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Banned deucer.
Before explaining anything, you may have noticed Nachos is no longer a member of the Battling 101 staff. I would like to thank Nachos for his service as a member of the Battling 101 staff. He was an exceptional asset to this program and I couldn't thank him enough for all of the help he provided me with. He has moved on to bigger and better things in the real world, and I wish him the best of luck out there!

In the spirit of Christmas, I'll start by announcing our newest tenured tutors. The users below have met all of the requirements for the tutor badge and have gone above and beyond their duties as teachers. With that said, join me in congratulating the following on their well-earned badge:

  • JabbaTheSuperModerator
  • Poppy
  • The Great Mighty Doom
  • yee
Wear the badge with pride guys. You have to work hard to earn this badge and you've each done so. I hope you continue to keep up the great work in our Battling 101 program. There are plenty of tutors who are on well on their way towards earning the badge as well, so don't be discouraged if your name isn't listed - we will be contacting some of you guys to give you a push in the right direction towards the badge soon. I will be giving all of our tutors a well deserved holiday break until after the first week of January. After the first week of January, Battling 101 will be operating under a new system.

These are the features of how it will operate:

  • Brand new forum with identical permissions to Tournament Applications and Simulator Discipline Appeals will be created, which means only the OP of the post, Battling 101 Moderators, and Senior Staff can view the threads.
  • Tutor Talk threads for each round will no longer be required. Tutors may still post them if they wish, in the case of an apprentice who goes missing. This will allow them to get partial credit for a round.
  • Apprentices will post about their experiences in the new forum. There will not be strict guidelines for the structure of each thread; however, we should provide them with information to include. This way they can form the posts as they wish.
  • The grade for each round will be determined by the Battling 101 Staff. This means that the experiences the apprentices post will just be a tool for determining the grade in that round. This will prevent intimidation on the part of tutors to give their apprentices good scores. Furthermore, the anonymity of the post will allow them to be more frank about their experiences. After all, we need to guarantee a certain quality of tutoring. It is in their best interest to be entirely truthful.
This is the Battling 101's staff little present to our tutors. You guys work really hard and this system looks to eliminate some of the fluffy extra work you guys are required to do, which will hopefully make tutoring all the more enjoyable. I know a lot of you guys despise nailing your tutees to send in evaluations, so you'll no longer have to do so. The new system also allows us to judge performance better than the subjective evaluation system we had in place before. While this new system will require more from tutees, it'll help us see if our tutors are doing what they are supposed to, and the burden will lie on the Battling 101 staff to evaluate a tutor's performance more adequately than what a vague evaluation could do.

Seeing as Nachos has left the program, we are appointing some new staff members to help with the system and help carry the work load seeing as it's strenuous to handle everything by ourselves. We have unanimously decided to promote the following two users as members of the Battling 101 staff:

  • Limitless
  • Harsha
Limitless is one of longest tenured tutor and has been with the program for far too much time, always putting everything he has into his lessons and tutees. Harsha is an up-and-comer who has the hard work ethic, consistency, and activity we look for in a staff member, and has been one of our most reliable and stand out tutors. Both of these guys are friendly and easy to work with, and I am looking forward to working with them both. Congratulations and join me in welcoming them aboard!

The program will be online again after the first week of January. The schedule will be updated for 2013 before then. In the meanwhile, happy holidays to all of you and your families, and rest assured that we will be working to find ways to improve this program.
back to work on new year's day? *grumble*

congrats fellas, well deserved

BLOO EDIT: After the first week of Jan my boy.

KG: Future apprentices fear not, reading is not being taught in this program :)

i got an 800 on my reading sat gtfo salty mods >:|
well deserved, harsha, i remember you from before you got supermods, even before you started contributing

TH for life! now where is trititititiititlotune or w/e his name was
my lil protege harsha continues to rise up the ranks . . . . . what a guy. grats to limitless for the promotion and the other tenured tutors for getting the prettiest badge on smogon :toast:


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Congratulations guys! What a great badge really. Spending time to help out others. Goes along with the holidays quite nicely, eh?

Happy holidays :-)
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