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Reserving Mega-Diancie

Quality Control 1/3


Mega-Diancie boasts strong offensive stats, as well as a usable speed that puts it above the likes of Primal Groudon, Kyogre, and Kyurem Black, while still keeping an offensive boosting nature.
  • Diancie’s strong rock/fairy typing allow it to threaten common threats such as Mega-Rayquaza, Kyurem and Mewtwo-Mega-X, preventing them from switching in an revenge-killing them.
  • A Fairy typing is also excellent to capitalize on the many Dragon and Dark types of the BH metagame, such as Giratina, Zygarde, Yveltal and Gyarados-Mega
  • The main asset of Mega-Diancie is it’s mixed offensive capabilities, letting it run efficiently abilities such as Pixilate FakeSpeed+Boomburst and Magic Guard Light of Ruin/Head Smash. As such, it makes for a potent wallbreaker and revenge killer as long as psychic terrain isn’t up.
  • Thanks to an above average speed, Mega-Diancie can outspeed most wallbreakers and defensive walls of the metagame and proceed to fire off powerful attacks.
  • Mega-Diancie’s bulk leaves a bit to be desired, especially since going mixed while exploiting a decent speed stat implies running a Defense lowering Nature.
  • Diancie’s STAB moves also struggle against common steel types, although a Ground attack provides powerful coverage moves that work remarkably well with both Fairy and Rock moves.
Mixed Pixilate

Mega-Diancie @ Pixie Plate / Life Orb
Ability: Pixilate
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpA / 252 Spe
Lonely / Naughty Nature
- Fake Out
- Extreme Speed
- Boomburst
- Precipice Blades / Sacred Fire / Spore / U-Turn

Set comments

  • Fake Out allows for a significantly better damage output, and breaks potential sashes. It also outspeeds Aerilate/Modest Triage Mega Rayquaza and can revenge kill it if it is close to half health, assuming you opted for maximum speed investment for the latter.
  • Extreme Speed, combined with Fake Out, provides a well-known combo that can revenge kill many threats that like protection from priority.
  • Boomburst allows Mega-Diancie to apply pressure to the opposing team even under psychic terrain and against targets using substitute (namely mega Rayquaza variants). Only really resisted by a few walls, it can dispatch common defensive sets such as Giratina and Zygarde. Techno blast can be used if you are really worried about the rare soundproof users.
  • Precipice Blades grants Diancie a way to hit steel and fire types, in particular Assault Vest Solgaleo and Primal Groudon. Sacred Fire fills the same roll of hitting steel types, but misses on the perfect coverage in order to cripple checks with burns. Spore, finally, can allow Mega-Diancie to bypass would-be counters if the lack sleep immunity. U-Turn allows Diancie to pivot out against potential counters.

Set Details
  • Pixilate is the point of this set, exploiting the rare quality of being an offensive fairy type.
  • Life Orb and Pixie Plate further boosts Diancie powerful attacks. Both of them are preferred to items like safety goggles or focus sash, to revenge kill mega-gengar more easily after a bit of chip damage (the reliable kill only being guaranteed by Life Orb after a round of Stealth Rock)
  • EVs maximise Mega-Diancie’s offensive presence while taking profit of it’s decent speed. an alternative spread of 252 Atk / 120 SpA / 136 can also be used to boost Mega-Diancie’s boomburst while still outspeed neutral natured Kyurem-Black and Primal Groudon.
  • A +Atk Nature is preferred as reaching 350 Speed fails to achieve anything really relevant, except possibly Modest Triage Ray under Psychic Terrain. Both Lonely and Naughty Nature have their merits. Lonely allows Diancie to better take on Triage Ray and survive Mega-Gengar’s Moongeist Beam after Stealth Rock or have a shot at living Spooky Plate Judgment from it. It, in particular, guarantees to never be OHKOed by +3 Triage Oblivion Wing from Timid Mega-Rayquaza. On the other hand, Naughty let’s diancie better tank Extreme Speed and other physical priority moves.

