we have even less LC tutees and less OU tutors
[5:32 PM] plus: ou tutoring is pathetic lmao
[5:32 PM] Sken: I haven't really noticed anything
[5:32 PM] Eyan: On the other hand, our uu tutors are kinda going nuts in numbers
[5:32 PM] Coconut: that's cause you haven't done anything nerd
[5:32 PM] Eyan: I have fault in that lol
[5:32 PM] Sken: basically there are 3 people tutoring lc
[5:33 PM] Sken: so we don't really want more tutees to be waiting
[5:33 PM] starry: ou tutoring has zero push
[5:33 PM] Coconut: but literally no one can sign up to be tutor'd in LC.
[5:33 PM] starry: there is nobody mentioning it
[5:33 PM] Eyan: Sken tutor me
[5:33 PM] starry: in OU communities
[5:33 PM] Coconut: at the current moment
[5:33 PM] Eyan: Coco sucked
[5:33 PM] obii: tbh i think it also has to do w oras ou kind of coming to an end, a lot of people are bored / tired w it so maybe for SuMo ou it'll be more active
[5:33 PM] Coconut: wow fuck you eyan
[5:33 PM] Sken: the old system forced people to do like
[5:33 PM] Sken: "oh there is an lc spot left i'll take that one"
[5:33 PM] Coconut: I like the new system, but the lack of LC tutees really hurts the system for me
[5:33 PM] Sken: with this one you only get people who want to learn your tier
[5:34 PM] starry: Plus from the outside in, ou tutoring looks pretty bad because half the people signing up have 1 day old accounts
[5:34 PM] Coconut: and I got a lot of really cool people whose first choice wasn't LC
[5:34 PM] starry: look at the americas signup thread
[5:34 PM] plus: yeah honestly
[5:34 PM] Californium: still debating doing an OU round
[5:34 PM] plus: i think that's an issue that's only really prevalent with OU
[5:34 PM] Californium: even though I dont main it
[5:34 PM] starry: and OU is the biggest and main tier
[5:34 PM] starry: so that should seriously be addressed
[5:34 PM] Eyan: The biggest plus (no pun intented) with the old system was just being more open to secondary choices in tiers, as well as generally having an easier time getting pairs made with the announcement and schedule bring available
[5:34 PM] plus: i wouldn't be against to putting some kind of limitation to ou signups
[5:35 PM] Californium: OU is the most
[5:35 PM] starry: with stricter rules against young accounts
[5:35 PM] Californium: common tier
[5:35 PM] starry: and more moderation on those posts
[5:35 PM] starry: like half those OU signups could be deleted easily
[5:35 PM] Coconut: I think limitations to young accounts in general
[5:35 PM] Coconut: would be a good idea
[5:35 PM] starry: with a message sent to them giving them a bunch of resources to get into things before they get b101 tutor
[5:35 PM] starry: tutoring*
[5:35 PM] Coconut: cause these people might just fall off the face of the earth
[5:35 PM] Californium: what if your tutee is actually bloo
[5:35 PM] Coconut: 1 hour after that post
[5:35 PM] Californium: what do you do then
[5:35 PM] Eyan: Btw plus there was this one guy with 2 posts that originally wanted to sign up for UU, did he delete it himself or did someone delete it
[5:35 PM] starry: b101 should NOT be for beginners because nothing will get done. i know from experience
[5:35 PM] starry: tutoring beginners does nothing
[5:36 PM] Ad Aciem: i mean part of the requirements for signing up
[5:36 PM] plus: idr eyan, bring it up to me via pm later
[5:36 PM] Eyan: Brb I'm gonna get on my comp
[5:36 PM] Californium: yea agree
[5:36 PM] Sken: yeah
[5:36 PM] obii: yea agreed w starry, half the things they dont know is something they can learn by just reading
[5:36 PM] Ad Aciem: Is knowing basic mechanics
[5:36 PM] Sken: they just don't know mons in general
[5:36 PM] Californium: having a small background to competitive
[5:36 PM] Californium: even if its just
[5:36 PM] obii: dont need a tutor for that
[5:36 PM] Californium: laddering casually
[5:36 PM] Californium: is massive
[5:36 PM] Eyan: There's a thread that's literally all about competitive battling basics
[5:36 PM] Californium: compared to a complete beginner to pkmn
[5:36 PM] Eyan: Which is a good read for beginners
[5:36 PM] starry: i think we can seriously improve the resources in the b101 forum as well
[5:37 PM] Coconut: or maybe having tutors that just tutor in Battling Basics
[5:37 PM] plus: let's hold off on that topic for now starry
[5:37 PM] starry: oke
[5:37 PM] plus: we're gonna discuss that soon
[5:37 PM] starry: gotcha
[5:37 PM] TraceofLife: having tutor for battling basics might actually be a good idea
[5:37 PM] plus: i think from what people have said, more people actually like the new system rather than the old
[5:37 PM] Sken: yeah i like that
[5:37 PM] plus: but if we were to make changes to the new system
[5:37 PM] plus: that could potentially address these concerns
[5:37 PM] plus: then that would be great
[5:37 PM] Coconut: Agreed
[5:38 PM] Empo: agree with starry, sorry if a bit late
[5:38 PM] Coconut: like basically leave LC tutoring open all the time.
