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Welcome everyone to the third week stage for the Best Leaderboarders Tournament VI! Just as a quick recap for everyone, here's how the points system works for the season:

  • Winners will get 2 points
  • Ties will be awarded 1 point
  • Losses do not incur any points
The Team with the most points from both conferences will move onto the finals round of play-offs and the bottom 2 teams from each will be eliminated. The remaining middle 4 teams will then play-off amongst each other for the final 2 spots in the finals play-offs.

All matches will be played in Standard Smogon SM Tiers and this tournament is a best of one.

Anyways lets get into our match-ups for this week and get started!

All names in the match-ups are the official Smogon names, message them on Smogon to setup a time and date to play.

The current RU Suspect test that is ongoing is not affecting this week of the tour; therefore Linoone is available for use.


Sword Conference

Snowbelle Stuffuls (Plas & Raj.shoot) (4) VS
Santalune Swamperts (Roseybear & TheWall) (4)
Ubers: Plimsoll Punks VS 3.14dgeot-Mega
OU: T0te VS halaman95
UU: Snofall VS Kythr
RU: arce9 VS TheWall
NU: Epicboost VS ok132
PU: 100%GXE VS OminousDraco
LC: Raj.Shoot VS imjustgray
DOU: Boyn VS TTT x

White Forest Weaviles (Ninjadog13 & Lightning1870) (5) VS
Azalea Alakazams (Xiri & MJ) (3)
ubers: Ninjadog VS Dandaman99
ou: Chaitanya VS Attribute
uu: realSurfyteen VS Sam.tan
ru: gg i guess lmao VS Kingofcrimea
nu: Dahli Luthier VS The Amuse
pu: lkapkd1 VS Xiri
lc: Serene Grace VS Pokeart2004
dou: alternatif VS SMB


Shield Conference

Sunyshore Snorlaxes (Trace & EternalSnowman) (3) VS
Rustboro Reshirams (King Leo V & London13) (5)
Ubers: mysterious m VS Jeran
OU: denisthemenace VS Maroon
UU: eternalsnowman VS Michielleus solarflarero
RU: Harlee VS Karalynia
NU: Sanjay VS Ptoad
PU: Ronman5 VS Skipkan
LC: sificon VS Mikaav
DOU: I want Atago to sit on me VS London13 saba1111

Bobby Blue Blastoises (Silverwhiteblue & Robb576) (2) VS
Hearthome Heatrans (Frisoeva & Jrdn) (6)
Ubers: Reje VS RichardPepper
OU: Tragoedius VS hamhamhamham
UU: ORAS-Mega VS Terracotta
RU: Abyssal Ruins VS Lugia_Numair
NU: PrinceOfAllTacos VS DJ Breloominati
PU: xSkelly34 VS Yoshi972
LC: Jack In My Box VS frisoeva
DOU: Havens VS Shadowmonstr4

Please remember to use the Tournaments sub-room Tours Plaza for BLT VI discussion and to keep this thread civil regardless of friendly banter.

There will be a post below done with all the player tags.

All matches are to be completed by the 30th of June at 11:59PM EST (GMT -4). Good luck everyone!!
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Predictions because the weather suddenly turned hot and my work motivation dropped to literally zero

Snowbelle Stuffuls (Plas & Raj.shoot) (3) VS Santalune Swamperts (Roseybear & TheWall) (5)
Ubers: Plimsoll Punks VS 3.14dgeot-Mega (He beat Ninjagoat last week and PP didn't really play that well last week so giving the edge to Pidgeot)
OU: T0te VS halaman95 (Better player)
UU: Snofall VS Kythr (Highlight match #1. 2 solid players so its hard to predict but won't be surprised if it goes the other way)
RU: arce9 VS TheWall (Highlight match #2. Was impressed with how arce9 played the last 2 weeks but he is up against tww aka the RU goat aka my eternal testing buddy who will probably ask for tests throughout the week lololol so can't go up against that)
NU: Epicboost VS ok132 (Better player)
PU: 100%GXE VS OminousDraco (Highlight match #3. I think OD plays better but GXE literally c-teamed me last week so I can see him doing that to OD too and getting a really favorable matchup)
LC: Raj.Shoot VS imjustgray (I don't know the other guy too well but Raj is decent in LC)
DOU: Boyn VS TTT x (No explanation needed)

Sunyshore Snorlaxes (Trace & EternalSnowman) (4) VS Rustboro Reshirams (King Leo V & London13) (4)
Ubers: mysterious m VS Jeran (Slight edge to MM altho Jeran has been playing really well lately so won't be surprised if he takes it)
OU: denisthemenace VS Maroon (Maroon did make it far in OST and he's the goat!)
UU: eternalsnowman VS Michielleus (ESM used the xiri special adrenaline orb azelf in week 1 so how can I not predict him to win)
RU: Harlee VS Karalynia (Better player)
NU: Sanjay VS Ptoad (One-sided)
PU: Ronman5 VS Skipkan (Skipkan is a hidden PU gem imo)
LC: sificon VS Mikaav (Hard to not predict against Mikaav here)
DOU: I want Atago to sit on me VS London13 (Cheese should win this comfortably)

Bobby Blue Blastoises (Silverwhiteblue & Robb576) (4) VS Hearthome Heatrans (Frisoeva & Jrdn) (4)
Ubers: Reje VS RichardPepper (As long as Richard doesn't bring super weird cheese, Reje should win this pretty easily)
OU: Tragoedius VS hamhamhamham (Ham isn't losing a game)
UU: ORAS-Mega VS Terracotta (This should be close tho)
RU: Abyssal Ruins VS Lugia_Numair (Better player, should be relatively one-sided)
NU: PrinceOfAllTacos VS DJ Breloominati (As long as he plays the endgame well, Spitfire should have this)
PU: xSkelly34 VS Yoshi972 (Was impressed with how he played his game last week)
LC: Jack In My Box VS frisoeva ('LC main' Friso isn't losing in his 'home turf')
DOU: Havens VS Shadowmonstr4 (Idk how well these two play doubles but I think Havens is a better player)


