Beartic QC(0/3)

  • Beartic has a huge base Attack as well as a great offensive typing, allowing it to hit most of the tier hard.
  • While its offensive movepool is small, it has a good STAB move in Icicle Crash and strong coverage in Superpower and Stone Edge. It also has Swords Dance to further boost its offensive prowess.
  • While its pure Ice-typing makes it vulnerable to all forms of entry hazards, its fairly good bulk makes it not too difficult to setup with Swords Dance.
  • Its Speed stat is initially low, but its abilities Swift Swim and Slush Rush allow it to become much faster under rain and hail, respectively, giving it some opportunities to sweep in weather teams.
  • Beartic is also one of the few Pokemon that possesses Slush Rush and has a semi-unique role on rain as a physical attacker that can easily break through bulky Grass-types like Gourgeist-XL.
  • However, Beartic's decent bulk still barely makes up for Ice being terrible defensively, and is left vulnerable to common priority like Mach Punch from Hitmonchan and Gurdurr.
  • Fast Choice Scarf users like Primeape, Jynx, and Pyroar are also able to outspeed it even with a Speed boost under weather due to its terrible Speed stat, and this terrible speed stat makes Beartic nearly useless outside of weather.
  • These factors make it quite difficult for Beartic to sweep in weather and struggle to find a niche outside of it.
name: Weather Sweeper
move 1: Icicle Crash
move 2: Superpower
move 3: Stone Edge / Aqua Jet
move 4: Swords Dance
item: Life Orb
ability: Swift Swim / Slush Rush
nature: Adamant / Jolly
evs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe

  • Icicle Crash provides strong STAB, being able to break through bulky Pokemon like Gourgeist-XL and having good type coverage.
  • Superpower breaks through Steel-types like Silvally-Steel and is able to land a hefty hit off on Rock-types like Regirock and Normal-types like Type: Null, especially after a Swords Dance.
  • Stone Edge hits Fire-types like Magmortar without being forced to use Superpower and lower its stats.
  • Aqua Jet is also an option for priority, being able to do a good amount of damage to Primeape and Hitmonchan at +2 Attack before they can Close Combat and Mach Punch, respectively.
  • However, it should only be used when in rain as it is too weak otherwise.
  • Swords Dance boosts Beartic already massive Attack stat and allows it to hit extremely hard after a boost.
Set Details
  • Maximum Attack EVs allow Beartic to hit as hard as possible.
  • Maximum Speed EVs lets Beartic get the most out of the Speed boost from weather, hitting a fast 398 with Adamant and 436 with Jolly.
  • Adamant is the preferred nature, as Beartic doesn't outspeed common Choice Scarf users like Primeape and Jynx regardless, and it wants to hit as hard as possible.
  • However, Jolly is still an option, as it lets Beartic outspeed base 75+ speed Choice Scarf users, such as Choice Scarf Mesprit.
  • Life Orb boosts Beartic's damage output while still allowing it to switch between its moves.
  • Swift Swim is the preffered weather ability, as Beartic doesn't stack defensive weaknesses and helps other Swift Swim sweepers like Ludicolo by destroying Grass- and Dragon-types like Cradily and Drampa, making it easier for them to spam their Water-type STAB moves.
  • Slush Rush is Beartic's other choice for a weather ability, though it has bad synergy with hail setters like Abomasnow.
Usage Tips
  • Beartic should not come in directly on attacks, as it needs to have as much health as possible to set up and for Life Orb recoil.
  • Depending on the situation, Beartic can either opt to attack or get a Swords Dance. If it is in on a Pokemon it would threaten out such as Drampa, it should use Swords Dance. However, if the opposition is a more offensive and frail team, Beartic should immediately go for an attacking move.
  • Since Icicle Crash hits most Pokemon neutrally, not too much prediction is needed when using Beartic.
  • However, if a bulky Pokemon switching in is predicted, Swords Dance should be used over a coverage move to do as much damage as possible to the switch-in.
  • For example, if a Regirock switch-in is predicted, it is better to use Swords Dance than Superpower, as a +2 Superpower would OHKO Regirock the following turn, while using Superpower first would give Beartic an Attack drop, preventing it from KOing Regirock the next turn.
Team Options
  • Weather setters are mandatory, as Beartic needs weather to gain its speed boost.
  • If using Swift Swim, rain setters like Liepard, Volbeat, and Ludicolo are good options for weather setters.
  • If using Slush Rush, Aurorus and Abomasnow should be used with Beartic to bring in automatic hail.
  • Pokemon that can clear away hazards such as Hitmonchan and Altaria help preserve Beartic's health.
  • Hitmonchan is able to wear down Regirock as well, helping Beartic breakthrough an otherwise reliable check.
  • U-turn or Volt Switch users can bring in Beartic safely and preserve its health, giving it a better chance at sweeping.
  • These Pokemon include Primeape, Passimian, Eelektross, and Mesprit.
  • Hazard setters like the aformentioned Mesprit and Crustle are able to set up hazards to whittle down the opposing team.
  • For example, the Stealth Rock these Pokemon provide give a chance for Beartic to KO Weezing after one Swords Dance.
Other Options
  • A Choice Band set consisting of Icicle Crash, Stone Edge, Superpower, and Aqua Jet or Play Rouh gives Beartic immediate power, but it prevents it from switching moves.
  • Play Rough is an option to hit Gurdurr hard, but doesn't provide any other relevant coverage.
  • Facade lets Beartic take advantage of status, but it is situational and sacrifices valuable coverage.
Checks and Counters

**Choice Scarf Users**: Fast Choice Scarf users like Primeape and Pyroar outspeed Beartic under weather and easily KO it with Close Combat and a Fire-type STAB move, respectively. Other Choice Scarf users without reliable super-effective attacks like Raichu-Alola and Jynx can also KO Beartic after enough Life Orb recoil.

**Priority**: Priority moves, in particular Hitmonchan's Mach Punch, do good amounts of chip damage to Beartic. This, in conjunction with Life Orb, cuts short a potential sweep.

**Physically Bulky Pokemon**: Pokemon like Weezing, Regirock, and Musharna avoid the 2HKO from any of Beartic's attacks before Swords Dance, and neither are OHKOed after a Swords Dance either. Weezing can proceed to burn Beartic while Regirock can KO it with Stone Edge as well. However, they can potentially be flinched by Icicle Crahs, meaning they can't completely check Beartic. Regirock also takes a loot of damage from +2 Stone Edge.

**Pokemon that resist Ice**: Water-types like Lanturn and Prinplup can all take Icicle Crash easily and Fire-types like Magmortar can as well. However, Superpower after a Swords Dance deal a lot of damage to these Pokemon, and Stone Edge is able to hit Fire-types.
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Sorry but I'm gonna have to reassign this. The whole analysis just misses the point of beartic, it's problematically positive about such an awful mon, the set isn't even right, checks and counters is highly lacking, and really I just found myself rewriting way too much of this to be worth it. Considering that Beartic is also unranked and incredibly low priority at the moment, I just can't justify keeping this around.

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