BBP Sword and Shield Tournament: Finals

And we've made it to the finals!

As a reminder, the tournament bracket can be found here:

Congratulations to our Finalists, battles will now be single-elimination until we have a winner!

The following is the battle that will take place for finals
A coin flip conducted by the ref will determine who sends out first for each battle.
When it comes to DQ players will have 1 Warning for the entire tournament, after that, their opponent may claim DQ in this thread

Dogfish44 vs S0L1D G0LD [Ref: Gemini Taurus ]

Participants, please send in your teams of 4 to your referees, feel free to look over your opponents' teams in the other thread and plan accordingly!
You have 3 days to send your teams into your referees.
In addition, if a subref is required, please post in this thread and tag me.

P2X7 is the third place winner due to YellowAdminSilver losing via DQ, you may claim your third place prizes when the final battle concludes.

Best of luck to the finalists!

If you have any questions let me know!

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