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  • Hello again :)
    Btw, are you the one who traded me Bond's 31/31/31/31/31/31 Litwick ?
    When I checked it recently in PkHex, it turned out hacked...
    Hi there labarith, I'm very sorry about my inactivity, did we have something scheduled..? I suppose you've gotten all your needs filled since then! =)
    Yo, I bred your Shiny Skarmory. Impish, Flawless, Sturdy, Brave Bird + Whirlwind and Female. Comes from an emulator though
    Ok, im using all sets from the strategydex
    1st. Starmie-Rapid Spin set
    2nd. Gliscor-Substitute set
    3rd. Ferrothorn-Standard set
    4th. Salamence-Mixed set
    5th. Heatran-Speciall defensive set
    6th. Conkeldurr-Bulk Up set/w life orb

    What do you mean by spinblocker? Taunt does not block is because it deals damage right?
    ALso, who should I replace for Gengar or rotom-W?

    (Updated from your suggestions again)
    Hey iv'e been looking through the ou tiers and kind of made another team. Id rather not make another thread after i've just made one. So if your willing, can I send you a pm of my ideas and could you give me feedback?
    When you make a party, do you get a bunch of speedy pokes that collectively cover all types, or do you start with an initial stategy and base it off that regardless of the speed. Lastly do you make a point of evenly spliting your number of speedy pokes and slow pokes when making a team?
    Unfortunately DW balls give away its ability. And I do not have problems with Pokemon from Pokecheck as long as they come from well known sources. And I have seen the Great Ball one - Im3 has a Jolly one.
    Eh, personally speaking I actually hope there is no Gen III remake. Never cared about that Gen outside of tutor moves and certain Gen III Pokemon (Mence <3) and if they remake it, people will probably even ask for a D/P/PT remake. If they bring back the exclusive tutors, that'd be nice and maybe I'd try it out since Treecko is one of my favorite Pokemon.
    Distro doesn't work for me, my internet is in general bad with Wifi and I don't trust Pokecheck at all.
    Hey there lab! I hope you remember that we had a trade set up quite a while ago but I was wondering if you were still up for it and if I could change the pokemon I originally wanted and still do EV training for you.
    Hey labarith. Still have a DW squirtle available fore trade. Message me if your interested or direct me to your thread. :) thanks.
    Thats the site I use to download my PKM files, but I use Pokegen to give them different movepools and EV spreads

    Adamant, flawless.
    Head Smash, Counter, Ice Shard and Endeavour
    you can pick it up whenever
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