Pet Mod Blindsided (SLATE 2 IS HERE!)


approved by AquaticPanic!
original idea by DuoM2

Hello and welcome to Blindsided! As of late, most Pet Mods have been centered around people submitting Pokemon to be voted in around a meta whose power level they can clearly see. Some people don't always get the chance to have a Pokemon in the metagame for one reason or another. In this mod, a council member will send a private message to everyone participating and they will privately send a Pokemon back, so nobody will know what is being submitted until they've already submitted their own Pokemon.

the metagame is based on National Dex OU with custom elements allowed and no Z moves.

By taking the metagame to the forum we hope to have a organized thread to discuss the metagame, since we are already starting with a premade base the first few weeks will be dedicated to discussion and playtesting and once we have a clear enough grasp of the metagame the participants (others can join) will be asked to submit a new wave of pokemon dedicated to address problems with the metagame and adapt to the top tier threats.

How will slates be handled
To put it simply, the mod will work as follows - we'll get one submission from everyone, then we'll playtest the meta and then balance it before doing another big round of submissions again, because a "slate 1" was already made before the mod got approved we are starting with a playtesting and discussion slate.

The submission process will be done on a blind colaboration route, where people will send their submission via private messages (either here on smogon or on discord) to the host (Me), after submissions for the slate end we will go on to another playtesting break where we will compile metagame resources, and discuss balance changes, there are plans to have more slates but we have to test the waters and see how slate 2 performs and what balance changes we do before a slate 3, depending on how the metagame develops we might have to modify the formula with which we will proceed.

We will try to keep balancing feedback minimal and trust the balance sense of the users, if we notice people are going out of their way to do seemingly broken pokemon compared to the information already public in the spreadsheet, ignoring balance warnings, or testing grounds to see how far they can get we reserve the right to reject the submission. The only requirements to participate in the submission slate (besides messaging the host) its actually participating playtesting phase or discussion phase, since the judgement of someone that actually participates in either is bound to be better than from others.

On submissions:
Once the submission slate opens (it will be announced on the thread ) the only duty of the host is compile the submissions giving no information about what other users are doing and only stepping in if the submission might be proven to be detrimental to the mod (mainly due to poor balancing), but other "mistakes" like overlap in roles or typings are not going to be warned.

You CANNOT talk about your submission with other users, you can ask a few questions to the hosts and we might give some warnings if you step out of line but if you just keep pushing and pushing we reserve the right to veto your submission.

Something to keep in mind is that you shouldn't aim to "break" or "push" the power level of stronger threats, instead, you should aim for something that complements the metagame in ways like stopping problematic elements while not introducing more, we understand that its a tricky thing to pull off so playtesting is encouraged, as is talking here on the thread and on our discord server about problematic elements, considering how many submissions we can get per slate we are actually open to ban elements that prove too problematic to be fixed with small changes.

As for what your submission can have here is the general run down
  • mega evolutions are allowed
  • dexited moves are allowed
  • z crystals are not allowed
  • no regional variants
  • You can allow your submission to benefit from Eviolite
  • custom elements (moves*, abilities, items**) are allowed***
  • Please limit adding more field effects (hazards, climates, terrains) and trappers, these clutter most metagames that allow them and the idea of introducing one without any sound argument is absolutely going to harm already existing submissions made without them in mind
* Custom Z moves are not allowed
** Custom Items can only benefit the submission of the creator being made that slate (not previous submissions from the same creator or submissions from others), similar to signature items like light ball for pikachu.
*** As long as its reasonably doable or the submitter can code it, you can also use custom moves and abilities created by someone else in a previous slate.

You can use custom elements from previous submissions in your future submissions, just remember the goal is not to outdo but to be at the side
Fakemon Name:
BP: (optional on status moves)
Accuracy: (remember that 100 and "-" are different with the later ignoring accuracy checks)
Secondary effect(s): (feel free to skip is there aren't any)
Other properties: (Contact ?, sound ?, bypasses substitute ?, ignores protect ?, self targetting ?, jaw move?, punch move?, etc)

Keep in mind the #1 forum rule before posting, one liners and such are better off in our discord

On the other hand, its completely valid to ask questions if something is unclear! feel free to message me here in smogon or on discord with any questions you have! if something is important to clear up i'll integrate it here on the OP.

Main resources:
Discord server
Base/First Spreadsheet
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you may post now!
lets get started with some discussions, share your thoughts about what mons you think will be central to the metagame or things of that nature (some ideas might include, if you participated in slate 1, what did you have in mind when you designed your submission?, are there any pokemon moves or abilities that seem problematic to you ?, what mons will not see any use in the format maybe ?), personally i'm scared about the grass type stealth rock clone, changes up a lot how most submissions will perform, i'm open for questions on discord if you are too shy to ask here, for those unaware slate 1 was already done on discord months ago but those out of the loop have time to get ready for slate 2
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Let's see, the formatting on the sheet is too hard to use for evaluating given that it lists every move and not just the "notable/relevant" ones, and I can't hover over a custom to read their description directly either, so I'll just evaluate some mons for now.

Asubakraken : Ghost/Dark with solid bulk, but has next to no coverage, eh offenses and mediocre recovery in Moonlight. It appears to be intended for use as a bulky pivot with Parting Shot and Debilitate, or an utility mon with Persistent, but beyond that it's quite weird.

Barad-Jur: A pure Ground type with solid stats and Poison Heal, Morning Sun also promotes further using Poison Heal over Sand Spit, and it does have a decent amount of coverage (And utility in Stealth Rock) to be considered in some teams.

Batana: A Grass/Flying type with an ability to trap Grass types, either that or another ability in Trickster to use status moves twice in exchange for -1 priority. Sap Drink alongside Trickster sounds dumb in doubles as it becomes Life Dew x2, beyond that, Nasty Plot looks dumb on Trickster sets as it's super Tail Glow, but this has absolutely no coverage beyond Dark Pulse, and the only Grass type to trap currently (Frozalisk) outspeeds by exactly 1 point and just OHKOs with Ice STAB. Overall it's a cringe mon.

Boreastra: Beyond having a Fairy-type U-Turn and a physical Quiver Dance, an Ice/Fairy typing and having no coverage beyond Meteor Mash should keep it easy to check by nearly any Fire or Steel type, let alone being easy to wear down.

Burrodon: TBH this looks underpowered, its abilities aren't particularly outstanding (Steadfast but no flinching and for Atk, then Strong Jaw), and has eh stats and a Ground/Electric typing, oh, and a quite barebones movepool, this could use a buff if those are allowed here.

Cachanaut: This is just Naviathan 2, but it exchanges Dragon Dance, reliable recovery and Ice coverage for Rapid Spin, Superpower and an availability of Filter; it also comes with solid stats. Overall it's okay-ish, but could use some testing.

Casko: The ability Merciful Sky is cringe as it grants an immunity to a new pool of borderline arbitrarily picked moves, let alone Fire and Water. Anyways, Grass-type Stealth Rock is further cringe, let alone a Fire-type Body Press that also does x2 damage if it has Fluffy, Cosmic Power that also raises Spe, and worst of all, super Aurora Veil that works regardless of weather. This really needs some major rework to say the least.

