Battle of the Week #1 - Leftiez vs Luigi.

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Welcome to Battle of The Week! In this series we will get two of the tutors from B101, new and old, to compete in a battle. After the battle, players will present an analysis of both their performance and an in-depth look at the game provided by Snowy. and myself. We hope that this will offer both entertainment and an insight into the players' thought processes, which up and coming battlers can use as an educational tool. This project is hosted by Snowy. and myself. Our first battle will be between two experienced tournament players!

Leftiez vs Luigi.


Player's Analysis:

Luigi: I feel like I had the match-up advantage with my Landorus-T as it threatens Leftiez's whole team. Gengar was able to kill everything he had once Latias managed to lure Tyranitar, alas the fact I played really passively and that Hidden Power-Fighting on the switch to Tyranitar revealed I was holding Colbur Berry and it didnt allow me to Defog away the hazards. The hazards he got on the early game eventually proved too much and his offense overpowered mine. On the second to last turn I switched Jirachi in on Medicham on the off-chance he didn't have Bullet Punch, in which case I could survive a Zen Headbutt and use Healing Wish to bring Gengar back up, however, since he did have Bullet Punch my best play would have been to just sack Gengar and try to flinch Skarmory down but hindsight was 20/20.

Leftiez: When I got into the battle I was feeling safe seeing how Tyranitar could trap 2 of his potential threats to my team, however it turned out to be in his favor once he revealed Smack Down Landorus-T (probably Earth Plate) which just shit on almost all of my Pokemons, however, I managed to weaken it as much as possible so it wasn't that hard for me to kill it. My plan was to setup entry hazard so I could pressure with him with Medicham. In addition to that, I had to keep Serperior healthy for his Manaphy and it worked out perfectly. Once Lopunny died, the game was probably in my favor as I could now check every Pokemon he had with at least 2 of my own (Medicham is jolly so I consider it as a revenge killer for Manaphy), from there I played safely by making optimal plays but it came down to Medicham vs Manaphy, I knew that if Scald had burned, it would have been a flinch war with Jirachi which would be in his favor but it was the best play I could had done, thankfully it didn't burn so I knew I had won from there.

Match's highlight:

From team preview, Leftiez seem to have the advantage, as Leftiez's Tyranitar can potentially trap 3 out of 6 Pokemons. Leftiez team is also a lot faster, while Luigi's Jirachi struggle to get around Leftiez's Garchomp. Whatever Luigi had could be played around by Leftiez while Luigi had to tread around things like Serperior and Medicham really carefully as they can really dent Luigi's team with little effort.

On turn 1: Leftiez made a safe choice in leading Mega Medicham with it's ability to assure a Fake Out to secure free mega-evolution and some nice chip damage on everything barring Gengar, which could be played around with Tyranitar and specially defensive Skarmory. On the other hand, Luigi made a riskier choice of lead, choosing to shut down Serperior and Tyranitar from the get go which were major threats to his team, but at the cost of getting chip damaged delivered by Garchomp.

On turn 4: Luigi reveals smack down on the predicted Spike from Skarmory, this meant that Luigi could freely click on an Adamant, Earth Plate boosted Earthquake from Landorus-T and ensure a kill. This leads to the sacking of Azumarill, unfortunately for Luigi, hangs on with 4%, but in exchange, a threat that can potentially get a kill every time it gets in was removed.

On turn 10-11: Leftiez doubled out from his weakened Garchomp against Latias, trying to preserve a potential sack, as well as maybe gain some extra chip damage against one of Luigi's Pokémon. This however backfired, as Hidden Power-Fighting was revealed, putting Leftiez's Tyranitar in range of another Hidden Power-Fighting. Leftiez proceeds to use Crunch, which then reveals that the Latias was actually carrying a Colbur Berry and was able to eat up the hit and kill off the Tyranitar which was a massive threat gone.

On turn 19: Leftiez made an aggressive and crucial switch into his Medicham on the Manaphy's Hidden Power-Fire. This ensured that Leftiez can now survive 2 Scalds and he can freely click Zen Headbutt twice without risking a 50/50 with Gengar. Hidden Power-Fire from the Manaphy could had been used to catch Serperior which would then put Luigi in a better position. Expecting the Hidden Power-Fire, Leftiez acted accordingly and brought in Medicham instead and turned the game around. However, if Luigi had used Scald, the game would had been really different. If the Manaphy's Scald burnt the Medicham, Luigi would have a great shot at winning the game. Even without the burn, Medicham was put into range of another Scald so Leftiez would be forced to use High Jump Kick to kill Manaphy while Luigi could had switched to Gengar and avoid it thus forcing a lot more 50/50 situations.


The game concludes in Leftiez's favor, with him claiming the win through a crucial double to Mega Medicham on the Manaphy's Hidden Power-Fire. Without acting out this play the game would have been very different, throwing the game in the air for either of them to snatch. We'd like to thank Leftiez and Luigi for participating in this awesome and tense match and will see you guys next week! Feel free to leave a comment and discuss about the game and we'll see you next time with the next edition of Battle of the Week! :pimp:
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