Tournament Battle Spot Premier League IV - Commishment Thread

It has been a wonderful and best season for me and I appreciate the third time in a row to get drafted for this BSPL!!! First time ever making it to finals or the playoffs of any premier league (I thought it was going to be Monotype but Battle Spot is just as great)! Week after week, I've been doing a lot of prepping and showing everyone that I do have what it takes to be a good player. In fact, anybody has a chance to be great, as long as they practice enough. I do apologize to my fellow Inkays for not prepping enough for finals with school starting back up last week, in the process, I was largely indifferent with what I was planning on bringing as well, which harmed me more than good so I couldn't decide on what teams were more riskier to use. Nonetheless, ending this season with a 4-2 (counting playoffs) is a great positive record for me! Even though I'm not a fan of teamlocks since it severely limited my imagination on running wild for building, which they are a one trick type of teams (or surprising the opponents) playing every week was a great way to get me used to this introduction of this rule. I suppose thanks to anybody acknowledging me as a threat (even though I didn't see myself as one ha).

Whenever I'm going against my opponent on the scheduled day, my nerves rise. When it hits G3, my nerves rise even higher and my heart races as if I'm going to have a panic attack on the spot (open for clumsy plays). I know I know, it's just a game of mons not a big deal. xd

I'm particularly not going to make paragraph shoutouts as much as I wanted to but I'll just keep them short.

bobochan Thank you so much for helping me prep every night for hours. It definitely shows that you and I make a great team/pair together when on the same team. Bobo, you are not dead weight, you literally pushed me into making smarter plays (for the most part).
Mr.GX Congratulations on going undefeated this tournament! It's great to be on the same team with you and bobo twice in a row now, mew mew! We'll talk more about anime sometime, there's a lot I need to discuss with you about!
Puff Killa Sorry I couldn't help you prep in your tours but in exchange I definitely appreciate you preparing me for mine in the earlier weeks. Watching your games did have an impact on my motivation to playing BSS more often than before. I'm glad you put up with my cheerleading chants to you!
PinkSylvie it's amazing you have a bird who has the same name as my discord. Sorry we didn't talk much but at least we supported each other on our games.
1_TrickPhony Nice job on slaying Chem this tour. I enjoyed having you around in our team chat. You really are a tough battler than others give you credit for.
The Squash also props to you prepping me the first couple of weeks before bobo completely took over. I hope that next time, I'll be able to see more of your awesome plays.
Legasey also sorry we didn't talk much and about your losses but I really hope that your chance to shine comes next year.
kaori It has been cool working with you Sam, twice we're on the same team and glad to see you being a great team player.
Ika Ika Musume my new manager, thank you for having me on your team. I'm glad you wanted me to show everyone that I was a great steal for you team. Much appreciated in you sending me some teams when I couldn't go out the norm of what I want to use. Honestly, by far this team became my favorite! I hope to be on the same team with at least 3 of you come next year cause there is no doubt in my mind we are definitely going to be split up.

greilmercenary9 thank you for nominating me to get drafted this season. I'm curious as to how things would go if your team picked me up. It was great being on the same team with you under solerme and us testing teams together. Danganronpa fans!!!!

Solerme the main manager, my first ever manager who drafted me in BSPL ll (I don't think I even signed up for the first one). Thank you for your support and enthusiasm. Your optimism and presence just melts me every time. I'm glad to have been one of your players and that you put trust in.

Pearl Cynara Moose And Goose Lego average fella thank you all for the games, you guys really gave me a run for my money. It has been really fun playing you all and railgunning most of you! Meese, if we play again, you bet I won't be making amateur mistakes again haha (Ferro on Rotom-W being the most obvious play).

Thank you Cant Say for those funny predicts, it really pushed me to prove to you earlier in the weeks before playoffs that I'm someone be on the lookout for...or threat. n_n
Thank you DragonWhale for hosting this tour. I hope that you sign up next time as manager!

Because of this season, I might get back into playing BSS again (when Gen 8 arrives), who knows just a thought!


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First time ever making it to finals or the playoffs of any premier league (I thought it was going to be Monotype but Battle Spot is just as great)!
Did you forget the greatest comeback story MPL has had in the Devious Diancies back in MPL 2? :blobthinking:

You may not have played much that tour but you technically did make both playoffs and finals. Glad to see you back in action Misaka :D


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BSPL V is a long ways away, but I wanted discussion on formats before we end up defaulting to formats without coming to a real community conclusion on what we want to be represented in BSPL.

My first thought is that all generations should be represented in some capacity. One of the beauties of BSPL is we get to see a lot of old generations battling which is unavailable any time of the year. After the years of people like NOVED and Darkinium playing their favorite format, it would be a shame for it all to disappear. I see BSPL as a celebration of all things battle spot and the most community driven format, and to automatically assume things like GBU in all capacities should be gone is honestly a little disappointing to me (someone who personally has no interest in playing old gens)

My second thought is that if we are to have two doubles slots, we should consider having only the newest battle spot doubles formats represented, to make it not a side VGC tournament. I would definitely like to have an in depth conversation with people who play doubles as their main format as to what the future holds, but I think whatever we can do to make battle spot doubles a real format that our community engages with, thats what we should support.

With that being said, heres what I would do.
8 teams, 6 slots
SWSH singles 1
SWSH singles 2
SWSH doubles
USUM singles
Old Gens BO3 (usum/oras/gbu)
Old Gens BO3

6 teams, 8 slots
SWSH singles 1
SWSH singles 2
SWSH doubles
All Gens BO3 doubles
USUM singles
Old Gens BO3
Old Gens BO3
Last slot either another SWSH singles or ORAS singles.

For obvious reasons, I would wait until the new generation comes out and what our signups look like before making a decision on where we want to go for BSPL and its slots, but my main sticking points of having all older generations represented in some capacity and making doubles a more integrated part of the battle spot community I think are two valuable things we should take out from my suggestions.
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