[5:38 PM] plus: i think one of them is definitely limiting the OU signup base by imposing some kind of competitive restriction
[5:38 PM] starry: i seriously think deleting signup posts that really shouldn't exist (like i mentioned before) could be a good start to cleaning up things
[5:38 PM] Californium: issue is tutors not taking initiative
[5:38 PM] IronBullet: yeah agree with that
[5:38 PM] Empo: y
[5:38 PM] Californium: and posting in the apply for a tutee thread
[5:38 PM] starry: like Plus if b101 mods delete half of those and send an "automated" message to the people, we could really clean that up
[5:38 PM] Californium: or we have so many inactive tutors
[5:38 PM] starry: there's a reason OU tutors aren't taking as much initiative though
[5:39 PM] starry: for me personally i'm just busy lately and waiting for su/mo
[5:39 PM] Coconut: when your player pool looks like that
[5:39 PM] starry: i'll jump right back in then
[5:39 PM] Coconut: I wouldn't really want to either
[5:39 PM] Coconut: tbf
[5:39 PM] plus: i can't make ou tutors want to tutor
[5:39 PM] plus: but i can delete sign up posts
[5:39 PM] starry: every one of my tutees cept 1 have been people who requested me
[5:39 PM] plus: to accommodate for our lack
[5:39 PM] Coconut: getting handed a tutee with 2 posts doesn't sound great
[5:39 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: the thing is happening now right
[5:39 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: sorry i jus got here oo
[5:39 PM] Eyan: it took me way too long to read your name
[5:39 PM] Coconut: go to bed
[5:40 PM] Eyan: you first
[5:40 PM] Coconut: fair
[5:40 PM] starry: wow speaking of shit tutees false haven't you had like 6 tutees that were just dead or something
[5:40 PM] Ad Aciem: or like make it so they have to have had an account for a certain amount of time
[5:40 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: no jke
[5:40 PM] p2: new user tutees arent fun to deal with because i think they seem to get the idea that tutoring will make them good at the game instantly when its not for that
[5:40 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: 70% of my tutees so far
[5:40 PM] p2: also
[5:40 PM] Eyan: I've been kinda lucky because when I hit a roadblock with tutees I manage to pick them up again
[5:40 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: ive dropped
[5:40 PM] starry: yeah see
[5:40 PM] Eyan: I haven't gotten a tutee that I straight up couldn't handle just yet
[5:40 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: either through being dead
[5:40 PM] starry: tutoring new people is honestly pointless in OU
[5:40 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: or because they were literally impossible to tutor
[5:40 PM] starry: like brand spanking new people
[5:40 PM] plus: i have an idea
[5:41 PM] p2: ive had like 5 tutees in a row that were really inactive and didnt really give a shit despite me constantly bugging them
[5:41 PM] Eyan: Although it's probably dominant in OU
[5:41 PM] Californium: OU is the easiest tier
[5:41 PM] Californium: to teach new people?
[5:41 PM] p2: but i tutor rby once and i get a really great dude
[5:41 PM] plus: what if we had tournaments for OU
[5:41 PM] Californium: bring back
[5:41 PM] starry: it's the easiest tier because we have so much information and shit
[5:41 PM] Eyan: it's the first tier people look to get into
[5:41 PM] Californium: those ou tours
[5:41 PM] plus: and only people who place high enough in these tournaments
[5:41 PM] plus: can sign up
[5:41 PM] Californium: like the tutee round tours
[5:41 PM] plus: lol
[5:47 PM] Coconut: a lot better
[5:47 PM] obii: any thoughts on having them include in their sign up post their level of experience / what they expect to learn
[5:47 PM] IronBullet: yeah exactly that obii
[5:47 PM] Eyan: Basically
[5:47 PM] obii: yea thats what i was thinking ib
[5:47 PM] plus: okay
[5:47 PM] Californium: on the flipslip
[5:47 PM] plus: that should be on the b101 mods to lay down the hammer then
[5:47 PM] Californium: why the hell are people on spl level
[5:47 PM] Californium: signing up
[5:47 PM] obii: if their post doesnt fulfill some requirement, we just send them the resources
[5:47 PM] Eyan: I always start out my tutoring with questions on their experience with the tier and competitive battling in general
[5:47 PM] Californium: that itself is a redundancy
[5:47 PM] Eyan: for that sort of reason to gauge
[5:47 PM] Eyan: it's really helpful in planning ngl
[5:47 PM] Coconut: so do I Eyan
[5:47 PM] Coconut: but
[5:47 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: yeah but the problem is that doesnt stop people from being bad
[5:47 PM] obii: cus b101 is a great resource to learn a new tier californium
[5:47 PM] starry: ya same
[5:47 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: some ppl be playing for 3 years
[5:47 PM] Eyan: I know Coco, you did that with me
[5:47 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: and still dont know how to play
[5:47 PM] Coconut: I think it would be easier if it filtered
[5:48 PM] obii: i remember zamrock signing up for b101 to learn building from abr
[5:48 PM] Coconut: beforehand
[5:48 PM] Californium: yeah but it felt v awkward obii
[5:48 PM] obii: not a bad thing particularly
[5:48 PM] starry: was probably just so he didn't get his badge taken lol
[5:48 PM] Coconut: I don't see the big deal about that
[5:48 PM] Californium: tutoring someone who is at or potentially above
[5:48 PM] Californium: my level
[5:48 PM] starry: or to learn like a more specific thing
[5:48 PM] Coconut: if they think they could benefit from the program
[5:48 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: is it even possible to tutor someone better than u?