Dolphena: Its ability should be renamed to Debilitate to avoid redundancy, don't @ me : V (Lowers SpA by 1 on switch-in). Anyways, this looks like a solid non-passive wall with reliable recovery, not bad.

Dolphure: Echolocation is slightly buffed Punk Rock. Anyways, this has too many customs, and while not as cringe as what Casko got, they do seem to not even have a realistic use here, so please scrap some of them, one is even just Flip Turn 2, and no one is using a move to remove weather. Enlighten does look notable as it's Clangorous Soul but no chip in exchange for a recharging turn afterwards. Its stats are quite good, and has a wide amount of coverage, maybe even a bit too wide.

Drasapor: Signature stall mon right here. Unaware and a Water/Dragon typing allow it to have a good amount of match-ups to annoy setup mons, and I can't help the bias as it was something I did. Anyways, it holds a wide amount of utility and even reliable recovery, I like how it used to coincidentially have the exact same stats and typing as Dolphena, now only the typing overlaps.

Elbalfatross: Weird Tornadus-T. A pure Flying typing and Fluffy turn it quite hard to kill on the physical side, and even comes with Roost and Rapid Spin to fill some utility, but it has next to no coverage and I could see this getting a buff TBH.

Faerosion: The custom is just unecessary and a counterproductive move (Basically sets a new terrain on the user's side that lowers a defensive stat by 1 stage), maybe if it was on the whole field it would be noteworthy. Anyways, a Ground/Fairy typing, strong stats, solid abilities in Drought and Stamina, and a wide movepool even featuring Morning Sun makes me find this as perhaps concerning, but it could use some testing.
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lets get started with some discussions, share your thoughts about what mons you think will be central to the metagame or things of that nature (some ideas might include, if you participated in slate 1, what did you have in mind when you designed your submission?, are there any pokemon moves or abilities that seem problematic to you ?, what mons will not see any use in the format maybe ?), personally i'm scared about the grass type stealth rock clone, changes up a lot how most submissions will perform, i'm open for questions on discord if you are too shy to ask here, for those unaware slate 1 was already done on discord months ago but those out of the loop have time to get ready for slate 2
For my submission I basically made strong customs that can't be used with each other. Fluffy Press is bad and Sunshine Mantra is straight up unusable without Fluffy and Drought respectively, and Merciful Sky is an ability custom. So that's 3 abilities/3 sets that pretty much can't share stuff with each other.
As for Grass-type Stealth Rock, I think it's funny people avoided submitting Bug-types and spammed Water-types for there to be a hazard resisted by Bug and super-effective against Water. Obviously I didn't intend for that, cause I didn't know how many there would be of each type. I think it's nothing to worry about though. It will probably make people run Boots more, but Spikes are on 6 mons' movepools and that will also increase Boot usage. Spikes are super overwhelming when lots of viable mons get it, anyone familiar with CAP can attest to that.

Now for some thoughts on other mons:

Asubakraken: Very cool Trick Room enabler and all-around utility mon. Debuff machine goes brrrr

Boreastra: This mon is in a rough spot. As in, it seems pretty rough to use. Its only set will probably be Boots + Boreal Shine (physical QD). It reminds me of Volcarona, but has more weaknesses, less resistances, lower offenses, no recovery and less move options than Volc. Compared to Volcarona, it has higher speed and a pivotting option for momentum, but it's also a set-up sweeper... I wish Boreastra got at least Freeze Dry and Triple Axel, that would improve its viability.

Batana: Cool mon. Trickster Nature Power gives it -1 Priority 160 BP Tri-Attack, so it's an interesting wallbreaker (Nature Power is a Status move). With only 2 Grass-types, Banana Trap seems very niche. However, it has ONE use. Scarfed Banana Trap Batana outspeeds, traps and KOs set-up sweeper Trickster Batana sets.
252 Atk Batana Dual Wingbeat (2 hits) vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Batana: 228-268 (71 - 83.4%) -- approx. 62.5% chance to OHKO after Stealth Rock
Unfortunately, set-up sweeper sets might be too strong currently, even with Batana trapping itself. Getting +4 Special Attack in one turn is a lot. Under sun, it can get +4 Attack AND +4 Special Attack in one turn with Growth. Another problem is that -1 Priority on a set-up move is irrelevant. What matters is you'll be using neutral priority attacking moves the next turn. Making attack moves -1 priority is a way to nerf it while keeping the intended ability effect.

Niyang: Everyone knows how Ultra Beasts, Magearna and Calyrex's horses can quickly get out of hand with Moxie-like abilities. Niyang gets a boost, sometimes two, not after KO'ing a foe, but after using any move and this is bad for balance.
With access to Seismic Toss and Night Shade, you don't need to run mixed, which I think was the intention when designing this mon. Set-damage moves do some ok damage without investment, while letting you set up for the other category. Fake Out gives a free +1 SpA per switch-in as well.
113/113/113 offenses are solid, and Dark/Fairy is an unresisted STAB combo. You can use niche moves like Fake Out and Seismic Toss/Night Shade instead of coverage to set up then spam your 2 STABs, and use not-so-niche moves like Spikes, Switcheroo and Taunt to rack up defense boosts first if you'd prefer. My good friend Bobsican complained about Cosmic Power with an added +1 Speed, but Niyang has Cosmic Power on every Status move, for example Spikes with an added Cosmic Power. Work Up is an almost-omniboost too, it's only missing Speed.
The saving grace of this Pokemon is that it lacks a way of reliably boosting speed (you could try your luck with Acupressure and get +1 Def/+1 SpD while you're at it, but that's pretty meme). But it's also in the top 5 fastest Pokemon in the meta so...

Let's see, the formatting on the sheet is too hard to use for evaluating given that it lists every move and not just the "notable/relevant" ones, and I can't hover over a custom to read their description directly either, so I'll just evaluate some mons for now.
I agree the formatting is hard to read, but I have a pro-tip to circumvent the problem. If you're on PC, you can select the cell you want to read, copy its contents, and paste on Notepad (or anywhere else). Then you'll be able to read all of it.
For example, here is Sunshine Mantra.
"For 5 turns, the user and its party members take 0.5x damage from physical and special attacks, or 0.66x damage if in a Double Battle; does not reduce damage further with Aurora Veil, Reflect or Light Screen. Critical hits ignore this protection. It is removed from the user's side if the user or an ally is successfully hit by Brick Break, Psychic Fangs, or Defog. Brick Break and Psychic Fangs remove the effect before damage is calculated. Lasts for 8 turns if the user is holding Light Clay. Fails unless the weather is Sunny Day."
AKA It's word-for-word Smogon's description of Aurora Veil with Hail replaced by Sunny Day. So no, it doesn't work regardless of weather.
Thanks to the combined efforts of Magmajudis , Hematite , Scoopapa , inkbug , and En Passant, this mod is now fully coded and playable on Dragon Heaven! A huge thank you to all of them for giving their time to this project!

With the hope that it helps those that are getting into teambuilding I have compiled a role compendium so you can get an overview of the metagame, using names atm since only a few mini icons are done and even placeholders for full sprites are rare.

