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Welcome to the semifinals of BLT V! The top two teams have advanced from their groups, while the rest were eliminated. If there is a tie between teams at this point in the tournament, the two teams will have to play a best-of-three tiebreaker before proceeding to the finals. Matches will be in standard Smogon SM tiers, so challenge your opponent in those. Obviously, play on PS! (preferably main or smogtours server).

Basic tournament rules - you absolutely should read this, especially if you're new to forum tournaments

Sportsmanship: Don't be an ass. Not to your opponents, not to your team, not on PS, not on Smogon, not to me. A bit of friendly banter is ok, but please know where to draw the line. Think before you type, please.

Scheduling and Activity Wins: Contact your opponent as quickly as possible on their Smogon wall, and look out for them on PS. You will have one week from the posting of the week's matches to get it done, and I will not be granting any extensions for any reasons. If your opponent is not responding to your post on their wall, cannot be found on PS, or miss multiple scheduled times, make a detailed activity post in the thread letting me know why you deserve the win. No activity post means no activity call. As long as you have visible attempts at scheduling (such as wall posts), you will be fine.

Disconnections and Timer: A timer loss is a loss. No if's, and's, or but's about it. If your opponent is nice enough to replay that's fine, but they are by no means obligated to.

Ghosting and Identity: Don't take or give battle advice or make moves based solely on the suggestions of others, and don't pretend to be someone else in order to play as them. You will be caught, and you will be disqualified from this season as well as future PS! tournaments (BLT, PSPL, etc.).

Substitutions: Managers are free to substitute out inactive players at any point during the week with any subs they chose during the draft. Be sure to post in the thread when making a substitution.

Below the link for the current points and W/L for each player by team.


Azalea Alakazams
VS Sunyshore Snorlaxs

Ubers: MJ VS EternalSnowman
OU: Sand1234 VS Kyotoshi
UU: ORAS-Mega VS Keeping it Icy
RU: King Of Crimea VS Ark
NU: Snow Jiniri VS Sanjay
LC: Mael VS Ninjadog
DOU: Abbp VS Silver25x
Mono: Saba1111 VS kythr


Pastoria Poliwraths
VS White Forest Weaviles

Ubers: Micro VS TRHurricane
OU: Bigboy038 VS Raftel Reshirams
UU: OminousDraco VS jrdn
RU: The Welsh Wall VS negatory
NU: Twixtry VS Skelos
LC: simbo VS mikaav
DOU: The Cheesen One VS King Leo V
Mono: Jasprose VS Peachycl0uds


Tie Breaker Results

Weaviles vs Poliwraths

OU: Jrdn vs Bigboy038
DOU: King Leo V vs The Cheesen One
Mono: peachycl0uds vs OminousDraco


This is a tag for Eyan to post the Tag list cause he is a legend.

Please remember to use the Tournaments sub-room Tours Plaza for BLT V discussion and to keep this thread civil regardless of friendly banter.

This week ends 12th of August at 11:59PM EST (GMT-4). Good luck everyone!
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Azalea Alakazams VS Sunyshore Snorlaxs

Ubers: MJ VS EternalSnowman - close one both rly good
OU: Sand1234 VS Kyotoshi - a bit better imo
UU: ORAS-Mega VS Keeping it Icy -looked rly stron so far
RU: King Of Crimea VS Ark - close but ark should have this
NU: Snow Jiniri VS Sanjay - slight edge to xiri tho
LC: Mael VS Ninjadog - has performed better so far but obviously you cant count mael out here, should be a good one
DOU: Abbp VS Silver25x - idk and idc
Mono: Saba1111 VS kythr - dunno

Pastoria Poliwraths VS White Forest Weaviles

Ubers: Micro VS TRHurricane - better imo
OU: Bigboy038 VS Raftel Reshirams - looking at this week this looks like the most one sided mu
UU: OminousDraco VS jrdn - i got faith in him even tho ominous performed way better so far
RU: The Welsh Wall VS negatory - ...
NU: Twixtry VS Skelos - evenly solid, giving a slight edge to skelos
LC: simbo VS mikaav - little cup i so stacked lol
DOU: The Cheesen One VS King Leo V - idk tbh but cheesen is good
Mono: Jasprose VS Peachycl0uds - looked better
Well, it was a really fun BLT for us. Being knocked out after W2 gave way for some fun changes, as we didn't need to prove anything anymore. I'll start with predicts for this semi, followed by some bad shoutouts to my team.

