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How about breedjects of Tailow, Seedot(Chlorophyll), and Spiritomb(HA)? All female with their egg moves. I'm afraid I can't breed for Wailmer's with Hidden Power Grass at the moment so the best I can do is a female breedject.
Sound good for me :) And i'm ok with the wailmer, will breed you that and tell you when it's done
Trade an Adamant HA 5iv riolu female for a HP grass max iv Pentagon Zapdos?
[Riolu] [Female] (♀) | [447]

Nature: Adamant | Level: 1 | Ability: Prankster
IVs: 31/31/31/x/31/31 | OT: ACE | ID: 3396
Egg Moves: crunch, bullet punch
Hidden Power: -

Kalos born- Bred by me

I also have quite a bit other pokemon female 5iv in Lux balls I may offer. let me know if there are any that you are looking for especially
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