Borrowed a role compendium template from the SS OU Role Compendium
  1. Utility (hazard setters and removers)
  2. Offensive roles (wallbreakers, choice item users, and setup sweepers)
  3. Defensive roles (walls and pivots)
  4. Field Setters
1. Utility

Entry Hazards:

Beach Flower: Casko.
For those that don't know Beach Flower is a stealth rock clone that uses grass type effectiveness.

Spikes: Frozalisk, Lunoccyx, Nixlean, Niyang, Ruinastle, Vesuvenge.

Stealth Rock: Barad-Jur, Casko, Dolphena, Faerosion, Gloriode, Headrake, Nixlean, Ruinastle, Saltidan, Vesuvenge.

Sticky Web: No users so far.

Toxic Spikes: Nixlean.

Hazard Control:

Defog: Batana, Dolphena, Dolphure, Drasapor, Elbalfatross, Faerosion, Gloriode, Headrake, Lunoccyx, Parakinesis, Poultergeist.

Magic Bounce: No users so far.

Rapid Spin: Casko, Cachanaut, Drasapor, Elbafatross, Headrake, Tactaval, Vesuvenge.

Wash Away: Puremaid
Clears hazards, screens, terrains, and trapping from both sides of the field. not sure if i should list this here or in the "Other" or "Weather" categories

Clerics and Wish:

Aromatherapy: Batana, Drasapor, Faerosion, Firenra, Nixlean, Zawa.

Heal Bell: Casko, Dolphure, Niyang, Puremaid, Rosereve, Scorpiost.

Healing Wish: Gloriode.

Lunar Dance: Lunoccyx.

Vibrant Light: Gloriode.
At the end of the next turn, the active Pokemon in the user's place gets healed by 25% of the user's max HP and its status is removed.

Wish: Casko, Drasapor, Firenra, Gloriode, Nixlean.


Knock Off (Defensive/Utility): Asubakraken, Barad-Jur, Casko, Drasapor, Firenra, Nixlean.

Knock Off (Offensive): Firenra, Gammaroo, idk, Minocharge, Niyang, Saltidan, Vipier.

Switcheroo: Asubakraken, Barad-Jur, Elbalfatross, Faerosion, Niyang.

Trick: Casko, Dolphure, Firenra, Gammaroo, Gloriode, idk, Neuroboxin, Poultergeist, Rosereve, Spexel, Wendigoul.

2. Offensive Roles


Cachanaut, Parakinesis, Minocharge, Vipier. (Added based on attacking stat alone, I'm open to list more.)

Special: idk, Rosevere. (Added based on attacking stat for idk, Rosevere listed for access to nasty plot, this list can obviously be expanded further)

Mixed: Tactaval, Niyang (Again, more to be added later, these are the ones i have seen work so far.)

Choice Item Users:

:Choice Band:

:Choice Specs:

:Choice Scarf:

Playtesting needed to add these.

Setup Sweepers:

Belly Drum: No users so far.

Boreal Shine: Boreastra

The user's Attack, Defense, and Speed rise by 1 stage.

Bulk Up: Burrodon, Headrake, Minocharge, Neuroboxin, Saltidan.

Calm Mind: Casko, Faerosion, Firenra, Gammaroo, Headrake, idk, Puremaid, Rosereve, Spexel.

Dragon Dance: Dolphena, Drasapor, Headrake.

Growth: Batana, Casko.

Metamorphosis: Casko.
Raises the user's Defense, Sp. Def, and Speed by 1 stage.

Nasty Plot: Asubakraken, Batana, Boreastra, Casko, Dolphure, Neuroboxin, Rosevere, Wendigoul.

Quiver Dance: No users so far.

Shell Smash: No users so far.

Shift Gear: No users so far.

Swords Dance: Burrodon, Frozalisk, Headrake, Ruinastle, Saltidan, Scorpiost, Vipier.


Aqua Jet: Nixlean, Tactaval.

Bullet Punch: Tactaval.

Extremespeed: No users so far.

Grassy Glide: No users so far.

Ice Shard: Boreastra, Casko, Frozalisk, Headrake, Scorpiost.

Mach Punch: No users so far.

Prankster: Batana, Parakinesis.

Quick Attack: Elbalfatross, Lunoccyx, Saltidan.

Shadow Sneak: Firenra, idk, Spexel.

Sucker Punch: Asubakraken, idk, Neuroboxin, Niyang, Wendigoul.

3. Defensive Roles


Physically Defensive: Elbalfatross.

Specially Defensive: Dolphena, Firenra, Nixlean, Puremaid.

Mixed: Asubakraken, Barad-Jur, Casko, Drasapor, Gloriode, Neuroboxin, Ruinastle.

Playtesting needed to add and properly categorize more of these.


Offensive: idk, Saltidan, Vesuvenge.

Defensive: Gloriode, Headrake, Lunoccyx, Neuroboxin, Poultergeist.

4. Field Setters


Clear Skies:
If used any active weather is removed.

Drizzle: No users so far.

Drought: Casko, Faerosion.

Sand Stream: No users so far.

Snow Warning: No users so far.


Electric Surge: No users so far.

Grassy Surge: No users so far.

Misty Surge: No users so far.

Psychic Surge: No users so far.


Aurora Veil: Boreastra, Frosalisk, Scorpiost.
Note that none of the above have access to Aurora Veil + Snow Warning.

Sunshine Mantra: Casko.
For those that don't know, this is an Aurora Veil clone for sun. Casko does have access to Drought.

Fae Construct: Faerosion.
Sets Fae Construct on the user's side of the field. This lowers any active Pokemon's lower defensive stat by 1 stage at the end of each turn, factoring in current boosts.

Light Healing: Puremaid.
For 5 turns, the Pokemon on the user's side is healed for 1/16 of their max HP at the end of the turn. Extended to 8 turns by Light Clay.

Light Screen: Boreastra, Dolphena, Faerosion, Frozalisk, Neuroboxin, Poultergeist, Puremaid, Rosevere, Scorpiost, Spexel.

Reflect: Boreastra, Faerosion, Frozalisk, Neuroboxin, Puremaid, Rosevere, Spexel.

Trick Room: Asubakraken, Dolphure, Gloriode, idk, Poultergeist, Scorpiost, Spexel.

Water Wall: Dolphure.

Halves damage from incoming Water, Fire, or Ice-type moves for 5 turns, or 8 if the user is holding Light Clay.

If there are some oversights please notify me on Discord and I'll fix it as soon as I can. I know I didn't include every u-turn user in the pivots category for example. Mainly because I struggled choosing what is an offensive or defensive pivot without any playtesting, feedback on their placement is welcome and discussion about what are some wallbreakers or walls worth listing in their respective categories is encouraged.

I'm sure that those that got started already have noticed some flaws like resistances to some offensive types being spare, and some fakemon are too difficult to answer defensively at the moment, please share your thoughts about what the metagame needs and what stands out as problematic, since the focus of the second slate will be on adressing those problems.

Because DuoM2 can now host roomtours and this mod will see a heavy focus on playtesting in the near future, we might start to be hosting a few. No specific dates yet but don't be surprised if you see one of these on Friday or Saturday. A matchmaking role has been added in the discord server to facilitate a bit the search for battles.​
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Short list of day 1 thoughts. Expect this to become inaccurate as time passes, and feel free to post yours!