[5:48 PM] Coconut: who cares
[5:48 PM] obii: feeling awkward isnt rly a big deal tho
[5:48 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: 'u should try this'
'no ur wrong'
[5:48 PM] obii: lol
[5:48 PM] obii: LOL
[5:48 PM] Eyan: I have tutored people that I found to be about my level or higher even
[5:48 PM] starry: i was about to have tdk tutor me a few months ago with building so i could learn a different perspective on things
[5:49 PM] plus: can we go back to the issue with tiers like uu or lc
[5:49 PM] plus: that have a ton of tutors
[5:49 PM] plus: but nobody signing up
[5:49 PM] Californium: fucking ubers
[5:49 PM] Eyan: UU is insane
[5:49 PM] Coconut: LC has a ton of inactive tutors
[5:49 PM] Eyan: like a lot of new tutors
[5:49 PM] plus: the abr zamrock thing is the least of my concerns and i can deal with that myself
[5:49 PM] Eyan: that are actually active
[5:49 PM] Coconut: and the signups are closed
[5:49 PM] Sken: again lc doesn't have a ton of tutors
[5:49 PM] plus: yes
[5:49 PM] plus: 'fucking ubers'
[5:49 PM] Californium: Ubers is worse
[5:49 PM] Sken: at least
[5:49 PM] Californium: than LC and UU
[5:49 PM] Eyan: Most of them are people I know so they are actually interested
[5:49 PM] Sken: active ones
[5:49 PM] Californium: LOL
[5:49 PM] Coconut: ok let's tackle ubers first then
[5:49 PM] Eyan: and they've been pretty eager to get someone afaik
[5:49 PM] Californium: this is coming from me
[5:49 PM] Californium: ahhh
[5:50 PM] starry: force UU LC and Ubers players to learn SM OU for the influx of people signing up for that
[5:50 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: i mean what are u supposed to do? are you talking about ways to potentially drum up interest?
[5:50 PM] starry: :^)
[5:50 PM] starry: eyan sorry u gotta play ou now
[5:50 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: i dont think youll be able to get people to sign up for tiers they dont want to learn
[5:50 PM] Californium: I can play and teach OU
[5:50 PM] Californium: Im just not fond of the tier
[5:50 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: and idk how else ur gonna make numbers
[5:50 PM] Eyan: starry remind me to bring whimsicott against you
[5:50 PM] Coconut: fuck that
[5:50 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: ppl only want what they want
[5:50 PM] starry: lmao
[5:50 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: esp since b101 is a pretty small thing anyway
[5:50 PM] obii: i guess ppl who signed up for ou and are waiting in the queue, if they dont get an ou tutor immediately you can say they have an option to sign up for an alternative tier and list whats available?
[5:50 PM] plus: would it be reasonable to just have threads for each tier
[5:50 PM] obii: kinda works like the old system where
[5:50 PM] plus: instead of just 3
[5:50 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: like i didnt even know b101 existed for the longest time
[5:50 PM] plus: per time zone
[5:50 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: its not rly that well known
[5:50 PM] obii: "X is available"
[5:51 PM] Californium: OU / Ubers / RU / NU / PU / Doubles / LC / Old Gens
[5:51 PM] starry: that sounds good to me tbh Plus
[5:51 PM] obii: i think threads per tier might be a good idea
[5:51 PM] Californium: as threads?
[5:51 PM] plus: yes
[5:51 PM] Coconut: I like that idea
[5:51 PM] plus: threads per tier
[5:51 PM] plus: instead of threads per time zone
[5:51 PM] TraceofLife: i like that idea
[5:51 PM] Californium: yes
[5:51 PM] plus: maybe that's a better way to divide it
[5:51 PM] Coconut: in that case
[5:51 PM] Californium: then keep the timezones in apply for a tutee
[5:51 PM] starry: just let tutors pick the tutee from the thread
[5:51 PM] Coconut: can we pick tutees in our timezone
[5:51 PM] plus: yes californium
[5:51 PM] Californium: then just let tutees sign up whenever
[5:51 PM] plus: like that
[5:51 PM] plus: ya
[5:51 PM] Californium: sounds good
[5:51 PM] starry: i'd probably just pick some random guy with like more than 40 posts in my timezone
[5:52 PM] Californium: instead of just confing threads to whenever a tutor is available
[5:52 PM] Coconut: that clears the issue of people with 0 posts
[5:52 PM] Californium: confining*
[5:52 PM] Coconut: and might gives lower tiers an influx in tutees
[5:52 PM] Ad Aciem: whats to stop tutors from ignoring tutees they dont think are good
[5:53 PM] starry: nothing
[5:53 PM] Ad Aciem: Wouldnt this create implicit bias
[5:53 PM] starry: we're providing the service though so who cares
[5:53 PM] obii: but then theyre an inactive tutor
[5:53 PM] Coconut: well for OU I can see that being an issue
[5:53 PM] starry: hate to have that attitude but
[5:53 PM] starry: cmon
[5:53 PM] plus: tutors dont pick who they teach
[5:53 PM] plus: i do
[5:53 PM] Coconut: but for something like LC, that wouldn't be an issue
[5:53 PM] starry: no we're saying if u let us pick Plus
[5:53 PM] plus: why would i let you tho
[5:53 PM] starry: it's easier for us to make sure we get someone in our timezone and stuff with the open signups :p
[5:54 PM] starry: you already let us tutor people who request us
[5:54 PM] plus: yea
[5:54 PM] starry: i don't rly see the difference personally
[5:54 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: i mean whats stopping u from doing that right now
[5:54 PM] plus: they put their timezone in the thread
[5:54 PM] plus: just like we're doing right now
[5:54 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: u can technically ignore whoever u like
[5:54 PM] plus: then you post just like you do in tutor talk
[5:55 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: i honestly dont care about how the signups work as long as i can drop dead/bad tutees quickly
[5:55 PM] plus: yea
[5:55 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: having to wait a full month sucked and ive already dropped 3 tutees
[5:55 PM] starry: yeh
[5:55 PM] plus: which you can, and have
[5:56 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: so this system is way better for me
[5:56 PM] Californium: is there a thread for vdropping tutees
[5:56 PM] plus: no
[5:56 PM] plus: just pm me or a b101 mod or something
[5:56 PM] plus: and blacklist them if you feel no other tutor should be subject to your torture
[5:56 PM] plus: in the thread
[5:56 PM] Californium: okay I might have to pm one of you after this discussion
[5:56 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: tutoring is torture yn
[5:56 PM] Eyan: My biggest issue with the new system was the whole tier exposure issue, esp with the lack of announcements so I'm fine with anything at this rate
[5:56 PM] Eyan: I love tutoring
[5:56 PM] plus: yeah eyan
[5:57 PM] plus: i feel that if uu had its own thread
[5:57 PM] plus: it might be better
[5:57 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: yeah tbh exposure has always been a problem tho
[5:57 PM] Californium: yeah tier threads
[5:57 PM] Californium: would be good
[5:57 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: like i said a bit back, i didnt even know b101 existed
[5:57 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: for the longest time
[5:57 PM] Eyan: yeah esp since I know a lot of my friends just signed up to be a tutor recently
[5:57 PM] Coconut: LC would only benefit from having it's own thread
[5:57 PM] HQuaze: what is 101 for?
