BH Balanced Hackmons Ladder Tournament - Playoffs (Round 1)

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Ay it's about time! Welcome to the Balanced Hackmons Ladder Tournament playoffs! Here, we feature the 32 players who've qualified by achieving the highest rankings on Balanced Hackmons ladder during each deadline. The winner is held at the top and holds boasting rights of being one of the best BH ladderers! They will also get additional points towards OM Circuit.

Each match will be a best of three, all single elimination with standard tournament rules applying. Play in Gen 7 Balanced Hackmons if you want your result to count.
Round 1: (challonge bracket)

Gurpreet Patel (Sent you a Friend Request) vs Catalystic
I'm actually Cash vs PinkDragonTamer
xavgb vs Marsopa Trump & Test Rex
Andyboy vs Matiss98
Naoki-sama vs Indi01
Sificon vs Chessking345
SuperSkylake vs SolarflareRo
Willdbeast vs xapx
Akashi vs Yami
DarkRisingRay vs pazza
damflame 3 vs abriel gabram
Coldembrace vs MAMP
Anaconja vs power
Pyroshi02 vs Zovrah
a loser vs Shucklegigas
Chloe vs Betathunder

Deadline is Thursday August 15th, 7:59 PM EDT. Enjoy!
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Predicts incoming:
Gurpreet Patel (Sent you a Friend Request) vs Catalystic - sorry cata
I'm actually Cash vs PinkDragonTamer - apparently they don't lose and they beat me, so I'm going pdt
xavgb vs Marsopa Trump & Test Rex - this will be interesting but I'm going with my boi
Andyboy vs Matiss98 - andyboy's not going to lose to matiss98
Naoki-sama vs Indi01 - never heard of indi, but naoki is a solid pick anyway
Sificon vs Chessking345 - going with experience here
SuperSkylake vs SolarflareRo - skylake all the way here
Willdbeast vs xapx - he better sweep with Ditto
Akashi vs Yami - as long as he brings something to be anaconja's RMT
DarkRisingRay vs pazza - betting on my man thermp to beat whatever CT people cook up
damflame 3 vs abriel gabram - coin flip
Coldembrace vs MAMP - the champ, right?
Anaconja vs power - I'll take the BH player
Pyroshi02 vs Zovrah - as long as he/she brings something for shell smash
Chloe vs Betathunder - coin flip part 2

Gurpreet Patel (Sent you a Friend Request) vs Catalystic - SL42 always brings heat sets. Hopefully he's practiced with them beforehand though, otherwise he could misplay, and a single misplay is usually enough to tilt him for the rest of the game.
I'm actually Cash vs PinkDragonTamer - Mags
xavgb vs Marsopa Trump & Test Rex - Probopass the goat!
vs Matiss98 - Andy has a better reputation in om tours
Naoki-sama vs Indi01 - BH main vs who?
Sificon vs Chessking345 - See previous but reverse the word order
vs SolarflareRo - Nuff said
Willdbeast vs xapx - Wildbeast has a lot more tour experience. Just don't overprep.
Akashi vs Yami - Akashi has a fair amount of experience in BH, even though he lost 5-0 to a team with hazards + toxic + no endeavor Shed yesterday. Don't forget to set your Shedinjas to level 100 this time.
DarkRisingRay vs pazza - As long as he stacks checks, he should be good to go against any variations of Big Man on Campus that Pazza can think up.
damflame 3 vs abriel gabram - higher seed
Coldembrace vs MAMP - Mamp will bring a solid team and make intelligent, careful decisions during the game. Coldembrace may be able to pull the win if he can outthink mamp in the teambuilder and execute some lures successfully during the game, but Mamp is the clear favorite otherwise. #MampTheChamp
vs power - BH Main
Pyroshi02 vs Zovrah - Zovra has greater access to people who can feed her quality teams
a loser vs Shucklegigas - He might actually be a winner this week
Chloe vs Betathunder - I like Chloe


