Best, Stupidest, and Most Memorable CC Pokes

What are some of the best, stupidest, and most memorable Challenge Cup Pokes and/or teams you've ever gotten? (Random battle doesn't count because rand bats select viable moves, whereas Challenge Cup selects moves from the entire list of moves a Pokemon can possible learn.

The best Poke I've ever gotten is:
Terrakion @ Rock Gem
- Earthquake
- Stone Edge
- Aerial Ace
- Sacred Sword

O_O. This thing could almost be usable in OU, and everyone will agree that nothing in Challenge Cup is even close to viable in OU lol.

This is a good second place, for me, I think:
Typhlosion @ Life Orb
- Blast Burn
- Eruption
- Focus Blast
- Earthquake

Because having one move to hit Steels with is clearly not enough.

As far as stupidest goes, I got a Mankey with 4 pretty good physical moves, and I was stoked. Then...

Mankey's Flame Orb activated! Mankey was burned!


I know there are many instances of pokes who can't deal damage or status, but I've gotten like dozens of those so it's not even worth listing.
Can't remember excactly, but once I had a Ferrothorn with Energy Ball/ Flash Cannon/Thunderbolt/something else completely useless on Ferrothorn


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I've seen Shedinja on multiple occasions (at least four or five times) hold a Toxic or Flame Orb. It's been a while since I've played CC, but on Pokemon Online there were some terrible sets that could do literally nothing useful except be death fodder (Natural Gift is a huge offender). Actually a lot of the items can be really crippling like Lagging Tail, Ring Target (won an unwinnable match once because opponent's Gastly had one of those), or what-have-you. It was also special when I really did get a Rotom-S @ Balloon! In Challenge Cup, not Random Battle! On a related note, CC is the only time I've witnessed a Shaymin-S revert to its land forme mid-battle. That was interesting. Also I'll never forget the day I had a SE STAB Magnitude 10 land a critical hit while the opponent used Dig! So many good times...

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Not CC, but Rand Bat I remember epically getting Rock Arceus (Judgement / Recover / Calm Mind / Toxic or something), only to sweep with this:

Tinted Lens
-Sleep Powder
-Quiver Dance
-Bug Buzz

and never got to use the Rock Arceus. :<
not sure if this counts, but there was an instance where i was on CC with a friend of mine roughly a couple of years back or so where i found out the hard way how epic corsola's special defense is (and how bad was natu's special attack...).

tl;dr: sig

for an actual cc battle though, check this out.
that was the last time i ever played CC with him though, but it was too hilarious not to mention.
Zapdos @ Leftovers
Heat Wave
HP Grass

lulz, I was really lucky that time, I even got some ubers with great attacks, but that Zapdos did all the work by itself.
In GSC, I once drew Lugia and Mew on a CC team. My lead was a Curse/Return Sunkern.

GSC CC did level balance, so this Sunkern was able to sweep 6-0. Without switching.
I got a lead Standard Dark Arceus in Randbats (Judgement / Recover / Refresh / Calm Mind). Nothing could break it...


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In 1v1 challenge cup I got a Drilbur with a toxic orb, fling, swagger and protect and was able to survive a hit to fling the toxic orb then avoid the 2HKO thanks to confusion hax and protect.
Volcarona @ Life Orb
- Quiver Dance
- Morning Sun
- Fiery Dance
- filler

Pretty easy sweep and setup, and great for challenge cup as it induced a lot of rage. Nothing could break it, and it is quite a standard set by OU standards, too bad I did not get bug buzz (I think, can't remember using it)
I once got a Harvest Tropius with a Starf berry with Substitute/Protect/Solarbeam/Fly, my lead was an Earth Power Sticky Barb Groudon that died quickly. Tropius got up to +3 Atk, +1 Def, +2 SpAtk, +5 SpDef, and +4 Spd. That shit wrecked because I got it down to around 21% and got a Speed boost, allowing me to sweep with a combination of Protect and Fly.

Worst ever was a Shedinja with a Sticky Barb on a team where Abomasnow was my lead, meaning Shedinja got to use one attack. It had False Swipe/Hidden Power/Solarbeam/Harden.
Man, I have a few highlights. The only one I was able to 6-0 someone with was a Tornadus with Nasty Plot and Dark Pulse. He got one attack.

I also once crushed with Eviolite Ducklett with Toxic, Rest, Aqua Ring, and I think Water Gun or something. That damn duck was unkillable.

I had a few Kyogres with Surf. That was three or four sure KOs right there.
I have a few good ones. The most notable wasn't even a set of mine, but more just the ending to a crazy CC battle.

It was down to a score of 1-1, my Houndour vs. the opponent's Skitty. I had used Fire Fang to bring it down to very little HP. I was also at very low HP, but I was faster, so I wasn't concerned. So being the conservative player I tend to be, I avoided using Fire Fang due to the 5% chance to miss and used Tackle instead, a surefire way to finish off this Skitty from its low HP, right? Right?

"The foe's Skitty ate its Chilan Berry." Which of course reduced the damage of Tackle by 50%, allowing it to survive and finish me off.

In CC 1v1, I got a Metapod v. Metapod match-up once.

Also in 1v1, I got a Vanillish with Toxic/Double Team/Protect/Round. It was lovely.

Although this isn't CC, once in randbats, I got a team of five legends (the least viable of which was Articuno which is still great in randbats imo) and a Choice Banded Spearow. Opponent forfeited before the match even began, and I was crushed.
Does anyone else occasionally get Pokèmon with no attacking moves? I assumed it was in the code or something that Pokèmon have to have an attacking move.

Example: a Watchog I got yesterday had Detect/Leer/Glare/Hypnosis.
Litwick @ Sitrus berry
- Flame Burst
- Night Shade
- Attract
- Swagger

That awesome feeling when you stall 2/3 of your opponents' team out with Swagger + Attract.
@inanimate blob, yes, I have been getting attack-less pokemon quite some times, which really is frustrating. I also sometimes end up with only normal type attacks on my team and then be walled completely by a ghost / rock / steel type, which then makes the game not even based on skill anymore, as there is literally no way to win.
-Calm Mind
-Ice Beam

So I naturally proceed to CM up.

"the Choice Specs only allow the use of one move" >_>

Although I've been landed with Pidgey, Pidgeotto, AND Pidgeot on the same team.

My best was probably a Rayquaza with V-Create, although I've had Arceus numerous times.
Does anyone else occasionally get Pokèmon with no attacking moves? I assumed it was in the code or something that Pokèmon have to have an attacking move.

Example: a Watchog I got yesterday had Detect/Leer/Glare/Hypnosis.
Yeah, it's not that rare. Since you can get literally any 4 moves in challenge cup from the entire list of moves a poke can possibly know, it's just probability - if you play enough the chances are you will pull a moveset like that. I've had probably 30 pokes with sets like Defense Curl, Rain Dance, Rest, and Protect or something. That Watchog, although not that good, actually isn't bad at all. Statuses are lethal in CC, and it's not like Watchog is known for doing a ton of damage anyway, so I would say you pulled a half-decent set. Might not seem like it, but when 5 of their pokes are paralyzed and the 6th is asleep you're good to go.

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