[5:57 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: its not rly that well advertised to newer members of the community imo
[5:57 PM] Californium: I think smaller tiers would benefit with this idea
[5:57 PM] Eyan: I advertise it quite a lot on PS
[5:57 PM] Eyan: in the room I own
[5:58 PM] Californium: and it would probably give tutors initiative to apply for a tutee
[5:58 PM] plus: 101 is just a suffix that makes it sound like a college level course hquaze
[5:58 PM] starry: i try to advertise it but like
[5:58 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: itd be cool if u could advertise it in the thread forums, or maybe in the roomintros of the public rooms or smth idk
[5:58 PM] starry: not many other people do
[5:58 PM] starry: in OU
[5:58 PM] starry: it seems
[5:58 PM] starry: :(
[5:58 PM] Californium: Like it seems to help me knowing what tutees
[5:58 PM] Californium: are visually there
[5:58 PM] plus: yeah see
[5:58 PM] plus: i think if you had the tier threads
[5:58 PM] plus: you could actually advertise easier
[5:58 PM] plus: in specific forums
[5:58 PM] Coconut: the only tutees from this system have been because I advertised it in the LC chat on PS
[5:58 PM] starry: ya
[5:58 PM] plus: or chatrooms
[5:58 PM] Eyan: You could just link the tier threads
[5:58 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: yeah
[5:59 PM] Eyan: Like right now it's quite a bit of trouble getting a tutee for UU after my first one o.o
[5:59 PM] Californium: just keep tier specific threads for all timezones
[5:59 PM] Californium: lock them after so many posts
[5:59 PM] plus: yeah
[5:59 PM] Coconut: don't lock LC thanks.
[5:59 PM] Californium: could work imo
[6:00 PM] Californium: say like 10 for every tier and 15 for OU maybe
[6:00 PM] plus: i agree, that seems like the best solution to the exposure problem
[6:00 PM] starry: but make sure you delete the shit posts so qualified tutees aren't getting locked out
[6:00 PM] Californium: cause OU is popular
[6:00 PM] Eyan: You may not necessarily need to lock them after x posts, since you'd have to take note of their timezones as well for one
[6:00 PM] starry: due to "Jumpman2005" with a 2 day old account
[6:00 PM] starry: ;~;
[6:00 PM] Eyan: but generally speaking, it just creates so much more freedom for both tutors and tutees
[6:00 PM] Sken: if you lock the ou thread
[6:00 PM] Californium: yeah
[6:00 PM] Sken: and then open it after some time
[6:00 PM] Sken: there will be a lot of people(edited)
[6:01 PM] Sken: and it will just be like the old system
[6:01 PM] starry: that's why i think it's fair for tutors to be able to fish through those people ourselves to find ones we think are qualified
[6:01 PM] starry: OU obviously has a bigger issue with this
[6:01 PM] starry: than any other tier
[6:01 PM] Eyan: Well the difference is that it's not limited by specific times, and still requires the intiative of tutors that actually care about the program
[6:01 PM] starry: and that's a crazy amount of work to put on what 4 mods?
[6:02 PM] plus: no it's not
[6:02 PM] starry: u sure
[6:02 PM] plus: yes
[6:02 PM] starry: oke
[6:02 PM] Coconut: and there's 5.
[6:02 PM] Coconut: god.
[6:02 PM] Coconut: that's a ton for four
[6:02 PM] Coconut: but 5?