Usage Tips
  • Use this set as a revenge killer out of psychic terrain, as well as a wallbreaker targetting things like Giratina and Zygarde-C.
  • This Pokemon has a tendancy to create 50/50s with psychic terrain and dazzling users such as Mewtwo-Mega-Y and Mega Gengar. If you are certain that you can tank a hit from the Pokémon you are supposed to revenge kill, clicking Boomburst is often a less greedy, but more reliable play. In general, these abilities are the thing that hurts this set the most.
  • Against teams that have priority counterplay, Diancie still makes for a fearsome wallbreaker. However, it can struggle to OHKO defensive mons such as Zygarde and Giratina. Accordingly, the best opportunities to bring in Mega-Diancie often are weakened wallbreakers such as Primal Groudon and Kyurem-Black, which it can force out.

Team Options
  • Due to how much steel types tend to switch into Mega-Diancie, common wallbreakers that can take advantage of it are welcome to start a good offensive cores. This includes many Primal-Groudon sets, as well as Water Bubble abusers such as Primal-Kyogre.
  • Teammates that can remove dazzling/psychic surge users with pursuit are more than welcome for this set, and AV Mega-Gyarados/Yveltal both can fit the move in their set, eliminating Mewtwo-Mega-Y and Yveltal.
  • This Pokémon requires a wall to imposterproof it. Flash Fire steel types and Primal-Groudon (when running Sacred Fire), or Celesteela (if running the often superior Precipic Blades Set) fit this role perfectly. Primal Groudon also has the added benefit of hitting flash fire steels if you opt for it as your imposter wall.

Mixed Magic Guard

Diancie-Mega @ Life Orb/Toxic Orb/Safety Goggles
Ability: Magic Guard
EVs: 120 Atk / 252 SpA / 136 Spe
Rash / Mild Nature
- Light Of Ruin
- Headsmash
- Flare Blitz / Precipice Blades / High Jump Kick
- U-Turn

Set comments

  • Light Of Ruin is Mega-Diancie's main STAB, boasting huge wallbreaking power capable of taking advantage of common walls like Giratina and Zygarde. It is the main move you want to click once on the field.
  • HeadSmash takes full profit from Mega-Diancie's mixed stats, and can also provide useful coverage against Lugia and Mega-Venusaur.
  • Flare Blitz and Precipice Blades provide useful coverage. The first one allows Diancie to be walled by Flash Fire Steel Types, while the latter makes Celesteela a prefect counter, which is extremely useful when facing Imposter. High Jump Kick is able to 2HKO Fur Coat Chansey with max Atk Life Orb, but is otherwise subpar, unless you want to run Aegislash without Flash Fire as an Imposter Wall.
  • U-Turn grabs momentum. It has very little drawbacks thanks to magic guard, as things like Baneful Bunker, Rocky Helmet, Spiky Shield and Innards Out are completely ignored by Magic Guard.
Set details
  • This set takes full advange from Diancie's stats, and exploits the ability of Magic Guard to negate recoil damage. It is also to be noted that Magic Guard is completely unaffected by Innards Out, making this set one of the best options when fearing this type of threat.
  • The EV spread is designed to outspeed neutrally nature max speed Primal Groudon, Kyogre, and Kyurem-Black, which are the three main threats Mega-Diancie can try to outspeed. the SpA stat is favored as Fairy is a really good coverage in BH, and that Light Of Ruin has better accuracy. Modest max SpA also almost guarantees an OHKO and 252 HP Giratina-O, and guarantees a 2HKO on Regenvest Zygarde, both of which 120 SpA spreads fail to achieve without Life Orb. Swapping the EV spread is thus doable, although unrecommended.
  • Rash Nature allows Diancie to better take on Triage Ray and survive Mega-Gengar’s Moongeist Beam after Stealth Rock or have a shot at living Spooky Plate Judgment from it. It, in particular, guarantees to never be OHKOed by +3 Triage Oblivion Wing from Timid Mega-Rayquaza. On the other hand, Mild lets Mega-Diancie better tank Extreme Speed and other priority moves.
  • Life Orb gives a significant amount of power that comes in quite handy against Zygarde-C in particular. However, Toxic Orb can be exploited if you dislike your team's weakness to status (and even trick, as this Mega-Diancie can exploit any Choice Item). Safety goggles can also have a small niche with a greater surprise factor and the ability to switch in even when the Orb would not have been activated. Focus Sash also allows you to nab some surprise kills on threats that are supposed to OHKO you, such as Mewtwo-Mega-Y

