Tournament BLT VI: Finals!!


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Welcome everyone to the final week of the Best Leaderboarders Tournament VI!!!

It's been a long road, but we're finally here!

The remaining 2 teams will now play-off amongst each other for the title of winner!!

All matches will be played in Standard Smogon SM Tiers and this tournament is a best of one.

Anyways lets get into our match-ups and get started!

All names in the match-ups are the official Smogon names, message them on Smogon to setup a time and date to play.

Santalune Swamperts (Roseybear & TheWall) (5) VS
Hearthome Heatrans (Frisoeva & Jrdn) (3)

Ubers: 3.14dgeot-Mega VS RichardPepper
OU: Broccol1 VS Lugia_numair
UU: kythr VS Terracotta
RU: TheWall VS Hamhamhamham
NU: Bad Player VS Dj Breloominati♬
PU: OminousDraco VS Yoshi972
LC: halaman95 VS frisoeva
DOU: TTT444 VS Shadowmonstr4

Please remember to use the Tournaments sub-room Tours Plaza for BLT VI discussion and to keep this thread civil regardless of friendly banter.

There will be a post below done with all the player tags.
While there is no set deadline for this round, please complete them in a reasonably timely manner. Managers please inform me of any substitutes that may occur.

Good Luck to both teams and all players in this Finals Series!!!
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amazing games heatrans. Wanted to end this blt with a win but i aint that good...
anyways a couple of shoutouts i need to give.

Roseybear and TheWall : I can confirm that there arent any other managers as supportive as these 2. Respecting what we want to bring and giving us freedom. I didnt actually ever talk to any of them before last BLT but look who drafted me twice. Also these 2 are just amazing at the tiers they play. We had OU and RU covered all weeks no questions asked
3.14dgeot-Mega : A bit silent in the disc but always pulled through whenever the team needed. Has played before but I am so impressed with their style and plays
halaman95 : I knew this player was good but only ever saw em use trick room and stuff but after seeing him in OU I can say he was a great potential steal even if his records say otherwise.
kythr : I hate You for being the one who built that mono team I lost to last year but was so fortunate to have u in the squad this time around. Would have had probably an amazing record if not for some hax *cough* suicune *cough* but the way you gave yoursef in for the finals, I have nothing but respect for you.
Bad Player : You beast, We woudnt have made it to finals if it wasnt for u going unbeaten in league stages. I didnt know you even existed before wall and rosey scooped you up and robb told me that he is going to be a huge steal. You never dissapointed man. Even played OU in tie breakers and won. How can one be such a HUGE steal.
imjustgray : Unfort what happened to you but so happy you stuck with us till the end. Your contris were impactful and huge everytime even in other tiers.
TTT444 : I dont have words for him. This guy made his own teams, used mons that were not really top tier but made them seem like they were better than them. Won all his matches except vs smb but i cant blame that. Carried us in tie breakers. And pretty sure i will come to you whenever I want to get into vgc and need some help.
Broccol1 : You only got to play once but still were a big part of Perts always helping in all the tiers possible and asking me to use your mono ice ( I should have). I always knew you were a beast and that unpredictability you have was an amazing feat in our team.
micoytancinco12 : Oh idk where to start. Always the most positive person in disc. Pretty sure he was more of a pert than any of us. Helping in every tier. Asking questions that even made us think and always strived to make us get our A game out. I think our disc wouldve been dead if it wasnt for you.

S/O All the people who helped me test or offered me to test. The people who supported the team with some teams and what not. and special s/o to my sleep that i sacd a lot to watch some games xd
also s/o parivard for being the major homie even dead.


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Big congrats to the perts! Since the beginning I've said they were solid top to bottom so I'm winning vicariously through them ;) Definitely a fun first blt for me, so thanks to everyone who played, and a big s/o to jasp for keeping things runnin'
Alright as promised part 2!
Bewear with me, I made this on my phone!...
Time to grab your tissues guys!

First up I want to say this has been a great Blt season. It had its ups and downs, it's obligated games decided by hax and ofcourse the popcorn-drama (the zams did slam that one ;).
But aside from that thank you to all the people who took part in it and a special thanks to jasprose for hosting the event!

Alright time for the real juice! :D

Mate you make are the living version of a silent P lmao. You never said much but boy me and rosey could trust blindly on your effort. And you always trusted the builds we gave you and never complained when it kinda lost you certain games. From the moment we drafted you me and rosey had different plans on where to put you but snipes and shit happened so we were kinda forced to put you in a whole weird tier. Me and rosey jumped from happiness when you told us we could put you ubers. You were as flexible when me and rosey were trying to fix the hole that grays ban left in the team.
Despite you not talking that much in the chat and winning that many games you've been crucial as fuck with the games you did win and your presence as a swampert. Thank you for that!

Hala hala hala... Where to begin with you... Earlier today I had to put my phone away to refrain myself from saying what I really wanted to say about that LC game vs Friso lmao, but honestly for all the effort and energy you put in your prep I can only say you've been a steal despite what your record says. That single win you got this season meant the difference between a tiebreaker and defeat In the semis. In the groupstage you had some heavy opponents and some bad luck with me and rosey not expecting stall from t0tes side. Halaman you're a great guy and great player and I hope you keep playing cause I know you can become better and better! Cheers mate!