[6:02 PM] Coconut: easy
[6:02 PM] plus: i'll delete more posts in ou
[6:02 PM] starry: lmao
[6:02 PM] plus: if we create the tier threads
[6:02 PM] Eyan: Coco please
[6:02 PM] starry: @ coconut
[6:02 PM] Californium: tier threads are the way forward imo
[6:03 PM] Californium: Ubers / OU / UU / RU / NU / PU / LC / Doubles / Old Gens
[6:03 PM] obii: yea and it'll give those lower tiers good exposure
[6:03 PM] obii: easier advertising
[6:03 PM] obii: etc
[6:03 PM] Californium: as threads
[6:03 PM] Californium: seems best
[6:03 PM] plus: ok
[6:03 PM] Californium: otherwise having a thread for every old gen
[6:03 PM] Californium: would get messy af
[6:03 PM] starry: yeh
[6:03 PM] plus: id probably just mix vgc into doubles as well
[6:04 PM] Californium: yeah okay
[6:04 PM] Coconut: idt
[6:04 PM] Coconut: they'd be happy about that
[6:04 PM] Californium: VGC/ Doubles OU
[6:04 PM] Coconut: the vgcers at least
[6:04 PM] obii: i mean
[6:04 PM] Californium: tutees would still specify
[6:04 PM] plus: how many vgc tutors do we have though
[6:04 PM] obii: a lot of the dou tutors are also vgc tutors
[6:04 PM] Eyan: I just don't want the people who want VGC to sign up DOU thinking they're the same lol
[6:04 PM] obii: so
[6:04 PM] Coconut: but w/e I don't represent them
[6:04 PM] Eyan: and vice versa
[6:04 PM] Californium: what they would want
[6:04 PM] plus: jio and sam
[6:04 PM] starry: there are like 3 vgc tutors
[6:04 PM] starry: or smething
[6:04 PM] plus: i can't think of anyone else
[6:04 PM] obii: theres kamikaze iirc
[6:04 PM] plus: kamikaze
[6:04 PM] plus: that's it
[6:04 PM] starry: there was use ace emerald who NEVER GOT IN TOUCH WITH ME
[6:04 PM] starry: i mean what
[6:04 PM] Eyan: nice
[6:04 PM] Eyan: deserved tbh
[6:05 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: or theres the infinitely better solution
[6:05 PM] starry: i still want myf ucking refund
[6:05 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: make every tutor a mod
[6:05 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: what is a tutor badge
[6:05 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: omg im a genius
[6:05 PM] Eyan: lol
[6:05 PM] plus: i dont think jio/sam/kamikaza care about thread semantics
[6:05 PM] plus: they aren't petty af lol

Main Points
  • Signup Threads based on tiers instead of timezones
  • Stricter regulations for OU sign-ups
[6:06 PM] plus: next up is b101 projects
[6:06 PM] plus: i think the break could be a good time to build up some resources for the new gen
[6:06 PM] IronBullet: i think youtube vids were great and should come back
[6:06 PM] Californium: is that youtube actually happening
[6:06 PM] IronBullet: hope more tutors can get involved in them too
[6:06 PM] Californium: sniped
[6:06 PM] Eyan: IB i was literally about to say that lol
[6:06 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: i can do youtube stuff
[6:06 PM] Eyan: I really like the usage of YouTube
[6:06 PM] IronBullet: :yum:
[6:06 PM] Eyan: when it comes to things like this
[6:06 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: id like to think im pretty decent at it :open_mouth:
[6:06 PM] starry: no use vimeo
[6:06 PM] obii: i think we shuld do something about incorporating tours into b101
[6:06 PM] obii: like tutee tours
[6:06 PM] IronBullet: b101 vines
[6:06 PM] obii: or some tutor tutee tag team stuff
[6:06 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: yeah dude
[6:07 PM] plus: b101 snapchat
[6:07 PM] Eyan: IB in a shower vine
[6:07 PM] plus: zplusl on snapchat follow me
[6:07 PM] Californium: tutee tours were good when they were around
[6:07 PM] starry: b101 xhamster
[6:07 PM] Coconut: b101 is littttt lmao :100: :100: :100:
[6:07 PM] starry: i mean what
[6:07 PM] Eyan: Anyway
[6:07 PM] IronBullet: would love to but not very educational..
[6:07 PM] obii: both of my previous tutees had interest in the tour scene but lacked the confidence to join stour seasons
[6:07 PM] Ad Aciem: ye i like the idea of tours
[6:07 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: 'b101 meme compilation'
[6:07 PM] Californium: Stours are the best
[6:07 PM] plus: :wiggins:
[6:07 PM] obii: so this could be a good way to break them into a tour environment
[6:07 PM] Californium: for those kind of tutees
[6:07 PM] IronBullet: tbh b101 memes would just be :wiggins:
[6:07 PM] Ad Aciem: not many official tours going on anyway
[6:07 PM] Ad Aciem: And good experience
[6:08 PM] obii: like how farm league gives good challenges to those good players but not good enough to join spl
[6:08 PM] plus:
[6:08 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: epic
[6:08 PM] Sken: :wiggins:
[6:08 PM] Californium: :kunta:
[6:08 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: tbh i wasnt around for tours before
[6:08 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: but tours honestly dont make a whole lot of sense to me
[6:08 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: like i was a tutee a few times
[6:08 PM] obii: same but they looked really fun
[6:08 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: and i never was interested in joining tours
[6:08 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: bc i had no idea what the point was
[6:08 PM] IronBullet: if we do bring back tours it should be on a smaller scale
[6:08 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: i gained nothing by doing it
[6:08 PM] obii: but there are others who are interested
[6:09 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: it was like doing a roomtour
[6:09 PM] IronBullet: that tour got so pointless in the end
[6:09 PM] plus: i think we should have metagame analysis videos
[6:09 PM] plus: for early sm
[6:09 PM] plus: and other tiers
[6:09 PM] Californium: metagame analysis videos
[6:09 PM] Californium: were good
[6:09 PM] plus: so we have resources
[6:09 PM] Coconut: I could absolutely write a script for LC
[6:09 PM] Coconut: if someone does one
[6:09 PM] plus: before they become tutorable tiers
[6:09 PM] starry: ya
[6:09 PM] IronBullet: metagame analysis write ups as well
[6:09 PM] obii: there should also be more teambuilding workshops
[6:09 PM] starry: please have a couple months of break before sm tutoring starts Plus
[6:09 PM] Coconut: yeah I would be down to do that