- The big mons people have been hyping up to be broken the most are Vipier, Tactaval, Barad-Jur, and Frozalisk. Honestly, from what little testing I've done so far, none feel unmanageable. Vipier isn't always easy to use in practice because it wants to run Scarf and its moves are all difficult to lock into, Tactaval has a pretty poor offensive typing even for this meta, Barad-Jur feels prone to being overwhelmed in this offense-heavy meta and Frozalisk has a few checks in Vipier and Drasapor. I specifically did say "not unmanageable" earlier though because I do think Barad-Jur and Frozalisk are a bit much even if they are able to be dealt with. Frozalisk's checks are still very flimsy, since you have to switch Vipier in immediately to not die to Glacial Lance and Drasapor cannot be chipped at all, plus it's still prone to snowballing, and Barad-Jur might have Curse sets show up and it might just become more apparent to me later on that it's truly difficult to make progress against it, as most of the team I've been using just doesn't do bad against it.

- A Pokemon I feel is going under the radar for a lot of people is Wendigoul. Sheer Force with 100 Sp. Atk, 111 Speed, as well as STAB Shadow Ball and all of Ice Beam, Earth Power, and Thunderbolt as coverage. Shadow Ball alone hardly has any proper resists as it stands, let alone the rest of that. It has Nasty Plot as well for the cherry on top... People should start using this thing, I want to see people try and form counterplay for it because I'm not seeing much.

- Lunoccyx also seems pretty cool. Not the strongest thing out there even with a Choice Band, but Earthquake resists are also pretty hard to come by, and it helps that this thing is the fastest Pokemon in the mod right now. Sucks that Barad-Jur checks it as nicely as it does but it seems really cool otherwise.

- Niyang also looks really fun, probably my favorite Pokemon conceptually here so props to Aquatic for that one. It's shown to be pretty capable of snowballing thanks to its ability basically giving it a free boost depending on what attack it uses, although that and its movepool force it to go mixed. Very thankful this doesn't have Substitute or Protect or anything like that because that could have gotten really out of hand. I do think this Pokemon shows a lot of promise though, especially since neither of our Steels are particularly bulky and both dislike that this thing can run Earthquake even if it hasn't yet.

- I've been running Drasapor lately and it seems pretty decent. Destroys Tactaval and checks Frozalisk decently enough, and it's a great Steel resist to deal with Vipier better. I know there's other stuff I'm forgetting too. Rapid Spin and Flip Turn do give it some use outside of pure Stall teams. Straightforward enough, pretty cool mon. A lot of people have also run Dolphena lately but I haven't played against it enough to comment.

- Gotta comment on my own mon because I've been using it and I want to see what others think of their own mons as well. I forgot to give Gloriode Roost despite meaning to because I based its movepool off of Jewelode from Break This Team. It's stuck with Vibrant Light as its only healing option, which could make it decent enough at dealing with defensive stuff on paper, but in practice all of our defensive stuff does well against this anyways. It's extremely passive against offensive stuff as well. I haven't tried Choice Band though which might be at least decent, it has Head Smash which might make up for base 81 Attack and it also has both great coverage and really good bulk.

- People before have said that Hyper Offense and Stall both cannot work in this current condition, and I'm honestly inclined to agree with both. There's too many strong offensive Pokemon, too little fat stuff, and too little Speed control. I think bulky offense is going to be the most prominent of the remaining archetypes but only time will tell.

- Overall though, despite its clear problems, I LOVE this meta. It's a really stupid mod just as I expected it to be, but it's just the right amount of stupid if that makes any sense. Nothing is completely impossible to deal with even if there are a few things that are clearly broken, and there are so many things that you think about, like a fat Steel for example, and end up going "well we don't have one of those, time to look for a weird alternative." I might go back on this as building may end up feeling too constraining once things progress and I make more than two teams but for now I'm having a lot of fun here.
Making another post to say that I have a highly successful team that was made while discussing with other users in the #teambuilding channel in the Blinsided Discord (join it please!) So, without further ado, I present...

VIPIER + FROZALISK OFFENSE (feat. Poultergeist)
(Pretend that the sprites for Vipier, Frozalisk, Drasapor, Barad-Jur and Puremaid exist)

NO ESCAPE (Vipier) @ Choice Scarf
Ability: No Guard
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Piercing Rampage
- Crunch
- Poison Jab
- Leaf Blade

ALL-MIGHTY (Frozalisk) @ Leftovers
Ability: Speed Boost
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Glacial Lance
- Swords Dance
- Rock Slide
- Leaf Blade

TOO FAT (Drasapor) @ Leftovers
Ability: Unaware
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Bold Nature
- Scald
- Slack Off
- Rapid Spin
- Flip Turn

TOXIC SHOWDOWN (Barad-Jur) @ Toxic Orb
Ability: Poison Heal
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Stealth Rock
- Knock Off
- Earthquake
- Taunt

PURE PERFECTION (Puremaid) @ Leftovers
Ability: Water Absorb
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Calm Mind
- Recover
- Moonblast
- Hydro Pump

CHICKEN DANCE (Poultergeist) @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Chicken Out
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Air Slash
- Fire Blast
- Shadow Ball
- Defog
I don't really have a description for this team yet, but your main goal is to set rocks with Barad-Jur, block hits with Drasapor, and use the other mons to try and pull off sweeps. Vipier and Frozalisk are your most important ones, because they do the most damage (Vipier is because of No Guard + Piercing Rampage and Frozalisk is because of Swords Dance + Speed Boost,) Puremaid is to block Dragon-type attacks and Poultergeist is because I didn't have a Pokemon with a damaging Ghost-type move equipped on the team before I added it (or the other types. Oh well!) You can use either Poultergeist or Drasapor to clear hazards from your side, making them useful utility Pokemon for the team as a whole.

Oh, and another thing...
I didn't really playtest enough yet in order to get my thoughts on the mons in the meta so far, so I'm not sure how this meta is gonna shape up.

Also, yet ANOTHER thing...
Please give me credit if you wish to use my team >:( I mean you don't have to but still

Have fun with my team and good luck playing in the meta!

NO ESCAPE (Vipier) @ Choice Scarf
Ability: No Guard
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Piercing Rampage
- Knock Off
- Poison Jab
- Sacred Sword
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Community survey results

After a few playtesting roomtours a community survey was announced in the discord server. The community survey consisted of the following questions:
  1. What Pokemon would you call overpowered, unhealthy, or otherwise broken?
  2. Assuming only Slate 1 Pokemon existed for the rest of this mod, would you nerf any of the Pokemon you mentioned were broken? If so, how would you go about it?
  3. Give me your personal viability rankings. They can be as small or undescriptive as needed as this format has not super explored super far outside of the top threats. Ideally you should only include S+ for Pokemon that would need nerfs in a standard format, S for Pokemon that are meta-defining but would not need nerfs, A for the strong splashable Pokemon, B for less splashable or consistent Pokemon, and C for the niche or inconsistent Pokemon.
  4. What kind of Pokemon would you like to see in the next slate for any reason? This can include things the meta needs to check broken Pokemon or things that would just be nice to have in your opinion. List as many as you'd like.
We gave exactly 4 days to answer this poll. A total of 8 complete replies arrived. Here is some general data about the answers!

