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Purpose of this Forum

Our traditional 1-on-1 tutoring system is designed for intermediate level players who are interested in stepping up their game to the next level. However, many newer users understandably sign-up for those spots and require extra effort to get them up to speed. This forum is to help combat that issue further. We, the B101 staff, believe this forum will be immensely helpful for newer players that need assistance finding resources, looking through a complete collection of on-site Analysis write-ups, reviewing popular teams submitted to the RMT forum and so on.

The B101 staff plan on working with our Tutors (at a later date) to develop introductory guides for each format so players have information to feed from in preparation for a Tutor, while they are in limbo, or to learn from on their own.

What to Expect

You can expect us to...
  • ...do monthly updates to every format thread.
    • Any errors are exempt from this rule and can be changed before then.
  • ...add more resources if the resources exist and are approved by the format's leader(s).
    • Or delete them if they are no longer useful.
  • ...start work on guides some time after Crowned Tundra is released.
  • ...post any new developments in the B101 News thread.


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How to Get Involved

-- Non-Tutors and Tutors:

The B101 Resources are just that -- Resources. Resources is a blanket term for helpful general or tier-specific compilations for easy use. Additionally, resources can take the form of more than just forum posts such as creating or maintaining helpful spreadsheets, hosting tournaments (less prominent in B101 however), or being an active, helpful voice in the community.

The resources in this forum are predominately compilations of other tier resources. They require consistent up-keep and occasionally adding more content. Spreadsheet creation and maintenance is also important for record keeping and statistics. If anyone is interested with helping out or has any questions, DM me (Ticken)!

-- Tutors:

Tutors can do the same as non-Tutors but Approved Tutors have the exclusive privilege to help create competitive guides which we plan on working on after next DLC's release. These guides will be geared towards a beginner - intermediate level player in an effort to accommodate Tutees who prefer learning on their own or are sitting in the queue. They should encompass multiple important aspects of the tier such as how to go about building a team, what to consider during battling, which resources to use and how to use them effectively, and getting involved.

Creating competitive guides will be eligible for Tutor credit but the length and quality will be taken into consideration upon release.

Who to Contact

-- Contact the B101 mods if you have any general questions!
Ticken TJ Decem ErPeris Yellow Paint

-- If you are interested in adding, creating, or maintaining content, contact the B101 leaders!
Ticken TJ

Other Miscellaneous Ways to Contribute


On-site Pokemon analyses are an integral resource for both newer players and veterans and sets Smogon apart as a whole. The B101 Resources compile a list of all the on-site Pokemon analyses for each tier so it is easier for anyone to locate and learn from. They contain useful information such as commonly run sets, set and team options, move and EV details, and general advice.

Check out the C&C section for WIP analyses or attempting to write one yourself! Keep in mind of their rules and contact the tier's C&C mods for further questions.


Resources such as the Viability Rankings (VR) and the Sample Teams threads are not the same without the numerous contributors that offer different angles of input on them. Many people who are experienced in the metagame voice their opinions in order to create resources for newer players to learn from. Making good posts in metagame discussion threads also helps you get involved with the community and guides others who may be less experienced. If you think you're familiar with a metagame, enough to start posting, read the thread rules before doing so!

Producing Artwork

Artwork is a scarce commodity that never fails to enhance a project. They are original works using digital, traditional, or vector mediums and add visual interest to break up words and give threads an unique identity. The Resource forum will have many threads that would appreciate artwork so if anyone is interested, feel free to shoot us a PM! Just remember you can not be awarded the badge unless you are an Approved Artist, however.

Rate My Team

RMT is our sister section where they review teams and aim to improve the quality of teams posted in their section. Their aim is to address a team's structure, creating more efficient EV spreads, reducing repetitious roles and moves, and improving the team's overall synergy.

If you have any questions about how to improve a team or you want to give rating a shot, head on over to the RMT section but make sure you follow their rules or your thread might end up locked.
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