[6:09 PM] obii: like how the uu peeps did in the rmt room i think
[6:09 PM] IronBullet: like hq tour analysis
[6:09 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: as i said before if u need me to do commentary of w/e i can record audio and edit videos np
[6:09 PM] IronBullet: tour matches*
[6:09 PM] Californium: teambuilding
[6:09 PM] Coconut: we could work with like TFP
[6:09 PM] Coconut: or something
[6:09 PM] plus: starry were you here in the beginning
[6:09 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: but writing scripts is worse than getting a bad tutee so someone else can do that
[6:09 PM] Californium: addicted and cant get enough
[6:09 PM] starry: i was not
[6:09 PM] Coconut: to get resorces like that
[6:09 PM] plus: we are breaking until jan 2
[6:10 PM] starry: oh my gosh yes
[6:10 PM] starry: thas gud
[6:10 PM] plus: okay
[6:10 PM] plus: so we want metagame analysis videos and write ups
[6:10 PM] plus: for sun and moon
[6:10 PM] plus: and then teambuilding workshops
[6:11 PM] plus: which we can host here
[6:11 PM] IronBullet: battling techs too if possible like you used to do plus
[6:11 PM] IronBullet: wincons etc
[6:11 PM] Eyan: During the beta of tiers, it will change rapidly, so like having someone do like a weekly series detailing tier changes/metagame trends/explain what things have gotten usage a ton, etc and how to abuse those things would be nice
[6:11 PM] starry: if u need there's an OU workshop room on ps we could use for... OU workshops Plus
[6:11 PM] Californium: I would go to chomper here
[6:11 PM] Californium: because:
[6:11 PM] Eyan: And by the time we open tutoring, the analyses and such will start to get pumped out
[6:11 PM] Ad Aciem: how do u write thorough metagame analyses after just a month
[6:11 PM] plus: you don't
[6:11 PM] Ad Aciem: yah agree with eyan
[6:11 PM] Eyan: I feel like it's more about metagame progressions
[6:11 PM] Coconut: ^
[6:11 PM] plus: it's a brief way for people to get involved
[6:11 PM] plus: just something makeshift
[6:11 PM] plus: temporary
[6:11 PM] plus: to get people into the metagame
[6:12 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: i mean youtube videos should be ez to gain exposure bc you can just title it 'b101 IronBullet x Plus PRANK gone wrong GONE SEXUAL 18+'
[6:12 PM] plus: that was my idea
[6:12 PM] Eyan: Like tutoring should start after beta ends, so having a youtube series until then and having people learn independently as well as from those, before going into a full tutoring program is a good idea
[6:12 PM] starry: ^
[6:13 PM] HQuaze: @ǝsןɐɟ LMAO
[6:13 PM] starry: i could help with writing scripts and analyses or w.e btw
[6:13 PM] starry: i do that already in OU forum
[6:13 PM] Coconut: Yeah I'd be down to do that
[6:13 PM] starry:
hosted by starry blanket & Infernal | banner by starry blanket | approved by bludz Introduction: Welcome to the OU Lessons thread! In this thread,...
[6:13 PM] Eyan: Analyses, speed tiers, etc will be up shortly after beta (speed tiers will legit be up a day or two when the tier is settled lol), so for the time being introducing mons and sets and changes since ORAS where applicable would be nice
[6:13 PM] starry: give back bloo youf ucks
[6:13 PM] Californium: bloo style
[6:13 PM] IronBullet: and for analyses False could do jio shiba fanfiction
[6:13 PM] Ad Aciem: tbh i feel not many people want to watch half an hour of lecture
[6:13 PM] Californium: infernal bloo
[6:13 PM] Eyan: Don't use arifeen though, his mic is amazingly bad at times
[6:13 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: so will each tutoring round start at a different time then?
[6:14 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: or are u gonna wait until every tier
[6:14 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: has been established
[6:14 PM] Eyan: Probably start at different times
[6:14 PM] plus: we will start with ubers/ou/lc/doubles
[6:14 PM] plus: and then when the tier leaders tell me they're ready
[6:14 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: as long as its GONE SEXUAL then itll get views IB
[6:14 PM] Eyan: no sense in letting Ubers/OU/LC/Doulbes wait for other tiers
[6:14 PM] plus: i'll open up new tiers
[6:14 PM] starry: da best tiers
[6:14 PM] Eyan: it's arbitrary
[6:14 PM] starry: to start
[6:14 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: ok cool ye that sounds fine
[6:14 PM] Eyan: OU sucks
[6:14 PM] starry: cept doubles
[6:14 PM] Eyan: LC and DOU is cool though
[6:14 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: bc otherwise it seemed weird to have ou playable for like 6 months
[6:14 PM] starry: LC is cute
[6:14 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: waiting for PU to work out
[6:14 PM] Eyan: Ubers is......ubers
[6:14 PM] starry: Ubers is edgy
[6:15 PM] starry: doubles is gay vgc knockoff
[6:15 PM] starry: OU is best
[6:15 PM] starry: then u got UU1 UU2 UU3 and UU4
[6:15 PM] starry: :^)
[6:15 PM] Californium: ???
[6:15 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: oh god no
[6:15 PM] Californium: what are you ppl
[6:15 PM] Eyan: lol
[6:15 PM] Californium: saying about my UBERS
[6:15 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: i liked strawberry pancake
[6:15 PM] Coconut: OU, Ubers, LC, Dou and VGC should be ready then right
[6:15 PM] Eyan: Yes
[6:15 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: that was my favourite tier name for sure
[6:15 PM] Eyan: SPLesche
[6:16 PM] plus: okay
[6:16 PM] plus: i think i want to set up a schedule
[6:16 PM] plus: for getting these resources out
[6:16 PM] plus: so we don't forget about this
[6:16 PM] Ad Aciem: we should also put something
[6:16 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: is there anything else planned besides YT stuff for while b101 is on break?
[6:16 PM] Ad Aciem: In the charity stream
[6:17 PM] plus: i have no idea what senior staff intends to do for that
[6:17 PM] Coconut: Can LC have some kind of metagame-esque thing
[6:17 PM] Eyan: Just make a thread to keep track of everything? Like what has been covered/what should be covered next
[6:17 PM] Coconut: before the meta comes out
[6:17 PM] plus: they are closed doors for all i know
[6:17 PM] Coconut: I'll do it myself
[6:17 PM] Eyan: Like preview to the metagame?