Azalea Alakazams (4) VS Sunyshore Snorlaxes (4)
Ubers: MJ VS EternalSnowman - Take a seat, grab your winegums and enjoy this spectacle. MJ vs ESM will be one of the most exciting matches this round. MJ will take this one home, but ESM won't go down without a fight
OU: Sand1234 VS Kyotoshi - While neither are 3-0 atm, Sand is clearly impressing more with his OU victory over Charmflash. Meanwhile, Kyotoshi only won against Halaman, while losing to Beds and Sabreur. Not that good, if you ask me.
UU: ORAS-Mega VS Keeping it Icy - Keeping it icy looks like the better player to me
RU: King Of Crimea VS Ark - Not much to add here. Ark is clearly the better player despite King doing alright atm. It's just a matter of experience for this battle.
NU: Snow Jiniri VS Sanjay - Another highlight match? What are the odds? Xiri has won from timer-king jrsmash previous week, so the fact that sanjay can't rely on a timer win means he's already 6-5 behind.
LC: Mael VS Ninjadog - #PutMaelInOU
DOU: Abbp VS Silver25x - Slayer of Cheesen vs Slayer of Frisoeva. After their feat, they lost from Sans and Leo respectively. If they are both at their peak again this week, this will be a very fun match to watch.
Mono: Saba1111 VS kythr - better player imo

TIEBREAKER: (Zams pick OU, Laxes pick RU) (Have you ever seen predictions take such a bad turn?)
OU: Mael vs Kyotoshi - You can pick OU, right. Right???
RU: (King of Crimea OR Snow Jiniri) vs Ark - It's Not Ark vs Ark in aRk-U
OU: Sand1234 vs ??? - Sand is on his way to goat status as well, if he hasn't achieved that already.

Pastoria Poliwraths (6) VS White Forest Weaviles (2) [Apparently the final will be a full Eevee-group match]
Ubers: Micro VS TRHurricane - Mirco's thirst for bloodshed has not been quenched. He wants more!
OU: Bigboy038 VS Raftel Reshirams - BigGoat038 has a BigBoy038 chance to go undefeated this BLT
UU: OminousDraco VS jrdn - May be one of the best matches to look at in this side of the bracket. jrdn is amazing but OD is simply better
RU: The Welsh Wall VS negatory - I really wanted to see TWW vs Ark, too bad laxes won't get to finals.
NU: Twixtry VS Skelos - So Twixtry is a dutchie whose name I know. I am a dutchie. Dutchies support eachother. Poliwraths plays with 3 dutch people who I know. GO TWIXTRY!
LC: simbo VS mikaav - Simbo will get cheesed hard this match, leaving the outcome obvious
DOU: The Cheesen One VS King Leo V - There aren't really any DOU players in BLT that could match with Cheesen's strength. He might have to watch out for abbp though.
Mono: Jasprose VS Peachycl0uds - Peachy is clearly the better player of the two. Jasprose is pretty cute though

