Championship - Type A Battle City III - Round 1 [READ POST 305 and 337]


you are badges will get stripped
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won vs Genesis for 1 ggs
won vs chop for 1 ggs
won vs Googly for 1 gg man
at 5 now

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subbing out iRKD for Indigo Plateau. Start with 2 chips as normal.

The following players have not played any games, I'll give 24 or so hours for games to be played and then I will be making substitutes, the sub list is very short atm but I guarantee I'll be able to find plenty of willing players, so don't worry about that. If you would like to drop out, let me know immediately.

Let me know if I mistagged any users

Deadline is still Sunday the 24th 11:59PM GMT+1, possibly earlier if all games are completed by then.

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