Black and White Draft Tournament

Hello friends, starting a tournament that I'd like to be long running. I'm looking for 8 slots as of right now, but I'm hoping to expand it if it is successful.

1. The format will be OU. Anything that is banned in OU is banned in this tournament.
2. The team construction will depend on a draft format. The draft format will be a snake draft. (Meaning the 1st pick of the first round will pick last in the 2nd round and then 1st in the 3rd round, etc etc).
3. When a Pokemon is picked, that Pokemon cannot be picked again.
4. The tournament style (as of right now) is 2 divisions of 4, and a round robin. The top 2 teams of the divisions will proceed to the elimination round.
5. The semifinals of the elimination round will be the top 2 teams of the divisions facing each other (A division championship game if you will). The winners of that will face each other in a best of 3 finals.
6. A player will be permitted 3 trades for the whole tournament. After the round robin is over, trading is over. No trading for draft picks.
7. A player will be permitted 2 Free Agent transactions. The free agent pool will consist of the OU pool and under. If you pick up any pokemon you must release a Pokemon. Anyone can pick up that Pokemon that you release. Like the trade rule, the free agent rule is also not in effect after the round robin is over.
8. All transactions, whether it is a trade or a free agent, must be confirmed by me before any roster changes are made, via private message.
9. Any rule is subject to be added or changed. You are responsible for keeping up to date if you are entered into this tournament.

Signup Sheet:

1. Oiawesome
2. LucarioAce
3. Shelob
4. Rami512
5. TrollFreak


Draft Chat (Please join if you are in the tourney):
Pick a user name
Channel name: #bw-ps
Note that participating in this tournament will mean a temporary commitment. I don't intend to rush the process, however, please be courteous. Making picks right now have a 6 hour time limit, and that limit will be enforced after all the players have signed up. If you fail to uphold that, you will be skipped and put at the end of the round, and a 2nd skip will be put at the end of the draft. Thank you, and I hope you will all consider!

When does this start?
Anyway, I'm up for it ^^

You can PM me on smogon, or just PM me on PS. Nickname's same as here.
Sure, signed you up. You have the 2nd pick and you are in the White Division.

The draft will begin as soon as we have 8 members, then I will set a starting time.

We're picking Pokemon?
Sorry if it's in the original post
It's a draft, yes.
Here is the end of the draft.

Round 1
Pick 1: TrollFreak picks Politoed
Pick 2: Rami512 picks Dragonite
Pick 3: Oiawesome picks Landorus-T
Pick 4: Shelob picks Ferrothorn
Round 2
Pick 5: Shelob picks Tyranitar
Pick 6: Oiawesome picks Whimsicott
Pick 7: Rami512 picks Scizor
Pick 8: TrollFreak picks Tornadus-T
Round 3
Pick 9: TrollFreak picks Terrakion
Pick 10: Rami512 picks Lucario
Pick 11: Oiawesome picks Haxorus
Pick 12: Shelob picks Heatran
Round 4
Pick 13: Shelob picks Slowbro
Pick 14: Oiawesome picks Mew
Pick 15: Rami512 picks Cloyster
Pick 16: TrollFreak picks Thunderus-T
Round 5
Pick 17: TrollFreak picks Mamoswine
Pick 18: Rami512 picks Infernape
Pick 19: Oiawesome picks Victini
Pick 20: Shelob picks Gliscor
Round 6
Pick 21: Shelob picks Breloom
Pick 22: Oiawesome picks Pinsir
Pick 23: Rami512 picks Gengar
Pick 24: TrollFreak picks Jirachi

Oiawesome dropped Mew and picked up Togekiss.

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