What if ...
  • martha you ask one of the least qualified tours auth to co-manage with you?
    I don't know how much I should thank you for this lol. I was lowkey disappointed when I noticed that BLT manager signups were already finished when I first saw them (real life is awful kids, don't do it). That you asked me to replace Alore couldn't have come at a better time. Again, thank you for asking me, I won't forget this.
  • Kreme you have so much bad luck that you go 1-2?
    Too bad you didn't went full gym leader Kreme, but in hindsight, I'm actually glad you didn't went full gym leader Kreme as well. You have the sole credit for transforming #general into #prequel-memes. Put that on your resume since that is way cooler than BLT as a whole.
  • Beds you are paid 10K for and you're known as a meme-master, yet you drop nearly nothing heat in the discord?
    WHERE ARE MY MEMES FFS!! (MJ had wrong team-predicts on this one lol)
  • Lkapkd you bring Darkrai W1, yet win from Mysterious M W2?
    Trust me, you will get there. Just don't use Darkrai, or anything else lower than C+ on the Ubers Viability Ranking at that matter. You showed that you could win vs players one would think to be out of your league, so if you continue that way, you will reach great heights.
  • frisoeva you are a fucking goat?
    Dropped teams, helped several other Diancies prepping, being involved in general (just like basically all other diancies, now that I think of it). You were carrying quite a burden this BLT, and you dealt with it really well.
  • DarkAngeallenq.q you never properly finished any BLT game?
    I feel so sorry that you couldn't win by KO'ing all the pokemons of the opponent. Forfeit after breaking rules, activity and timer isn't how you're supposed to win/lose your battles. I hope you can end some battle the old-fashioned way next BLT, because this just sucked for you ;-;
  • F i l l e you are a fucking goat, but you go 0-2?
    I don't think I can list all the things that you did for our team. It ranges from gaining information regarding opposing teams to outmeme-ing beds. That you lost twice is really unfortunate, but despite this, I will still look out for you if you plan to join next time.
  • Go0d your manager doesn't really know what to say here because he didn't talk to you that much?
    One of the more silent forces of our team, I indeed feel sorry for not getting to know you that W3ll (you see what I did there?). I don't have any regrets of buying you though.
  • Spitfire you are the only person on your team to go 3-0, despite being tied for third cheapest player of your team?
    Monotype goat! You already knew I wanted you for BLT after you went 5-1 in PSPL, and boy, I'm glad that it worked out. All your battles were fun to watch. Keep it up!
  • SilvioGuacamole you play one game and immediately get a mental breakdown?
    SIlvio, UU goat, first sub pick of BLT. One would expect great things of you. What one does not expect is that during the end of your match, some idiot named Diophantine walks in and tells that Barry Elliot (rip) from the Chuckle Brothers has passed away, resulting in this star sub to nearly die from stress I suppose. Still, Silvio was a good team member, just keep him away from the latest news.
  • Lord Booty Milk you didn't qualify for BLT, yet you did?
    Another mostly silent warrior of our team. Similar to Go0d, I regret not learning to know you better, and I'm sorry that you couldn't play this BLT as well ;-;. However, you still made it in BLT, be it in a very epic, anime-like way. Now if only we could have made it to finals and let you play the match that would win us the tour :thinking:

    Thanks to every player and sub to be on our team. It's been a pleasure to be with you guys! \o/
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Hi I'm trying some predicts. Take them w/ a grain of salt. It's Pokemon anything can happen. Hf all