Kythr! Mister +6 6-0! Us buying you was all on rosey. Tbh I did not have much of a say in it lmao but I'm glad we bought you. You've been so supportive towards others and the prep you put in your games was excellent. It's a shame you technically have a negative record but that's mostly due to some unlucky stuff that happend. Me and rosey were aware you were kinda worn out with uu and we tried our best to make you play something else but I'm sorry we couldn't figure that problem out as a manager but I'm also not sorry we couldn't figure that problem out cause boy you smashed it in the finals lmao! I'm glad me and rosey could make sure you were part of a champions team to make you a back-to-back blt-champion!!! Grats man!

Bad Player regular: 3-2 tiebreakers: 2-0
All of them stupid managers looking at that smogon name thinking you were a bad player didnt know you were one hell of a steal!! Me and rosey ~~accidentally~~ even made sure people knew how much you were a steal by up bidding your price ourselves. Man you started of like a rocket! Even tho you were unlucky to lose your undefeated title to a stupid poat you still have the title of being undefeated in the tiebreaker games!! It was a pleasure to have you on my team man and I hope to see much more from you :D

OminousDraco. OD. OminousGoat! When me and rosey were prepping we had one thing in mind. We want a good dou player and we want OminousDraco again. You were phenomenal last season in and of the pitch as a figure of speech. We really enjoyed our time with you on the poliwraths so we really wanted you again as one of the swamps "pillar-player". You've been such an asset to the team in terms of your performance but also the prep help with others and the enthusiasm with each game. I'm glad I've been able to bring you that blt champions title after 4 editions of play offs! I also hope you will finally be able to sleep when you should be sleeping lmao!

Gray!! The hell were you thinking with getting banned in the middle of the tournament lmao!!? Regardless I'm glad to have you on the team and I feel like your as much as the others a blt champ since you carried us through the groupstage and especially when facing the stuffuls when I fucked up versus arce9. That win got us still the tie to make sure we got into tiebreakers. Man also massive cheers for sticking with us till the end even tho you got banned. That truelly showed some swampert-colors :D

Man I've been looking forward to writing this one! TTT x, aka TTGOAT X!!! holy shit dude! Honestly if I can give out an mvp award it has to be given to you! What a run you had! 6 - 1 in all the games you played with your only loss to smb wich is nothing to be ashamed of. Especially when you keep in mind that you actually just jumped in to a smogon tier when your actually a vgc main. I'm a dumbass when it comes to the dou format. You could tell me lv 1 endeavor Aron with sand storm mon is good in dou and I would believe you. But when I was doing my scouting for the auction I watched a replay from you in a random dou tourgame and I was sold after only 3 turns. If I couldn't get smb I wanted you on my squad. You were for me the player what kythr was for rosey. And you delivered. Not only in your wins but also as a person. From the start you were really nice and cheerful. You were like others as supportive to others in their wins and prep etc. Man not gonna lie this championship would not have been able to happen without your performance. Honestly I'm still impressed and so happy me and rosey were able to buy you away from other teams. I really hope you'll stick around in the tournaments room cause you're a great guy to have around!

BroccolGOAT! You came in clutch when the team needed you! When you can't use ice. You just use the liquid form of it, rain! And you smashed with it like we know you do with your signature ice teams. Ngl when Im playing a ru tour and I see you in my bracket I'm already going "oh shit...". That was enough for rosey and me to have you as our sub over the likes of Luthier etc. Honestly it was a puzzle when we had to remake our draft for the finals with everything rosey and I had to keep in mind. You even suggested yourself to be used as a sacrifice lkap-style to Friso in LC, but I'm glad rosey and I decided differently. Bloody legend you are. Turning up to the game with a hangover and still smashing it in the finals. I salute you for that! Stay frosty mate ;)

Micoy! In my eyes you were everyone's goodluck charm and basically me and roseys assistent manager. You always made sure we had our games scheduled and checked at our prep and came up with good and cheering comments about it and everytime when we played you were there supporting each and one of us. I'm really sorry I couldn't get you to play atleast 1 game, but honestly you are as much of a swampert and therefore blt champion as any of us! I hope you never lose that cheerfulness of yours cause even when we just lost a big game you were always there to cheer things up and that's a massive feature of yours. Thank you for being a Swamp Micoy :)

Last year you asked me if I was interested in managing with you in blt. I was a little hesitant at first cause I didn't really know what I was getting myself in to. But honestly after having been a manager alongside you for a second time I can only say thank you for this great experience. The hours of prep and scouting we've done together have shown me what a great manager you are. Id probably wouldn't have managed again this year if you didn't asked to do it again. Last season we got screwed over by hax and I was determined to make sure we would make atleast the finals and damn we surpassed that target. I couldn't have asked for a better manager with the effort you put in with prepping teams for pi and halaman in ubers and Ou. While also checking the teams of others including mine. Rosey, mate. Thank you :D

Special shout-outs:
massive thanks for putting up with all my shit and helping me out with test games after w1.
massive thanks for building the ubers team pi used against Richardpepper in the finals. That team was so clutch!!
They are probably still bashing that team but boy you came through when I asked you for help with uu teams as kythr was worn out with the tier. As kythr probably told you already its an amazing team.
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