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Gurpreet Patel (Sent you a Friend Request) vs Catalystic Patel is probs the best bh player if he doesn't tilt
I'm actually Cash vs PinkDragonTamer Cash is kinda new to bh again since he hasn't played in years lol, and pdt has been playing a lot recently
xavgb vs Marsopa Trump & Test Rex hehe boi and i just see stresh winning this 9/10
Andyboy vs Matiss98 dunno matiss
Naoki-sama vs Indi01 dunno indio
Sificon vs Chessking345 chessking is probs better
SuperSkylake vs SolarflareRo a bh player vs a 1v1 player :blobthumbsup:
Willdbeast vs xapx
Akashi vs Yami #JERAN
DarkRisingRay vs pazza
damflame 3 vs abriel gabram i dont know here
Coldembrace vs MAMP highlight match but i think mamp should win this one.
Anaconja vs power bh player and is a good one too
Pyroshi02 vs Zovrah i mean they getting ghosted by me and sl
a loser vs Shucklegigas a loser is good at bh, but shucklegigias used to play, i think it could go either way but more in the favor in a loser
Chloe vs Betathunder betathunder big goat

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well my good friend ducky is banned but he wanted to do some predictions here they are!

Shen Wu BHLT Round 1 Predictions:

We goin for 80% accuracy with these predicts but since it’s Showdown’s RNG that’s more like 30% accuracy

Gurpreet Patel (Sent you a Friend Request) vs Catalystic: Catalystic is an AG player iirc and SL is apparently considered to be skillful by some people

I'm actually Cash vs PinkDragonTamer: PDT good

xavgb vs Marsopa Trump & Test Rex: On one hand, I think xavgb is Stresh which means he made the legendary triple Gar team, but on the other hand Rex is Rex so I have to pick him

Andyboy vs Matiss98: Andyboy used mono Mray once so he’s obviously mastered this metagame

Naoki-samavs Indi01: I played Naoki and he sayed I was good so he clearly knows what he’s talking about.

Sificonvs Chessking345: idk who Sificon is but I’d be willing to wager a large sum of money that he’s better than Chessking

SuperSkylake vs SolarflareRo: idk this SolarflarRo character either but I would not object to no longer classifying Skylake as “not good”

Willdbeast vs xapx: Gun to my head, I don’t think I would consider Willdbeast to be completely horrible

Akashi vs Yami: I would definitely consider Akashi to be completely horrible regardless of whether or not there was a gun to my head

DarkRisingRay vs pazza: I will be assisting Pazza in this particular tournament so he will undoubtably be successful in this endeavor

damflame 3 vs abriel gabram: tbh I’m not familiar with either of these users, but I witnessed abriel scouting around the BH ladder on several different occasions which would lead one to believe that he’s at least semi-serious about this tournament and thus his chances of winning are increased exponentially if my past experiences in this area are any indication

Coldembrace vs MAMP: I was recently informed that MAMP has been given the nickname “MAMPtheChamp”. One does receive a nickname such as this if one is incompetent. Therefore, I feel inclined to predict that MAMP will be victorious in this match

Anaconjavs power: Anaconja is a respectable player, and these users are dwindling in population by the day despite their pleasant demeanor so I think it’s appropriate (in fact, some might even deem it necessary)to offer my support to these exemplary users

Pyroshi02 vs Zovrah: Zovrah is infamous for being bad but he’s so good at it that it’s difficult not to root for him

a loservs Shucklegigas: a loser has acquired adequate meta knowledge in his day and undeniably possess a decent, if not borderline good skill level. Additionally, my sources have informed me that he has already won this battle so not to pick him would be foolish

Chloe vs Betathunder: I like Chloe but I don’t like her chances of winning this battle
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calling act I posted on thermp profile on Thursday he hasn’t replied I even was on when I said I couldn’t play, I’ve also been scouting the ladder multiple times to see if he was on

my availability will be very tight for the next few days irl reasons which i would rather not talk about
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