Azalea Alakazams VS Sunyshore Snorlaxs
Ubers: MJ VS EternalSnowman- The first of many ridiculous highlight games. Both have been tearing through BLT are assmen, good friends and the best Ubers players of the pool. Just my opinion that MJ has higher highs than ESM but ESM is much more consistent however it's a stacked Semis match and I trust the high MJ to come out to play.
OU: Sand1234 VS Kyotoshi- Just the better player imo. Whenever Sand comes out of the grave he just seems to kill it being 6-2 in the past 2 combined BLTs and being absurdly cheap in both. He's looked more impressive this season in game and results wise.
UU: ORAS-Mega VS Keeping it Icy- 2 undefeated players facing off. Icy is the best steal of the auction and his wins to me have been dominant making him the best UUer in the pool right now to me so I'm not gonna predict against him. Feji is capable though and I know he cares enough to put time into prep and tests. Underrated match
RU: King Of Crimea VS Ark- If he takes it seriously and tryhards he's a better player w/ far more connections and resources however from what I've seen KOC knows RU better and I'm confident will take this seriously and tryhard. This could swing either way and is a baby highlight
NU: Snow Jiniri VS Sanjay- The best NU matchup of the tour bar none. The best matchup of the week imo. Good friends who have both killed BLT this year. Whoever wins this is likely to win the week in my eyes. To me Xiri is more creative but Sanjay is the better player and knows NU better. If Xiri gets his prep right and gets a good matchup or Sanjay doesn't care enough to prep Xiri looks good but if Sanjay cares and doesn't get wack matchup I'd favor him like 55-45 ish
LC: Mael VS Ninjadog-Ninjadog is 3-0 and knows the tier better and is incredibly diverse in his team choices meaning he's nearly impossible to prep for. That being said Mael is obviously a fantastic player and while he is fairly linear and his teams have all looked outdated he is a better overall Pokemon player than Ninjadog so it's not gonna be free of course.
DOU: Abbp VS Silver25x- Silver is the better player objectively to me here and has thoroughly impressed me throughout the past 3 weeks. He's lost 1 game and it was via a miss and a choke. If he plays it calm and thinks through his plays I can't see abbp taking this.
Mono: Saba1111 VS kythr- Not much to say. He's just the better player imo. They also fought in a roomtour and kythr won despite having mono grass and Saba having a Victini. It's monotype though so anything can happen.

If Laxes take it seriously and don't underestimate the Zams I'm confident they'll win. However if the Zams' big players show up and win all 3 of my personal HLs (MJ vs ESM, Mael vs Ninjadog and Xiri vs Sanjay) then the Laxes are in serious trouble.

Pastoria Poliwraths VS White Forest Weaviles
Ubers: Micro VS TRHurricane - Micro played super solid last week and I don't know TRHurricane nor Ubers enough to say much else. He played fantastic last week, I know he's good and idk his opponent.
OU: Bigboy038 VS Raftel Reshirams - He's 3-0 and doing phenomenally in everything he plays in right now. Ridiculously impressed me this BLT. Raftel has been solid though being 2-1 however that was in a much shallower Ubers pool and not sure why he's OUing?
UU: OminousDraco VS jrdn - Highlight of this series. OD always shows up in BLTs being 3-0 w/ good wins however his opponent is jrdn who is 1-2 and is not happy at all w/ his performance so far. His 1 win though was completely dominant 6-0ing Kreme Week 1. I'm confident jrdn knows how crucial this game is in this set and will tryhard to no end which combined with him being very very slightly better than OD as a player has me picking the Canadian.
RU: The Welsh Wall VS negatory - TWW has been cheesed out once and dominant despite awful matchups this season otherwise. He knows the tier better, better results etc. Not gonna predict against him unless he gives me a reason to which he hasn't.
NU: Twixtry VS Skelos - I think Twix is the better overall player however I'm not gonna predict against Skelos in NU unless he gives me a reason to or he fights a Sanjay/Xiri and neither is the case here. Should be a good game
LC: simbo VS mikaav - I've not personally been high on mikaav for awhile however he's impressed this BLT. Both of them have killed it going 2-1 however from what I've seen simbo has more so won off getting 30%s to go his way or his opponent misplaying whereas mikaav has just outplayed. Could go either way LC is still most stacked pool in the tour.
DOU: The Cheesen One VS King Leo V - If Cheese gives a shit and doesn't cancer he is the better player by far. Leo going for 14k in auction was shocking to me but he's also impressed and put up the results w/ solid games to back them up so this shouldn't be a wash. Leo also certainly wants to win and cares whereas I can't confidently say the same about Cheese.
Mono: Jasprose VS Peachycl0uds - Peachy has shown why I was wary about including monotype. Every game he's played his matchup has either been stupid bad or stupid good. Jasp's 1 mono L has was when he ran into sub toxic zapdos when he used mono water so like what are you gonna do. Peachy got unlucky w/ rain vs spitfire but he had ways to avoid fishing and getting nido vs his steel team which he got murked by however Jasprose was more impressive to me in his win he got. His teams have also looked better as well as Peachy's used some weird water stall w/o cune or pex? It was odd. If peachy goes w/ a comfort pick and plays well he could pull it out and it's fairly even and monotype so hard to predict.

