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  • I wanted you to bring those other crowned beasts in the trade so I can check the ivs.
    No prob! I see you now.
    FYI, I just tried to voice chat to test the connection. :P I find that sometimes it help avoid connection problems... but it could just be my imagination.

    Thanks for the trade!
    Im heading in, Srry for the wait im in a rush to finish training Pokemon for someone.
    Use my Platinum, But give me a few minutes im in training some Pokemon it will take like 5 minutes.
    I cannot hack check those crowned beasts you have but if you need them IV checked then bring them onto Wi-Fi with 3 junk Pokemon and I will give you Christian's Crowned Entei, Suicune, Raikou but there are NOT TRADEABLE off Smogon.
    2. There is far too many people backseat moderating because they suspect my stuff - which is no more unrealistic than other people's stuff - is fake. And backseat moderating is against the rules, and for good reason.

    There is a reason for this. Serebii has been known COUNTLESS times to have hacked Pokemon on Smogon. THAT is why there is so much suspiscion. There would be 0 if you put Pokemon in your thread that were actually obtained from your OT.
    There is only one way you can trade non-perfect Pokemon, that is by doing XD resets on Pokemon XD. Trust me, about 1 and half years ago, Wi-Fi had no RNG abuse but no one is going to stop seeing how great the results are. It would be paramount to not using K-Styling or D-Styling on Gunz. Or not abusing footsteps in FPS games. It is an inevitability.
    I could just use Pokesav and get the same results, but the resulting Pokemon would not have matching PIDs and would show as hacked on serious checking programs.
    How is it cheating when it is in the bounds of legality and is possible by all other means? It is like Wavedashing in Melee.
    I had not.

    Seems like witchcraft to me. :P Well... seems like cheating, honestly. But I clone events, so I guess I'm no better. I guess I'll just have to refraing from EV training anything less than perfect from now on... :(
    Also, one thing you should note:

    Any near-perfect Pokemon from the following are about 90% hacked:


    These websites are 95% NOT hacked:

    Smogon University
    Hm... Bred legendaries seems legit to me. I'll contact a mod and see if I need to post anything.
    No hard feelings mate? There are other ways to hack-check, but you are not allowed to ask for them. If you have any questions or concerns, I accept all VMs and I'm mostly on the Create-A-Pokemon subforum and Wi-Fi. Welcome to Smogon. ^_____^
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