Data Battle Tower (For all your Match-Seeking Needs!)

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I will be cancelling my last, outstanding and untaken battle to put out this challenge.

Open Challenge:
2 vs 2 NFE Singles
DQ: 2 Days
5 Chills/ 2 Recoveries
Arena: ASB Arena
Switch: OK
Abilities: All
Items: Training
Reffing the above and putting up a challenge.

4 vs 4 NFE Singles
Training Items
Switch = KO
All abilities
2 Subs
2 recoveries, 5 chills
Any arena that isnt the ASB Arena.

Issuing two of the same challenge.
4v4 LC Singles
Unown Soup
2 Day DQ
1 Sub
1 recover/3 chills

Switch = KO
Training Items.

This will be very useful for my new mons, too bad they dont have good moves atm.
Standard stuff, training items.
Arena should be Tower of Heaven to make it interesting. (If you don't want it to be, then please say something)
Quick challenge to Pwnemon: Cranidos vs Hoppip

1 substitution
2 recovers/5 chills
2-day DQ
ASB arena because I'm not feeling like making a new arena atm
Switch = KO obviously
All abilities
Training items
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