Poliwraths were my personal favorite team drafted so I'm glad and not surprised they made it to playoffs. I really can't see them losing unless hard hitters like TWW and Bigboy038 don't show up however the Weaviles are the definition of a tryhard team and it's worked out for them fantastically so far getting them into playoffs. If players like mikaav peachy and Leo show up the Polis are gonna be in a very scary spot. Should be closer than it may look.

Finally shoutouts to the Bolts. Despite our awful record it was fun and I'm glad to have met all of you and come to know most of you better. Congrats to SMB on your dominant 3-0 :D Unfortunate we couldn't make playoffs but happens and I'll be around if you guys need anything in the future.
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So the Zamslam is over :blobsad:
Even though we didnt make it to finals or won it all, I am still super proud of my team. You made my job as first time manager really enjoyable and Im glad to have drafted you all. With a bit more luck our way I am confident we could have done it. Here are the shoutouts:

mael is still the goat, "unfortunately" had a real life during the blt period, but still went out of his way to get his games done. See you on the tennis court coach

Xiri I knew beforehand you would be worth all the money. So humble, always helping out others, amazing at the game in various tiers. You just dont want to miss this guy in your team. We put you outside of your main tier and you still almost went undefeated (damn you sanjay why dont you just hit yourself). Really glad to call you a friend :blobnom:

Kingofcrimea damn what a steal you were. I can confidently say youve been the best RU player this blt next to TWW. So reliable in terms of prepping and delivering a good performance. Its really nice as manager to have people like you, people who you can just fully trust. Now give us a good meme game vs ark to watch!

ORAS-Mega dont beat yourself up over that last game, you showed us what you are capable of when you concentrate, and a 2-1 record is nothing to dwell on. I didnt really know you before the draft, so I trusted samjos words and I was not disappointed. Unfortunately I didnt get to know you better (free round robin BLT!!!)

sand1234 safe to say you are a BLT legend at this point. Probably would have gone undefeated if us stupid managers didnt put you in UU that one week:psygrump: Not the most active in chat but also one of those people I described in Kingofcrimeas shoutout post. Always delivering when the team needs him. You going for only 9.5k is a crime.

saba1111 I am really glad we drafted you. I love your kind of player. We put you in mono and you grinded that tier from day 1 and did your absolutely best for the team. Going 1-2 doesnt even reflect your actual abilities, you just got really unlucky with matchups, even in the game you won! Always cheering on our team and showing us that you truly care about blt. I wish there were more people like you. 3k was an underpay and I hope to see you next blt as well

Abbp not much to say here, unfortunately you were dead in the chat so I didnt really get to know you. Thanks for getting your games done though

Magma couldnt have asked for a better sub. From previous experiences I didnt really expect much from subs, but you were a life saver. Helping out others even though you were not playing during some weeks and always being available to jump in made our life as managers so much easier. Thank you so much for your effort

Finally my man, my love, the myth, the legend, the one and only samjo. You know how happy I was when you asked me to manage with you. Being manager along with one of your best friends made this blt so much better. Hope I did you proud

Special shoutout: neomon dude thanks for helping out the team from day 1. Didnt expect that much effort from someone who isnt even on the team, without expecting something in return. Komm endlich nach Wien damit ich dich auf ein Bier einladen kann mein großer.

P.S.: now that we are out, GO WEAVILES! Win this whole thing and laugh at me and all the others ranking you dead last
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