For question 1: the only pokemon that was listed in all answers was frozalisk. The second most common answer was Vipier, who is present in a total of 6 answers. The pokemon that were mentioned more than once were:
  1. Frozalisk (8)
  2. Vipier (6)
  3. Drasapor, Wendigoul (2)

For question 2: Was meant to generate discussion between the council, we are not doing any balance changes until after we see what we get from the second submission slate.

For question 3: Its a bit complicated to average the VR submissions, this is a hand made average of the answers. Its probably going to be slightly inaccurate and the order isn't perfect, but it should still give a general idea of how people feel about the current metagame. If you don't see a pokemon mentioned here its likely because nobody ranked it. Pokemon under the A rank were removed because the answer sample size was too small and honestly experimentation outside of the top pokemon has been lacking too.

S+ Frozalisk, Vipier
S Drasapor, Barad-Jur, Tactaval
A Wendigoul, Dolphena, Asubakraken, Puremaid, Niyang, idk

This final product is not the official community VR but you can see it as the prototype for one.

For question 4: I'll be sharing the most common requests, many were interesting and the people that replied to the survey will probably be very thankful if you keep in mind at least one while doing your submission. That said the users themselves might be the ones doing these so it gets slightly complicated on whether if you should do any of these. In order to prevent these becoming hints about what the users that replied will probably do, The number and who answered what was omited and similar answers were merged.
  • Bug types, steel types.
  • More bulky Pokemon to have more stable defensive cores.
  • Water immunities.
  • Legitimate priority abusers.
  • Neutralizing Gas.
  • Answers to Frozalisk, Vipier, Wendigoul and Drasapor.
  • Pokemon that can handle the top threats but lose convincingly to the less-seen ones.
  • Sleepers.
  • Prankster Haze.
  • There are too many knock off users and hazard clearers, so hazard control is hard. Please don't add more.

With the results of the survey public now I'd like to announce that we plan to open submission slate 2 in around 24 hours! (probably earlier or slightly more, its almost my 4am.), When that happens another post will be made with details on how submissions will be done and submission rules. For those that want to have a general idea and get their submission in the proper format ready, The first post in this thread should give them a head start with templates and general rules, that said we do plan to announce at least a new rule when we open submissions.
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Submission slate is open!

With a provisional VR and people having a taste of what building for the tier and playing it is like we are ready to move on into accepting new submissions!

What are the rules ?
People who have had a history with bad balance should be especially cautious and give their submissions very similar aspects overall to an OU Pokemon if they struggle to grasp the power level of the current metagame.

Besides the rules in the OP the council has decided to make a special case and keep the move Beach Flower a Casko signature move. If the move were to be more common the way it would warp teambuilding in the tier is rather restrictive for future types and many current Fakemon see reduced viability because of it.

Submissions will be open for 5 days and will close Monday 20 at 8pm GMT-4.
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I'm proud to announce that slate 2 is here! Click this sentence to see all of the data. Otherwise, congratulations to KeeganSkymin4444 for getting 3 of the 5 predictions right (with the BST being counted as right as he was within 5 of the actual number), and you all are free to post your thoughts on the new Pokemon and whatever meta shifts you think may occur!

The main spreadsheet will be updated shortly to include all of the new stuff.
So I just want to say something short for my first impression on each mon this slate.

Starts with Bugmetl: Base is useless, and Mega is annoying to deal with.
Cursolisk: Cool concept.
Denaleon: Looks like Weavile at home, but with physical bulk.
Dronachnid: Not bad, but also not good (I also hate how you specifically trying to kill Vipier viability with it)
Fluxtape (Radio): Don't have a solid feeling for this one.
Galeleo: Looks like Tactaval.
Impactus: Weird.
Ledumming: Underwhelming.
Lenluna: Good QDancer.
Nareceo: What is this thing. It disgusts me both competitive way and flavor way.
Nectopal: Feels like this thing gonna get a lot of kills, or maybe I just overrated my own mon.
Scaraboom: Personally, I like Quick Draw. This thing is build around that, so I like it.
Skepparter: The most logical Ngas user this slate, but the point for me is not Ngas, but its signature move, 100 BP with Toxic effect is disgustingly OP to me.
Sphrobot: I don't have a problem with small movepool, but small and half useless is too much.
Terminite T: Looks good until I see its BST.
Terminite K: Choice Band user.
Thievine: Base looks meh, but Mega looks really good.
Thoralux: Unique and interesting.
Thunjust: Interestingly gimmicky.
Tommaniacal: Another good QDancer.
Trojant: Personally, I like the Ability.
Voltero: Looks good and cool.
Vulclairis: Stat line really remind me of Oranguru except that it heals when summon TR.
Zerborger: I like burger sabertooth lol. Aside from that, this looks good, unfortunate that there's nothing much for it to abuse Strong Jaw.

This is only my opinion and again, also a first impression, so if you don't like it, sorry.


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My thoughts on the new pokemon:
Bugmetl - Fun name, Bug + Metal, but it also makes me think of a bug who has mettle.
Cursolisk - I gather it's a cursed lizard.
Denalion - No idea what Denaleon means but it sounds cool.
Dronachnid - Dronachnid is hard to say, and Steel Morphage should have been called Steel Steal.
Fluxtape - Idk where flux comes from but this is obviously a classic.
Galeleo - Nice pun, though it took me a second to realize gale is the operative word.
Impactus - Cool, sounds Latin.
Ledumming - I really want to think this is a portmanteau of "Lemming" and "Dumb", though I don't see anything about the mon to back that up. If that's true though 10/10.
Lenluna - Solid name.
Nareceo - Rolls off the tongue, sounds like it's based on a language other than English which as an ignorant American is a strategy I whole-heartedly endorse.
Nectopal - Works so well I almost suspect you came up with the name first and then based the mon around it (something I have NEVER done with half of my fakemon subs).
Scaraboom - RIllaboom's uncle that doesn't get invited to holiday gatherings
Skepparter - I like it, sounds Scandanavian
Sphobot - 0/10 Sph is not a sound I know how to make.
Terminite - Worst name of the bunch, honestly what were you thinking?
Terminite - Favorite name, will give it to my firstborn child.
Thievine - Why isn't a Dark/Grass type? ::looks at ability name:: Ok, solid name.
Thoralux - My own mon 10/10 perfection.
Thunjust - I like to think this mon evolves from Thunderstandable.
Tommaniacal - I really can't figure out where the Tomm part comes from.
Trojant - Trojan't
Voltero - Also sounds Latin but unlike Impactus I understand how it fits the mon.
Vulclairis - Easy to say but I definitely had to do a double take to figure out where all the i's and l's are.
Zerborger - sounds German, fun to say, no idea what it means.

Bugmetl - Interesting pokemon. It's not really that bulky or strong, so it will live or die on well neutralizing gas does for it. Its movepool is a bit sparse, looks like Iron Head / U-turn / Roost / Toxic with maybe U-turn thrown in is what you'd use. You could run Swords Dance but you have no coverage.

