OM Balanced Hackmons 7 Suspect #9: Mega Rayquaza - Voting

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E4 Flint

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The results are out!
BAN:      17
DNB:      10
No Vote:   0

Total:    27
Adjusted: 27

Votes Required(60%): 0.60 * 27 = 16.2 = 17
Percentage Achieved: 17 / 27 * 100 = 62.96

Decision: BAN
So there you have it! Mega Rayquaza is finally Banned! Also, everyone who participated actually seemed to have voted! Glad to see everyone involved, especially since the vote was exactly what was required in the end!

And how can we forget the main event!
Luckyboy123 with the alt Array of Rays which is what he used to get reqs. Good job! If you're on Discord, pm me and I'll give you a role.
I was not able to make something due to time restrictions so take this old meme instead

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