Usage Tips
  • This set is meant to be brought in against slower threats, in particular weakened Primal-Groudon and Defensive Dragon types such as Giratina and Zygarde. After some scouting, you can also use it to revenge kill Mega-Rayquaza. Once in, Mega-Diancie can procede to obliterate many defensive cores that rely on steel types that are weak to your coverage move.
  • Immunity to hazard means that you can bring in Mega-Diancie a bit more recklessly early game without fearing to be in range of previously lived attacks late game, such as triage Oblivion Wing.
  • This set is also fairly useful at killing Innards out users without sacrificing anything, as it is immune to the residual damage, and takes full profit of Mixed offenses, due to some Innards Out wall opting to only be weak on one spectrum while being a wall on the other (in particular Chansey).
  • Against more offensive teams, this set's role is mostly reserved to revenge killing Primal Groudon, meaning that you can play it more boldly, and in particular exploit the fact that Mega-Diancie is often predicted to be FakeSpeed Pixilate. In that case, you can, for instance, nab a kill on Mega-Gengar on the switch, which would otherwise switch in "safely" on Pixilate Diancie, not fearing to be OHKOed.
Team Options
  • Mega-Diancie, depending on the coverage, highly appreciate the use of Celesteela or Aegislash as an Imposter proof wall, unless you are running Hyper Offense. These steel types also tend to answer common Diancie Revenge killers, such as Mewtwo-Mega-Y and even some Mega-Rayquaza Variants, making for an even better synergy. Finally, they also offer an answer to most -ate and priority user (including said Rayquaza sets), making them even more useful.
  • Potential sweepers that appreciate the removal of Giratina and Zygarde-C, such as Mewtwo-Mega-X or Regigigas, can take full profit from this set's wallbreaking power.
  • Defensive primal Groudon can provide a great defensive support for this set, as it can imposter proof it as well as switchin onto potential water shuriken users.

Other Options

Mega-Diancie can succesfully run a scarf lure set, to threaten faster threat. It is however mostly outclassed in that regard. Running Sash Sunsteel Strike is also a possibility to kill Imposter. Mega-Diancie is also one of the best candidates for a Contrary Fleur Cannon set (often with Judgment), that can be imposterproofed by imposter steel types.
Maximum speed investment can also be used to always speed tie with other Diancie as well as the rare Latios-Mega. In addition, it allows it to be faster than +Speed natured Kyurem Black and Primal-Groudon and Kyogre under psychic terrain.

Checks and Counters
  • Steel Types: Thanks to the remarkable coverage Fairy Type Provides, Mega-Diancie has the luxury to chose its counters depending on what Imposter wall you want to use. Things like Celesteela, Flash Fire Registeel and Aegislash are the biggest walls to the sets, with Flash Fire Celesteela being the only perfect counter.
  • Strong Fast Pokémon: Due to its middling 100 Base Speed, Mega-Diancie is easily revenge-killed by the many strong fast Pokemons of the BH metagame, such as Mewtwo-Mega-Y, Primal-Kyogre (with water shuriken), Deoxys-Attack...
  • Psychic Terrain is possibly the biggest hinderer of Pixilate Mega-Diancie, but the Magic Guard set is unaffected by, if not thankful of its presence.
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I know this still needs to be updated to no EV limit meta, but its a minimal change that can be fixed alongside this QC check.