Cursolisk - Seems to exist to set Agility for its teammates. Delaying Gravity is neat as well since it takes two turns to get a teammate out (not that Gravity is particularly strong). Looks underwhelming otherwise, but considiering that you could win a game by passing boosts to the right teammate that seems smart. If anyone wins a game using a two-turn delayed Skill Swap this mon will officially be the GOAT.

Denalion - Rock-immune Ice-type is cool, although I'm not convinced I wouldn't prefer Fluffy most of the time. I wish this thing had more attack. 120 is a nice speed tier though, with the main threats seeming to be in the 110-113 area. The best use of its various traits right now (in my opinion) would be Stealth Rock + Taunt + maybe Beat Up or Sucker Punch and Icicle Crash, as a lead set.

Dronachnid - A very competent Sticky Web setter. It could possibly work as a Coil sweeper, at least you could 1v1 Iron Defense Badger Dur thanks to your autocrit Steel move. I'm not convniced the healing move is worth running.

Fluxtape-Radio - I swear I kept looking for this mon in the slate 1 meta. Frozalisk's +2 Rock Slide and Vipier's 30% Poison Chance on Poison Jab were the primary obstacles to any previous candidate, and they're not a threat to this mon. I think this will do nicely.

Galeleo - Seems like a pretty good Defog pivot, considering it can pivot and Defog at the same time. Jet Stream will a bit stronger than Crobat's max atk Brave Bird, which is probably an apt comparison for this mon. It's also quite bulky, so honestly I see this being a good mon. Mirror Move + Jet Lag sounds like a fun meme.

Impactus - This mon's main claim to fame is its support movepool. It has every hazard + spin + a STAB U-turn off of 120 atk. Its stats are not bad but along with its typing they don't really support what it's trying to do. Still, it'd be broken if it was really fast, so I think decent bulk / mid speed / lackluster typing was a smart route to go. Overall it has a niche but you'll have to play it smart to get full use of its support movepool.

Ledumming - I like Germinal Barrier as a custom. I worry that this thing doesn't have a very defined niche, though. It seems like a special tank, but the stats are not enough to justify it without any crucial support moves for it to take advantage of, or enough bulk to be a dedicated wall. Resin Coat helps, though I'm not sure I wouldn't rather run Pressure since it's going to be Protect stalling.

Lenluna - Is this a firefly? My mon is one as well :). I think it was smart to leave reliable recovery off of this, as it's a Quiver Dance user with high Def. I think Quiver Dance will be its most powerful set by a good margin. Sticky Web might be set-worthy as well, but we did get multiple setters of that so we'll have to wait and see.

Nareceo - The much hyped Neutralizing Gas Steel/Fairy type, but tbh I'd rather run Levitate. Levitate + Steel/Fairy is quite strong, and it gets Sticky Web and Defog for support. Still, the bulk is not fantastic with its low HP, there are plenty of other strong Web setters, and its recovery is limited to Synthesis. I think this mon is fine.

Nectopal - When I said that Impactus would be too strong if it was fast, I didn't realize this mon existed. It seems to get every hazard and has 125 Speed, and can then off itself with a really strong Head Smash to block any kind of removal. I'm sure there are hazard removers that can beat it, but it seems very annoying.

Nectopal-Hivemind - I honestly have no idea what the relationship between these formes is, as I don't see any customs that change it? It has 145 SpA and like its other forme has access to every hazard. Offensive hazard sets seem fine, or if you want to be risky you could run Specs and try to roast everything.

Scaraboom - Very similar to Mega Bugmetl, but seems to have a lot of advantages over it, even aside from being able to hold an item. The STAB move that can Burn and U-turn mitigate its passivity a lot, and it has good support options in Defog, Sticky Web, Sleep Powder, and Taunt. It does have significant disadvantages in being 4x weak to the new Fire types and having very low SpD, but overall it seems solid and probably better than BugMega. I think I like Technician the most so you can just run Bug-a-Boom as your main STAB move.

Skepparter - This seems like a really strong stall breaker and a pretty decent wall. It's another NGas mon that's probably better with Levitate. It walls the very underrated Lunoccyx whose CB sets didn't have that many checks before. The custom move is kinda nuts and I don't know how I feel about it, as it gives it insane moveslot compression. I'd expect most sets to have Acid Blast / Hex / Slack Off, with the last slot for Calm Mind / Will-o-Wisp / Trick Room.

Sphobot - This pokemon does not seem viable to me. Reconstruction is not really worth it, even if you're regaining stats lost to Overheat. It's too much passivity to expect from an offensive pokemon, not to mention its offenses and STAB moves leave a lot to be desired. It has good bulk and typing as a defensive pokemon but needing to use two turns to recover is going to destroy those plans. Honestly I'd just run Specs, as it at least has good special coverage. The stats either needed to be way higher or the custom moves needed to have fewer limitations or accomplish much more. Maybe if Reconstruction had a stat boost on the charge turn and Reform cured status or something like that.

Terminite-T - Pretty interesting trapper that can be supported by its team. I appreciate the healthy respect given to a trapper, though it might be too slow since it will underspeed everything it traps.

Terminite-K - This pokemon also does not seem viable. It doesn't have any particularly powerful moves or abilities, and its stats and typing are all mediocre. Merciless is not nearly strong enough to make up for its downsides. It can check Frozalisk with its priority, which is something, but Frozalisk is so bulky it probably doesn't die. (According to Keegan CB FI does kill)

Thievine - Interesting pokemon. I'm glad we got something faster than Lunoccyx that won't just replace its role as sweeper of offense teams. It seems more like a fast defensive pokemon if I'm being honest, using its speed to hit Will-o-Wisp/Strength Sap/Spirit Break before the opponent gets to hit it. I'm not so sure if it keeps up with the inflated power level of this mod, but I like it.

Thoralux - My own pokemon. I went with priority Fire to check Frozalisk and Vipier offensively. Also handles Lunoccyx's STABs. It can't exactly switch into them safely but it can at least take their STAB moves and force them out. It can run Flame Orb in order to use Flare Out and Burn Up every turn, at the cost of 4x Rock weakness. It faces severe 4MSS, since Flare Out and U-turn are 70 BP, Bug is quite a bad STAB, and you can't hit everything with one coverage option. It's below the important 110 base speed mark, and that plus its low SpD means most offensive pokemon should 1v1 it. It's also walled by a lot of Fire types. I'd run Flame Orb offensive sets or Boots pivot sets.

Thunjust - Very interesting pokemon. I'm operating on the assumption that A) lowering your own stats triggers the transformation, and B) the forme change lasts after you switch out. After using Storm Cloak you have a very powerful Electric-type priority move. Mix that with Flying STAB, Ice coverage and (physical or special) Fighting coverage, and it seems quite potent offensively. However, the need to set up, the fact that Storm Cloak lowers your speed (you can transform via Close Combat btw), and the low Speed in general should keep it in check.

