[Big] Extension Mafia - Night X=7-2


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Welcome back, folks. Feel free to use either this thread or the one on shaym.in

what i'm saying is i'm fully aware you'll all use this one but i'm holding out hope that my hard work endures


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this game is still going on LOL

I would say pls sub me out but I doubt you have enough subs.

and I also don't think it would matter


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Ace Matador has subbed in for yoshinite.

More subs appreciated.

I will get around to updating the OP of this thread sometime soon.

6A9 Ace Matador

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no need be so rude heh. i,mjust new and wanting to have fun :\

please as soon as possible som1 sends me spreadsheet with who is mafia,and who is villager so i can know who i speak to. thnacks.


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Dr. Mephesto - Layell
Kyle Broflovski - LightWolf
Mayor McDaniels - little_gk
The Coon - LonelyNess
Mr. Slave - Paperblade
Eric Cartman - Penguin344
Scott Tenorman - Thorns
Priest Maxi - Woodchuck

I don't make empty threats.

Today we will be lynching Kyle Broflovski, thank you in advance for your cooperation.


i want it...
o and billymills I think we should catch up for a chat because I have some beef with you too and I was wondering if you wanted me to leak some info!

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