  • Merge second and third point together and say that Fairy typing helps it beat Dragon, Fighting, and Dark types. Then mention examples of common threats it beats. Also mention that it is immune to Dragon-type moves, allowing it more switchin oppurtunities. Also stress how hard it can be to switch into Rock / Fairy coverage without a Steel-type.
  • Also mention that FakeSpeed can be blocked by Dazzling and Queenly Majesty.
  • The second to last point can be tweaked a bit to suit no EV limit mechanics. Just say that its below standard bulk + it usually running Naive or Hasty nature means it cant really endure a hit from most offensive threats.
  • Mention the steel types that wall its STABs (aka Solgaleo, Aegislash, and Registeel mainly). It can also run Fire type coverage to hit these threats as well.
  • Would also mention that Mega Diancie can often be pressed for moveslots, due to lack of coverage often resulting in it being walled by certain threats.
Mixed Pixilate

Fix EVs for no limit

  • Slash King's Shield and Judgement in last moveslot and just mention Spore in moves. KS still helps it deal with revenge killers much better, although its not as good as it was last gen. While Ground Judgement allows Mega Diancie to improof itself better with its teammates.
  • Mega Diancie usually runs positive speed nature, so just remove last bit on Fake Out point.
  • Also mention that Boomburst helps break through physically defensive walls much better (like FC Gira and Zyggy-C).
  • Mention that Sacred Fire can punish Poison Heal switchins as well (mainly Primal Ogre and Regiigigas).
Set Details
  • I woudnt say offensive Fairies are rare, mixed offensive ones are tho.
  • Mention Earth Plate
  • Stress revenge killing Non-Dazzling Mega Gengar, dont mention Focus Sash and Safety Goggles. Also mention the specific difference in power between Pixie Plate and Life Orb. Like what does each item achieve between eachother.
  • Fix EV information to go according to no EV Limit
Usage Tips
  • Mega Diancie cannot really stomach a hit at all from common APS users such as Mega Mewtwo Y, Mega Gengar, and Deoxys-A unless its sashed. Would just mention that it needs to be weary of these threats since they tend to run these abilities.
  • Specifically state that Mega Diancie needs slow pivoting to come into threats such as Kyurem-B and Primal Groudon, since it cant switchin at all against these threats. Say it can come in on defensive walls such as Giratina and Mega Audino.
  • Mention that Mega Diancie can lure in Steel types quite well due to these mons being one of the only reliable switchins to its Fairy attacks.
Team Options
  • Remove mention of Water Bubble
  • Also mention Solgaleo as a Pursuit user
  • Add Magnet Pull Primal Groudon, since it can trap and KO steel types for Mega Diancie
  • Mold Breaker Regigigas / Slaking can also help lure APS users and net the KO
  • Slow Pivots like Mega Audino, Mega Slowbro, and Giratina can help Mega Diancie come in much more easily. Mega Slowbro can also improof with a Soundproof set
Mixed Magic Guard

Fix EVs to match with no EV Limit

  • Slash Shell Smash with U-turn. Can help Mega Diancie sweep late game
  • Also slash Spectral Thief as well, works as an emergency answer with Sash (which i will get to later)
Set Details
  • Remove Toxic Orb, add Focus Sash
  • Run Naive or Hasty, not Rash or Mild
  • Remove mention of Innards Out
  • Adjust EV info to match no EV limit
Usage Tips
  • Mention that it can act as an emergency answer to setup sweepers with Sash and Spectral Theif, possibly being able to countersweep
  • Remove Innards Out mention
  • Add that this set can be a bit harder to improof, making it a bit more risky to use
Team Options
  • How can Primal Groudon imposter proof exactly? it can get 2hkoed by Head Smash. Remove this mention.
  • Mention Traige Mega Rayquaza since it appreciates Mega Diancie's ability to target threats such as Mega Tyranitar, Registeel, and Unaware Yveltal.
  • Slow pivoting again can be mentioned since Mega Diancie rlly cant switch in on much
Other Options
  • Mention that Scarf Pixilate runs Spike Cannon to nab Focus Sash users such as MMY and Deo-A
  • Sash Smash APS set should be mentioned as well
  • Mega Diancie should always be maximum speed investment, remove this mention
  • Remove mention of Mega Latios
Checks and Counters
  • Priority moves still can revenge kill Mega Diancie if its not running King's Shield.
  • Just make a point of APS in general (ie include Dazzling and Queenly Majesty)
  • Fire types such as Pdon and the rare Ho-Oh can wall Pixi sets with fire coverage, worth mention
  • Although rare, Soundproof mons such as Mega Slowbro can wall the Pixi set
  • *110 Speed
Good, just apply these changes and u get

BH stamp.gif

QC 2/3
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