Tommaniacal - This thing looks broken to me. Quiver Dance users with good physical bulk and recovery have a way of murdering micrometas. Defensively, it has 110 / 80 / 80 bulk, Ghost/Normal typing with a Fire resist, and its pick of Slack Off, Jungle Healing, and Strength Sap. Offensively it has STAB Boomburst, 160 BP Scald, and Stored Power to abuse with Quiver Dance. At least the Speed tier makes you choose between outspeeding the unboosted metagame at +1 and investing fully in bulk. Still, if you ever saw what CS2 Vivillon could do with QD / Weakness Policy / Stored Power, this should terrify you.

Trojant - Cool support pokemon. It can pass Substitutes to other pokemon, and it has cool moves to support this strat like Parting Shot, Thunder Wave, and Endeavor. You could also run something like Sub / Swords Dance if you wanted, but I think threatening Paralysis and lowering your opponents offenses to hopefully keep your teammate's Sub intact will be better. The Speed is on the low side for this meta, so it might struggle a lot vs. offense, though it could at least set up on a Choice locked Vipier.

Voltero - Neat Rain setter; although the stats are understated it will clearly support Tactaval very well, and mitigate the many new Fire types. The two will be able to pivot back and forth with Tactaval's main checks being Water types. Defensive Pivot sets with Intimidate might be cool too; I don't know how well its typing does for it in the PhysDef department outside of taking on Vipier, but the sheer, Intimidate bulk + Volt Switching around could be nice on a Volt Turn kind of team.

Vulclairis - Court Change will certainly be strong since we have a bunch of Sticky Web setters now, and then Boomburst + FuturePort with pseudo-Regen will be powerful as well. The decisions you make around that kind of set could really backfire if it turns out to be running Octolock + ESP Wave, as if you can't do a lot of damage to it quickly you'll end up losing to its recovery + dropping your stats. setting Trick Room could also be interesting. All of this should be held in check very well by the fact that it lacks reliable recovery, though. It really won't last anywhere near as long as something like Slowbro.

Zerborger - As far as I can tell, this will run Earthquake / Ice Shard / Swords Dance with the last slot as Ice Fang / Fire Fang / Rock Slide. This mon seems not great but okay, as it will probably excel vs. defensive teams and struggle vs. offensive teams. Will really depend on the metagame. Looks fun though.
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did a lot of these past midnight lol, i fully expect some disagreements for that reason

Bugmetl: Non-mega should check Frozalisk and Vipier okay, but doesn't really accomplish much else. Mega, however, does that with Neutralizing Gas, which...honestly, doesn't really accomplish much relative to Slate 1 mons. It beats Barad-Jur, and both Persistent and Drizzle stop working which is like good for it I guess, and Vipier and Frozalisk now suck harder against it, but not really much else changes. It is a check to Frozalisk, Vipier, and Barad-Jur all at once, though, which has got to be useful.

Cursolisk: Fragile, not particularly fast, not particularly does delayed Agility work exactly? Does the user have to stay in or can it pass an Agility a la Wish? Agilipassing sounds super good even if it'd be kind of bad outside of it, but it'd probably kind of bad even if kind of a fun gimmick if the former is true.
EDIT: Apparently you do get Agilipassing. Still don't think the mon will be that great, but it should be pretty fun to use all the same.

Denaleon: Might be kind of interesting. Its Speed tier is pretty nice for this mod and it could be fun having the choice between Fluffy or a Rocks immunity + a third STAB if the opponent sets Rocks on this. No Knock Off OR Triple Axel off of 100 base Attack is kind of a yikes though, you're locked into 80 base power moves and that won't really be strong enough as a breaker. I'm not sure how you'd run this being completely honest, maybe Fluffy with its Speed tier could help it anti-offense stuff, but it seems pretty underwhelming to me.

Dronachnid: Flat-out better bulk than Bugmetl even with its Mega. At the same though, it doesn't have very much utility, or even reliable recovery... But what's funny is that with Fire Lash and Water Absorb, you can actually scare out Drasapor. You still don't kill it though because it can switch to regain its Defense, although that has its own problems. Interesting mon but I'm not sure how viable it's going to be, especially with the influx in what will likely be pretty good Fire-types.

Fluxtape-Radio: The final part of the Fluxtape trilogy! I just had to leave my mixtape-shaped imprint on this mod. But I'm honestly pretty disappointed in how many Fires got added, but what can ya do? It doesn't really do that badly against many of the new mons, but it really hates things like Drasapor and Barad-Jur. Unsure if it'll compete with much else, but I do want to highlight the fact that its spread move resistance makes it technically only 2x weak to Earthquake. Pretty cool but not very relevant to the point of this post.

Galaleo: I'll just preface this by saying I don't like this thing's ability much, but at the very least it's fast and there is some level of risk to using what would be most of the moves on your kit since you're faster than like everything in the mod and whatever comes in will need to likely take a hit. And a Flying move coming off of a 130 Attack stat that also pivots for free, ouch. Not gonna be breaking everything by itself with how many physical walls exist in the mod but most of the mod's true resists aren't very bulky so you're going to be doing an unreasonably large chunk for a pivoting move. You also have Tailwind for an offensive archetype which this meta sorely lacks, so that's cool, but I really feel iffy about that signature move, plus free pivoting off of Defog and a pretty good defensive presence.

Impactus: So its ability makes it take half damage from Grass, Water, Ground, and Electric...all of its weaknesses are the same really, so the boost will be greatly appreciated. Sucks that its typing is weak to Rocks and its defensive stats aren't the best but that's still a great set of resistances. Being honest I don't really know what this beats, it'll probably end up being pretty mediocre even despite all the utility it has, but it's a cool idea of giving a big boost to a bad typing like this.

Ledumming: Honestly reminds me a bit of Shaymin with the coverage. Give it a Life Orb and very little really likes switching into this because of how few specially fat things there are in the meta, minus maybe one of the Steels we got this slate that wouldn't mind Earth Power by virtue of a second typing. Might not be bad.

Lenluna: Pretty nice Quiver Dance user, not much else to say. Meta really lacked Speed boosting before which this delivers on, and it's not the absolute strongest thing out there, but its stats and Ghost STAB should make it a decent cleaner. Especially if Vipier usage dies off as we think it will.

Nareceo: Here's a doozy... Lot of people hate this mon for having healing with Neutralizing Gas and its typing, even with that healing being limited to Synthesis and Wish, but I haven't seen many Pokemon so far that have been completely reliant on their abilities to function. They exist for sure, numerous examples have been brought up, but it's definitely not going to be as aggravating as people are making it out to be. Alongside what was mentioned for Mega Bugmetl, you do better against Wendigoul and now are not safe at all against Barad-Jur which was one of the better applications of this. Its stats also are pretty underwhelming and it's passive outside of the prediction-reliant Encore. Not bad at all, but it's not the world-ender that people are making out to be. Also worth mention that I think despite it having Grassy Surge and Grassy Glide, Belly Drum sets will be unviable due to lack of coverage, no immediate power, and just how telegraphed it all will be.

