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I was really just practicing my skills with my own post... I don't care if no one else I able to see this; I'll make sure it's a pretty void you're looking into.

And my vote is one to Ban Crystal Free Z Moves. All of them. Let me list them, and explain more about how this is broken. They should typically be used in conjunction with regular moves in the vast majority of cases, so my explanations will assume that's the case.

Genesis Supernova is THE move that causes Deoxys-A spam to wrap its tendrils around the metagame, taking it by storm. For all of you that didn't know, Genesis Supernova is a 220 base power that summons Psychic Terrain, as long as it does some damage. The psychic terrain is the important part; the move being a veritable nuke is the cherry on top. This boosts Psystrike, Psycho Boost, what have you, AND blocks priority. It's a big pain to play around, considering they can also smack you with...

...Guardian of Alola. This is a move that pulverizes walls, and makes them into paste that you can easily break with another move. Exceptions include Regenerator mons and Poison Heal mons, but everything else can't simply shrug off the damage. ...Oh, and you can Pursuit trap Deoxys impostors you get this way. All in all, a painful move for stall.

10,000 Volt Thunderbolt, Catastropika, and Stoked Sparksurfer are all under the same general category of moves. And that is Electric type ones that you don't want to see against anything other than a Volt Absorb and Motor Drive user. All three hit brutally hard. The first one can Critical much more often, the second one just hurts, and the third one Paralyzes 100% of the time. You can easily pair this with Icicle Crash or Ice Beam to make it a real pain to find a resistance to the Z-moves.

Soul-Stealing 7 Star Strike is another of the very powerful Z-moves, this tie of the Ghost variety. An Ghost is a good offensive type. It hits most of the relevant walls at least neutrally, and is just a rough attack to deal with. Coverage for this particular move is fairly open, as well...

Pulverizing Pancake is not so much an issue on Deoxys rather than Xerneas, Mega Rayquaza, and Zekrom, who make this move into different types. And this move is then made so that the opposing wall is now pretty much paste. Next.

Oceanic Operetta is a move that was once thought to be boosted by Water Bubble (an ability that is completely stupid, but I won't waste my breath any more), but still is as powerful as it regardless. Needless to say, the damage output on this move, and all of them above, is brutal. Simply walling these moves is only an option the bulkiest of teams can take. And to them, I say... "Have fun losing to Impostor-proofed stallbreakers!" God help you if the stallbreaker AND the proofer are both in an otherwise Deoxys spam team.

Malicious Moonsault is a powerful Dark move. And unlike Power Trip, you don't need to set up before it goes boom on whatever you send in. Fairly standard Z-move affair.

Sinister Arrow Raid is outclassed by the Soul-stealing strike, but still possesses the wall-breaking qualities from that move. Offensive things are usually OHKOed, as well, even with the reduced power. Keep in mind that ALL of these moves are like launching two (or more!) regular attacks at your foe at once. When we look at them this way, it's easy to see why they shouldn't be allowed.

We banned Extreme Evoboost, but double ban it to make sure.

The regular Z-moves are pathetic without Z-crystals, but we don't need fools falling into THAT trap. Ban those so that low ladder is at least a little competent...

And that's my vote. See? Couldn't have said that all without practice.
I've been playing BH for nearly 3 years now and am so glad that all these new SM abilities + Pokemon were added to BH for new, diverse playstyles. Many common playstyles/abilities you can use in the meta have hard counters, like Rock/Paper/Scissors, and this hard-countering (at least in my experience) is what makes BH healthy: you build your team around how you want to play and make counters for what you're usually up against that gives you trouble.

I deem Crystal-free Z-moves unhealthy due to their lack of counters and the lack of skill required to get high on the BH ladder utilizing them. All it takes is a STAB Genesis Supernova from a fast, hard-hitting Psychic type (like Deoxys-A or Mega-Mewtwo-Y) to knock out your pokemon AND get Psychic terrain up so you can't use priority to revenge kill (and for 4-7 more turns after that), and after you finally knock the opponent's z-move pokemon out and the psychic terrain is gone your team is in shambles and you pretty much cannot come back from a huge deficit like that.

For my reasons listed above, I will have to go with BAN

Thank you for your time!!
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