Balanced Overused Tournament - Round 1

Welcome to the Balanced Overused Tournament!​
This tournament aims to be a fun experiment of what OU could look like without the two Pokemon Kartana and Mega-Mawile.​

- SM OU clauses apply
- SM OU banlist applies, but Kartana and Mawilite are added to it
- Bo3 Single Elimination
- Replays aren't mandatory until Semi-Finals - but appreciated nonetheless

Pairings Round 1

Zesty43 vs Hiro'
Fardin vs jayef
lyd vs iKiQ
Mega-Pokebattlerz vs reachzero
bugzinator vs The Thunderbirds
zugubu royale vs Heika
Sificon vs Curtain
Mysterious M vs Misery Was
Sir Snub vs Dankoc
crucify vs RaJ.Shoot
Shaad Skyel vs metal box
agenS vs WorstPlayerEva
Mix vs Sensei Axew
Diophantine vs Flamita
pkcc vs Icequake
Louna vs Charmflash


Oro e Diamanti
Slave Of Passion

Substitute signups are open. Game deadline is next week's Sunday 11:59 EST
I'm requesting an activity win vs fardin. My opponent did not respond to my VMs despite being active in the forum, and scheduling a game in another tour with someone that posted a VM after me.

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