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2023 BDSP Tournament Circuit
Welcome to the BDSP 2023 Tournament Circuit schedule! This circuit will have players compete in a variety of tournaments to gain points and to gain a chance to be in the Tournament Circuit playoffs, to square off and ultimately being the BDSP Circuit Champion!

Circuit Tournaments
  • [Type A] BDSP OU Winter Seasonal - February 13
  • BDSP Grand Slam
    • [Type C] Ubers Open - March 13
    • [Type C] UU Open - March 13
    • [Type C] RU Open - March 20
    • [Type C] NU Open - March 20
    • [Type C] PU Open - March 27
    • [Type C] LC Open - March 27
    • [Type B] Playoffs - May
  • [Type A] BDSP OU Summer Seasonal - August 7th
  • [Type B] BDSP Last Chance Qualifier - October 16th
  • BDSP Circuit Championship - December 4
Team Tournaments
  • BDSP Premier League
    • Player/manager signups - 22th May
Note: All signup dates may change if we are running ahead or behind schedule. If you're interested in hosting one of these tournaments, reach out to a forum mod.
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