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  1. Sticky Have a question? Ask it here! (NOT SM QUESTIONS)

    How do I find out my 3ds friend code?
  2. Sticky Have a question? Ask it here! (NOT SM QUESTIONS)

    How do I find out my friend code on XY?
  3. Sticky Have a question? Ask it here! (NOT SM QUESTIONS)

    Oh... double super effective. It's not as cool but it's acceptable I guess. :P Would have preferred Water/Fighting but whatevs. :) Thanks!
  4. SPOILERS! Wonder Trades

    I think it'd have been nice if they were level-restricted, or if you could only Wondertrade a limited number of times a day. It's amazing, but also pretty broken in-game when you get a trade bonus AND might luck into an overpowered guy.
  5. Sticky Have a question? Ask it here! (NOT SM QUESTIONS)

    Sp... did wee guess right, are the starters Water/Fighting, Fire/Psychic, and Grass/Dark... I haven't gotten far enough to tell.
  6. Sticky Have a question? Ask it here! (NOT SM QUESTIONS)

    So I'm at the castle and chasing this GD Furfou around. Where the hell am I supposed to drop my partner? Never mind. You need to move her twice to catch it. Lame.
  7. Pokémon XY General Discussion

    I call bad here. There's a reason healing attacks only heal half of the damage dealt - so that you don't have to sit there in 1 on 1 battles doing neutral damage to each other for 40 or so turns before anything sticks.
  8. Pokémon XY General Discussion

    While Starmie is good... generally speaking it's one thing to have an offensively powerful pokemon you can level-up-past. In contrast, Miltank-style defensive pokemon with self-healing can be absurdly tough. However, I was really referring to rare pokemon, not powerful ones. We've never had...
  9. Pokémon XY General Discussion

    Thanks for posting this. If Fairy is real, then it's going to spit in the face of Celebi unless it gets triple typing. Still, it could give Wigglytuff and other 1st gen normal types a useful 2nd type? Weak to Steel and Poison because "virtually nothing is weak to these" Strong against...
  10. Best, Stupidest, and Most Memorable CC Pokes

    Where is this in bw?
  11. Re: 1.

    Re: 1. instructions are self-explanatory. Use to dl them w/o ribbons. 2. If this is for online random wifi triples, you're going to get a lot of legit disconnects and then a lot of people just saying...
  12. Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 28

    Quick question: Is anyone else having trouble with the GTS and online wifi battles right now? I don't know if it's my wifi, or their problem...
  13. Really? Good, 30 sounded low. :)

    Really? Good, 30 sounded low. :)
  14. 3v3 ~ Wifi ~ SunSunSun

    Re: Mesprit - I know Imprison is for TR, but is it really the best to imprison Ice Beam? You've only got 2 guys weak to ice beam, and both should outspeed whatever is aiming an icebeam against them. Your plant should take out whatever water guy is aiming ice beam against you, while your...
  15. Beginner's first Rain team(?)

    I see no reason Dragonite needs Waterfall/Mild nature. Making it flat out Modest or Timid, I think, lets you redistribute EVs more usefully. You've already got 3 other pokemon with water moves. I would think either Substitute or Dragon Meteor on Dragonite; Substitute lets you protect from...