Best Friends Tournament II - Round 2


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idk if its possible but could i get an extension w/ Lacus Ichinose
we planned to play today but it's my mothers birthday so i gotta head to the bronx now. if lacus can play tonight when i get back that would be awesome but dont wanna force someone to stay up late. and i dont see the point in activity cause it would be 1-1 anyway so someone would still have to play a game. if this is possible of course


too cheesy
calling act against maw the impaler in dpp, didn't respond to the post on their wall and posted on my wall a few days later asking when i could play without giving me any times or time zones and when i gave them my times they didn't respond
LuckyRyu marked a time yesterday with Minougarou but the same did not appear, waiting for him to make the match, if no extension requirement. Or act, thus causing the tiebreaker in SM OU.

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