[6:17 PM] Coconut: but we have a lot coming
[6:17 PM] Coconut: for SM
[6:17 PM] Coconut: yeah
[6:17 PM] Eyan: That'd be nice since you're not dependent on other tiers
[6:17 PM] Eyan: for the mons you're allowed to use or w/e
[6:18 PM] plus: how about monthly videos / write ups
[6:18 PM] Eyan: Like within days of the game (or even the demo) being out, everything will be datamined
[6:18 PM] Eyan: uh
[6:18 PM] plus: so we can see a general progression of the meta
[6:18 PM] plus: so nov 18 it comes out
[6:18 PM] plus: lets say dec 18 we have our first resource
[6:19 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: u could also do it in a somewhat interview style
[6:19 PM] plus: that might be easier
[6:19 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: have a panel of people talking about the development of the metagame each month over a span of time
[6:19 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: just like they have those videos alread on smogon
[6:19 PM] Coconut: I think that might be
[6:19 PM] plus: just interview a bunch of ou tutors
[6:19 PM] Coconut: too long
[6:19 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: where they have like 5 dudes
[6:19 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: and a host
[6:19 PM] Coconut: for LC.
[6:19 PM] Ad Aciem: yea pom did that once
[6:20 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: like im sure seeing the number of tutors we currently have, especially in ou, we could get 3-4 people and a host
[6:20 PM] Eyan: I'm thinking 2 videos a week tbh, would that be too much to ask? I'm not sure of everyone's schedule and how tough it'd be to set it up because between 9 new tiers, I don't want it to stretch for too long
[6:20 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: to do a sectio on ou development each month for sure
[6:20 PM] plus: that might be too much to ask eyan
[6:20 PM] plus: lol
[6:20 PM] Eyan: Yeah I was thinking but leaving it out for too long isn't exactly ideal either
[6:20 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: dude i struggle to upload 2 videos a week just for myself
[6:20 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: and i dont have to wait on anyone
[6:20 PM] Eyan: False you a scrub
[6:20 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: fr*ck you
[6:21 PM] Coconut: heck
[6:21 PM] plus: i just want to get some stuff out before we start on jan 2
[6:21 PM] plus: that's the #1 priority
[6:21 PM] Eyan: But in all seriousness, if we do it once a month, it'd kinda leave whatever tiers we don't do at the start out there for pretty long, Idk how I feel about that
[6:21 PM] Eyan: Would 1 every two weeks be viable
[6:22 PM] Eyan: instead of a month
[6:22 PM] plus: i can do b101 basics bi monthly
[6:22 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: well im assuming you'd do videos by tier anyway
[6:22 PM] Coconut: are we talking strictly youtube videos here
[6:22 PM] plus: you guys can do metagame write ups if you want
[6:22 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: u wouldnt have all tiers in 1 video
[6:22 PM] Eyan: we could alternate between b101 basics and a certain tier
[6:22 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: that would be an hour long video
[6:22 PM] Coconut: because I can do a metagame writeup every 2 weeks.
[6:22 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: about every tier
[6:22 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: most ppl only play 1-2 tiers
[6:22 PM] Eyan: I have a ton of UU tutors that I call with every day and talk about the metagame with
[6:22 PM] starry: i think write ups are more efficient than videos in general honestly
[6:22 PM] Eyan: so its' easy for me to do it
[6:23 PM] starry: it's less work
[6:23 PM] Coconut: way more efficient
[6:23 PM] starry: just do videos for OU
[6:23 PM] starry: since it's the biggest tier
[6:23 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: ^^
[6:23 PM] starry: only do like 2 vids or something
[6:23 PM] starry: do the things that people will watch
[6:23 PM] Coconut: I don't really like the idea of videos
[6:23 PM] starry: people will watch videos on OU for sure
[6:23 PM] Coconut: because the quality can be way lower
[6:23 PM] Coconut: in the audio production
[6:23 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: u could honestly still do the same interview thing kinda like they do for JAP but just tiers instead
[6:23 PM] Eyan: Depends on who you pick :^)
[6:23 PM] starry: and honesly OU resources wil lget pumped out really quickly
[6:23 PM] plus: ya
[6:23 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: and have a group of ppl talking about meta development
[6:23 PM] plus: depends on who you pick
[6:24 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: Coconut but im epic at youtube stuff
[6:24 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: and ill do it
[6:24 PM] Coconut: but an article is a lot easier
[6:24 PM] Coconut: to look more prestigeous looking
[6:24 PM] Californium: what is JAP
[6:24 PM] starry: yeah we have false to narrate stuff and there are lots of people that are tutors and not tutors that could work on a script thing for sure
[6:24 PM] starry: i can help get 2 vids out for sm ou
[6:24 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: i mean tbh
[6:24 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: u could lightly script the interview style stuff
[6:24 PM] starry: ya
[6:25 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: not only do i think the interview videos will be the most interesting, but i think the only problematic thing would be getting enough ppl together at the same time
[6:25 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: which is something, with the number of tutees we have, shouldnt be that difficult
[6:25 PM] rozes: sorry just got here
[6:25 PM] rozes: but who are you planning on interviewing?