Nectopal: Well base form seems to be an offensive Drasapor answer. Mother of god is this thing strong. We don't really have many Rock resists, and the Steels we have that don't resist Rock hate Flare Blitz. It's fast too so chip is the only reason it cares about clicking the wrong button, but have fun positioning yourself in such a way that this Pokemon can't just click moves if you're running a defensive team. Better pack your Barad-Jur or Voltero, because nothing else comes in on this, but even so it can hit those two with a STAB U-Turn and just use its power for free momentum. Also makes for a good hazard setter because it's so fast, has a strong way of dying, and has so many hazards. Hivemind form looks like Thoralux but without the possibility of running Boots in exchange for Rock coverage, which might be worth it on teams that can really support it but I dunno. It struggles hard with typical Barad-Jur and physdef Drasapor can check it even if it's pretty iffy for that, although there's nothing saying Drasapor can't run Sp. Def if the meta calls for it now that we have other stuff that can check the broken mons of last slate. Really not a fan of the base form, Hivemind seems okay even if a bit overtuned.

Scaraboom: Seems fine, more bulk at the cost of what would likely be a worse matchup spread than Bugmetl. It can actually do stuff aside from wall what it needs to, you have Knock Taunt Defog and can even Sleep something if you want. Just another fat Bug/Steel that will just have to wait until we find out what kind of Steel the meta calls for to see if it ends up being good.

Skepparter: Okay I hope I don't get too harsh here but I really dislike this sub. Acid Blast takes every problem you could perceive with Toxic and just throws them out the window, minus the fact that it has half the PP. At best you should be taking a similar approach to Nuzzle, but this is not the case here. And it has a lot of bulk, no utility, a bad set of resistances outside of Fighting, and both Neutralizing Gas and Slack Off.... Its 80 SpAtk is very underwhelming so it's not even going to be breaking much, just gonna be annoying.

Sphobot: Does not look super viable honestly. You're basically locked into Reconstruct / Reform / TWave / attack which is extremely passive and would make me question why you're not just running a different Steel that can provide more for a team than just eat hits and spread para. Could be okay on like hard stall teams that would have the tools to make up for it but I'll still be wondering why you aren't running a different Steel.

Terminite: I've said it in the Discord but this is one of my favorite subs this slate. I like that there's actual work now that needs to go into trapping something and it's not just "switch in at the right time and my opponent loses a Pokemon no questions asked." It's a pretty....hey wait a second.

Terminite-Tapler: Have no idea how we ended up with two of these. Terminating termite I guess, makes enough sense. Anyways, it's a pretty novel idea that would end my issues with trapping and I'm pretty sure most who hate trapping would agree. Really wonder how this thing will do with Toxic Spikes. I don't know off the top of my head what all this traps, Drasapor can burn you and Barad-Jur sets up Curse, but it's a likeable Pokemon regardless.

Terminite-Keegan: I just now noticed while writing, how did both of these get Merciless?? Anyways, looks pretty bad. Its stats are all really mediocre and it has nothing to really make up for it. Strong Jaw Crunch and Poison Fang are cool but triple STAB is not enough.

Thievine: Base form looks unviable, plain and simple. If its bulk got just a slight boost then maybe it'd be okay, it's got a really nice typing and Strength Sap + Wisp. Mega form looks pretty weird if I'm being honest. It's the fastest thing in the entire mod if I'm not mistaken, but for some reason this doesn't have Play Rough, which relegates it to using Fire Lash, Spirit Break, and Superpower to break past stuff, and that's a really awkward set of moves to rely on, especially if Fire Lash lowers your own Defense. Despite all of that, though, being a super fast and pretty strong Fire-type with access to Fire Lash might be pretty cool in a meta where we just got so many potent Steels. Just stay away from Barad-Jur.

Thoralux: Hey look it's Volcarona with less bulk and no Quiver Dance. In all seriousness, I like the customs on this one, but it has a similar issue with Nectopal-Hivemind where I don't really know how to check this. My sub should do fine against it by virtue of typing, plus Barad-Jur, although this has Dazzling Gleam if you really hate Drasapor (which means some people for sure are gonna run it). Otherwise there's a lot you can do with this mon, running some kind of offensive pivoting set or Calm Mind is possible and the one-time priority should help both.

Thunjust: Base form seems like a throwaway whatever form to get your transformation, and it should do that okay by just clicking its somewhat slow Close Combat once and exploiting its good physical bulk, or clicking Charge if you're freaking real. I doubt you want to run Wild Charge as your main physical STAB move, so this is likely going special or specially-based mixed, in which case you have Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Focus Blast, Hurricane and Boltarang all as options alongside Charge because you're real. Should be a decent enough breaker, but worth note that Ice Beam does not help you with Barad-Jur unless you forgo Boots.

Tommaniacal: No Shadow Ball? Sad! Boomburst / Scald / QD / Strength Sap is what you run here, looks really annoying to play against if I'm being honest. We have things like Tactaval and Dolphena that should help against it but it still does not look fun. Don't really have many other comments, we have quite a few Normal resists that got added and like base form Nectopal really bothers this thing for example.

Trojant: Well we now have FOUR Bug/Steel-types, even if you discount the mega. What a slate. Sub passing means free pivoting but this thing wouldn't end up doing much else, I doubt you'd run it for that alone. Looks like an ideal breaker next to the rest of our Bug/Steels though, has a good enough Speed tier, a passable amount of defensive utility, and is actually quite strong after a Boost. There aren't many Bug resists here and most of them hate this thing's coverage. Might not end up being that bad.

Voltero: Also looks pretty good. Has an interesting typing and Intimidate, which I've already mentioned a few applications for this earlier and I'm sure there's more. Drizzle sets have the issue of having both lackluster Speed and bulk, but strong coverage to make up for it. Simple, effective. I like it.

Vulclairis: Blegh, Court Change...looks fine otherwise though. You basically need to use Teleport, Heart Swap, or maybe a Screen for healing if you're insane so this might be susceptible to pressure. I'd mention dual Screens but sets like that really do nothing to combat opposing Pokemon removing the screens or doing some other countermeasure, so I wouldn't call it good at that even if it seems like a fun set. Seems like a fine enough blanket fatmon with pseudo-Regen though, and it actually has some punch to it through Boomburst and Future Sight. Let's just hope Neutgas doesn't screw it too badly.

Zerborger: This is it: the final Pokemon I have to look at for today. This thing has zero defensive answers but there are a lot of things faster than it and this meta is one where pivoting is everywhere, so it might not be the end of the world. I really wish this thing didn't get Fire Fang, it makes no sense on this mon and there would be some decent defensive answers to it while it would still have its offensive presence. Drasapor is barely able to check this at full with Leftovers but because of how easily it gets past Steels and how few Waters we have, there's like nothing else. Maybe it'll be more tame in practice when it doesn't have to decide between three moves every time it comes out, but it reminds me a lot of Urshifu and I'm not a fan.
4 Bug/Steels is...interesting,to say the least.It'll be interesting to see which one is the favorite,or if they'll be close in terms of viability considering their differences.
Bugmetl-Mega has NGas and Roost but takes up the mega slot
Dronachnid has Webs,funny Fire Lash,and better bulk,but no recovery
Scaraboom has more physical bulk at the cost of some special bulk,Roost,and some cool utility options with Defog,Taunt,Webs,Knock,and sleep
Trojant is the most unique of the bunch,being quite a decent SD breaker.
They have quite a few differences,so they might all end up being viable on certain teams?Time will tell.

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