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Welcome to the BDSP Teams Bazaar! Here you can send fun, cool teams that you think others can use. This is meant to be a casual area for people to post teams rather than a formal environment like the RMT Forums.


1. Make sure the teams aren't completely uncompetitive. They need to have been play-tested and need to be need to be decent at worst. For example, the team can't consist of all NU and LC mons, and can't be a team that just consistently loses.

2. Provide an importable of the team and a description of how the team works.

That's all! Have fun and feel free to share your teams!


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click sprites for team!!

:raikou: :weavile: :gliscor: :rotom-wash: :scizor: :heatran:


First post of the thread is my shitty fun Raikou stuff. Raikou is one of the more underrated picks as far as I have seen right now and as such I wanted to use it after I was recommended it. I originally had Infernape, but I felt like if I made it and Raikou the main core, I would be fairly Ground-weak. Because of this, I went Weavile to strengthen Ground match ups and for more insurance against stronger Pokemon that can revenge kill Raikou, like Lati@s. Gliscor is a great bulky sweeper with Swords Dance and Facade and a wincon for this team. SBall Rotom-W acts like a Lati check, and with Scizor, allows for both great insurance vs Latios and a VoltTurn core. It’s been my most successful team by far, so I hope you like it ;)


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I tossed this together and it's been very fun on ladder so...

Life Orb Wallbreaker Clef Bulky Offense


click mons for paste and all that good stuff

Basic game plan is break with Clef and Weavile early game to let Calm Mind Latias win late. Breaker Clefable is a really cool set right now, as very little except for Blissey really wants to switch in, and you can surprise a lot of teams that crutch on stuff such as Scizor to safely come in on a standard variant. Scarf Rotom-Wash and Yache Berry Latias give Manaphy very little room to do anything which is cool. Rotom-W's last slot can be Will-o-Wisp too depending on whether u want to improve the Weavile matchup (which is a bit shakey but Band gets punished for locking into either STAB) Jirachi holds off Latios and sets up Rocks, Offensive Donphan is a cool set that is surprisingly hard to switch into and gives the team double Ice Shard, something which invalidates a lot of Dragons right now. Sturdy and good coverage and power also mean that getting a spin off can be done pretty comfortably against most teams. Probably not fantastic or anything but fun to use if folks are interested.
This was one of my first bdsp teams and its been enjoyable to use

Bdrum Azu HO
(I don't know how to put the sprites over the link)

The game plan with this team is to open up either azu or mence for a late game sweep with unrelenting offense. Nape and scizor act as a nice u-turn pair, with scizor focusing on the physical side and nape focusing on the special side, but also able to unleash a stab cc on unsuspecting blissey. Zone helps in trapping pesky steels that may other wise prove difficult to get rid of if nape is out of the picture. Swine acts as the suicide lead of the team. Mence, while able to act as a sweeper, mainly acts as a revenge killer with scarf. Azumarill is the main wincon of the team with belly drum aqua jet ripping through weakened teams. Azu's belly drum can be a bit difficult to pull off without screens, but its not impossible by any means, just need the right opportunity.
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I recently worked my way pretty high up the ladder with this team. It's incredibly easy to pilot (honestly it's kinda brainless but meh it's fun).

:Feraligatr: :Scizor: :Garchomp: :Breloom: :Latios: :Gliscor:

I honestly think that offense is up and away the best playstyle in BDSP OU atm. Many of offenses mons, such as Garchomp and Feraligatr, can easily break through bulkier teams. Feraligatr in particular has been a joy to use, as it provides a strangely good answer to Scizor/Starmie cores. Scizor is the necessary Latios check, and this team appreciates U-turn more than most. Chomp is used mainly for chipping Gliscor and Scizor into range of other mons. Stone Edge is used over DClaw on chomp to hit Togekiss since I was running into a lot of those on ladder and got tired of losing to it. Breloom is genuinely the lead, but I oftentimes found myself counterleading instead, hence why Gliscor has Defog and not Stealth Rock in order to preserve Loom's Sash. The Gliscor is Spdef specifically for Gengar. Even if Shadow Ball gets the drop, Gliscor usually lives! Finally, Specs Latios with Tbolt and Surf cause I was having some difficulty with Starmie if I could not get Gatr setup safely and I just prefer Surf over Ice Beam cause Heatran do be a mon.

Team is obviously crazy offensive. Gengar and Rotom-W can present some issues, but honestly SpD Gliscor is a godsend in those matchups. Super fun team that requires only the smallest amount of brain power to use well.
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Hey, all! Here's a neat little team I have been working on for quite some time, now. Back in DPPT OU, my favorite team to run was a Rain Dance team with a Swift Swim Kingdra and Swift Swim Qwilfish. Now, I've updated it to the new BDSP OU!

With the ban on Drizzle, I was met with quite a challenge on how to get the rain started, and I went with a weird little Pokemon known as Illumise. Illumise can run Prankster. Holding the Damp Rock and access to Rain Dance quickly via Prankster makes Illumise a great lead. Aromatherapy can be used in the late game to cure paralysis that will cripple the star of the show: Kingdra. Illumise has a slow U-Turn as well, giving Kingdra a safe switch in while Illumise bulks the incoming attack.
Swift Swim Kingdra is a sight to behold. With doubled speed and access to specs as well as high-damage moves like Hydro Pump and Draco Meteor, Kingdra can easily outspeed and demolish anything in its path.
There is a ton more in this team, such as Rain Dance Scizor, that I have yet to talk about, but it's one thing to talk about my team and another thing to use it. This team is so much fun to play around with, and besides my original Swift Swim team in dppt, is probably one of my favorite teams. I hope you enjoy, and good luck battling! :)

Edit: There was no Pokepaste link lmao


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:empoleon: :infernape: :gengar: :garchomp: :rotom-wash: :latias:

pokepaste for import:

basic explanation: this team is built with stealth rocks empoleon and defog 2 attacks latias. also this team is made with choice scarf rotom-wash and choice band infernape, both provide speed control with gengar, which is the sub nasty plot 2 attacks set, and yache berry garchomp. garchomp has yache berry and with rotom-wash + infernape weavile should be dealable with. play carefully against this thread tho. empoleon can tackle latios, latias, and other threats such as manaphy and suicune and roar them out, when they got a boost, making it harder for them to set up later.

threatlist: weavile, alakazam, latios, dd dragonite, sd lucario​

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