[6:25 PM] rozes: the tutors right
[6:26 PM] Coconut: you
[6:26 PM] plus: yeah the tutors
[6:26 PM] rozes: in a live q&a session kind of thing
[6:26 PM] plus: and anybody else who's good and wants to help
[6:26 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: just talking about meta development
[6:26 PM] rozes: oh
[6:26 PM] plus: idk about live interviews
[6:26 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: each month
[6:26 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: as sumo develops
[6:26 PM] plus: i think it's more efficient just to do a written up interview
[6:26 PM] plus: but for b101 basics i think video is a good resource
[6:26 PM] starry: ya i won't be doing any voice stuff
[6:26 PM] starry: for an interview
[6:26 PM] starry: so if that's necessary sorry can't help :x
[6:26 PM] plus: it's not
[6:26 PM] rozes: i feel like
[6:26 PM] starry: oke then
[6:26 PM] rozes: doing video series
[6:27 PM] rozes: has never really worked out in the past
[6:27 PM] plus: i think having metagame interviews and the b101 basics should be good
[6:27 PM] rozes: for a lot of reasons
[6:27 PM] rozes: lack of interest + dies out quickly
[6:27 PM] starry: i honestly think making a guides (what would be in the videos) and distributing them as tfp articles is a better way to go
[6:27 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: yeah buts its not like its gonna be a long running thing anyway
[6:27 PM] starry: much easier to access
[6:27 PM] rozes: being able to livetream then post that directly to youtube / livestream on youtube
[6:27 PM] plus: i'm not planning on making this a running series
[6:27 PM] starry: much easier to put together
[6:27 PM] rozes: would work out better
[6:27 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: its only in the intermediary period while the tier develops
[6:27 PM] rozes: if you do it once a month
[6:27 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: it'll be what like 4 videos
[6:28 PM] Eyan: I've mentioend this thing being in TFP with anto a little before tbh
[6:28 PM] plus: i think the only things we've established so far in terms of resources
[6:28 PM] plus: is the written interviews that we can do like once a month
[6:28 PM] plus: and then i'll just rehash the b101 basics before jan 2nd
[6:29 PM] plus: not too hard imo
[6:29 PM] IronBullet: yeah last time interviews lost steam towards the end too
[6:29 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: i think written group interviews like JAP are by far the best idea
[6:29 PM] IronBullet: shouldnt do them often
[6:29 PM] Eyan: once a month is fair
[6:29 PM] plus: i can time it so that the videos go out 2 weeks before the interview
[6:29 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: since they shouldnt be hard to produce, and u dont need ppl in the same place at the same time, and they dont have to have any follow up
[6:29 PM] plus: and so we have content every 2 weeks
[6:30 PM] plus: interviews should strictly pertain to competitive stuff
[6:30 PM] rozes: is this going on the b101 youtube
[6:30 PM] IronBullet: yep
[6:30 PM] plus: yea
[6:30 PM] rozes: b/c i think it woudl get more attention on the smogon one
[6:30 PM] plus: and we'll put it on smogon yt too
[6:30 PM] plus: i talked with antemortem on this ages ago
[6:30 PM] plus: and we agreed on that
[6:30 PM] rozes: i can talk w/ ante and pomman
[6:30 PM] rozes: about it
[6:30 PM] rozes: oh kk
[6:30 PM] rozes: i can help w/ uploading and working the bridge between both channels if needed
[6:31 PM] plus: k
[6:31 PM] plus: anything else that we want to do?
[6:31 PM] plus: i like the teambuilding workshops stuff
[6:31 PM] plus: doesn't have to be anything too special
[6:31 PM] plus: just host whatever you want here
[6:32 PM] plus: i'll cc badge u
[6:32 PM] plus: :wink:
[6:32 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: done here? or on ps?
[6:32 PM] obii: is that a no to small tutee tours?
[6:32 PM] plus: here
[6:32 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: its better on ps bc u have stuff like /dt
[6:32 PM] plus: we can do that too
[6:32 PM] plus: idk it's up to you guys
[6:32 PM] Coconut: I'd like to run things
[6:32 PM] Coconut: on PS
[6:32 PM] starry: ya like on ps
[6:32 PM] plus: if you guys have any projects or anything
[6:32 PM] starry: u can do this
[6:32 PM] TraceofLife: I prefer PS over discord
[6:32 PM] plus: just let me and the b101 mods know
[6:32 PM] Eyan: teambuilding workshops generally have good feedback ngl
[6:32 PM] plus: and we'll make it happen
[6:32 PM] Eyan: I like letting Coco do things so I don't have to
[6:33 PM] Coconut: ^^
[6:33 PM] starry:
[6:33 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: i can never make teambuilding workshops because GMT+8 is a timezone that doesnt exist
[6:33 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: why is australia a (BAN ME PLEASE)
[6:33 PM] rozes: well you can help out other ocn tutees
[6:33 PM] starry: Plus
[6:33 PM] Eyan: Hello I'm from your timezone here
[6:33 PM] starry: look above
[6:33 PM] starry: u can do that on ps
[6:33 PM] starry: among other things
[6:34 PM] rozes: i stay up till like 4am which is usually when ocn people are on!!
[6:34 PM] starry: that users: Orda-Y and teremiare are great with
[6:34 PM] TraceofLife: im gmt +7 its ok false
[6:34 PM] Eyan: rozes I'm gonna die when we play our game
[6:34 PM] Eyan: js
[6:34 PM] plus: i'll let you guys sort it out
[6:34 PM] rozes: ohs hit
[6:34 PM] rozes: we have ot play
[6:34 PM] Californium: issue is it's OU only
[6:34 PM] Eyan: I have to sleep first LOL
[6:34 PM] Californium: is there a source code for that
[6:34 PM] rozes: well
[6:34 PM] Californium: break my team thing
[6:34 PM] rozes: im going out now
[6:34 PM] rozes: so i cant
[6:34 PM] starry: there used to be RU
[6:34 PM] starry: and LC i think?
[6:34 PM] plus: i just wanted to establish the main stuff
[6:34 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: lmao its only like 630am now
[6:34 PM] ǝsןɐɟ: dash space classic
[6:34 PM] plus: the community based resources like this i can let you guys handle
[6:34 PM] Eyan: eh i think the minor things like that can be worked out easily
[6:35 PM] Eyan: it's not really that big of a deal

Main Points
  • Return of B101 Basics videos (complete series will be rehashed before Jan 2, video every 2 weeks after Nov 18)
  • Metagame analysis interviews (SM OU, monthly metagame analysis from OU tutors and friends)
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