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Why is there always someone who beats me in making predictions first :(

Snowbelle Stuffuls (3) VS Santalune Swamperts (5)
Ubers: Plimsoll Punks VS 3.14dgeot-Mega - Right off the bat we got a match with players of equal skill. Plimsoll didn't impress me that much last week while 3.14dgeot beat Ninjadog. That is enough reasons to favor the latter to win
OU: T0te VS halaman95 - halaman can finally show his worth as an above-average player. After being pitted against top tier players he should have a breeze here. t0te should hardly stand a chance
UU: Snofall VS Kythr - While snofall is better than Kythr skillwise, both players are still relatively close to eachother on this aspect. Couple that with the perts probably having better prep support [you never know what plas is cooking up though :O ] and we got ourselves a nice game to watch. Snofall will win by skill
RU: arce9 VS TheWall - Mijn broeders. Ten eerste wens ik jullie allebei veel succes, en natuurlijk ook veel plezier met deze wedstrijd. De waalse muur is simpelweg beter hier en zal dan ook zwaar bevoordeeld worden. Echter, arcenegen's winst tegen KoningvandeKrim was indrukwekkend, dus je weet niet wat je hier eigenlijk kan verwachten. Het gaat sowieso een heerlijke wedstrijd worden om te (her)kijken.
NU: Epicboost VS ok132 (Bad Player) - I should have kept Dahli - Bad Player in favor of Bad Player. As I said during Week 1, he is one of the biggest steals this BLT, more than enough to justify his mere 5K pricetag. I don't expect him to have trouble against EpicBoost as well.
PU: 100%GXE VS OminousDraco - A surprising amount of close matches for these two teams. OminousDraco is more at home in PU than 70to90gxe, but overall the 70to90 is a bit better in mons. This is the closest game you will probably see this week.
LC: Raj.Shoot VS imjustgray - idk why Raj is doing so well, but he does. I haven't been paying that much attention to imjustgray's games unfortunately so I can't go on in that much detail here.
DOU: Boyn VS TTT x - Should be pretty simple to understand. TTT x is regarded as the 2nd best DOU'er in his group with a reason so he should get a simple win off against Boyn

White Forest Weaviles (4) VS Azalea Alakazams (4)
Ubers: Ninjadog VS Dandaman99 - Ninjadog is simply better than Dan, even though Dan is having an impressive run so far. It will be marvelous for him if he can finish 3-0 in this group.
OU: Chaitanya VS Attribute - Swing match! This is one of those games where I expect predictions to be even. I think Attribute will win since he's playing in a more competitive team (MJ support) and only plays OU, which means he can fully focus on that tier. Chaitanya, while by no means at all inferior to Attribute, has quite the prep to do with nearly no innate team support.
UU: realSurfyteen VS Sam.tan - Surfy brought stall last week and I think he will win if he brings stall again. Regardless of that, bringing stall to a match against a decent player is something anyone can do, but actually finishing the nearly 300 turns match winning means you can actually play well with it, as most unexperienced stall players just misplay at one point and lose from there on out. Psywave Blissey ftw!
RU: gg i guess lmao VS Kingofcrimea - "Hey one of our players continues facing very tough opponents in PU and this week we're up against Xiri D: What should we do?" Apparently the answer is put him in RU where he won't face a tough opponent(????). For all we know gg i guess lmao is a great player but we will never figure that out.
"gg i guess lmao" is probs what will be said after Plimsoll OD KingofCrimea bulldozes over his opponent.

NU: Dahli VS The Amuse - Seeing Skyzuma in NU is somehwat surprising. Both NU and LC could have been considered a loss considering the gap in skill but does that warrant this change in lineup? Even with this semi-element of surprise I don't think peachy will lose this.
PU: lkapkd1 VS Xiri - :psysly: not sure what to say here. Xiri is Xiri, PU is PU, Xiri playing PU is pretty overpowered. I'm interested to see how Lkap will fare in this match. Perhaps it will be a fun one to watch.
LC: Serene Grace VS Pokeart2004 - I didn't knew PokeArt played LC at all. Serene Grace is a few miles ahead in skill level and should take this home without any trouble. When SG gets home, he should grab a beer, sit on his porch and enjoy the Sunny Day that we will most likely encounter.
DOU: alternatif VS SMB - I'm actually looking forward to this match. Ofc we all know SMB will win but I got a feeling alternatif will put up quite the fight.

Sunyshore Snorlaxes (4) VS Rustboro Reshirams (4)
Ubers: Mysterious M VS Jeran - Mysterious M will show Jeran how nice it is to be an ubers main. Jeran surprised friend and enemy by winning from both Reje and Zygod, but it has to stop somewhere. That somewhere is Week 3.
OU: denisthemenace VS Maroon - I favor Maroon here but it can go either way. I expect them to be roughly equal to eachother and that should translate into an important game to win for both sides.
UU: EternalSnowman VS Michielleus - I don't know that much about Michielleus and him playing UU, and so far he didn't really had any chance to shine that much, outside of a close loss against ham (which means more than one may originally think). ESM beat Spitfire Week 1, outside of his own comfort zone so I think he will win this one as well.
RU: Harlee VS Karalynia - Also a match that has no clear winner. Skillwise I think Karo is the better player but Harlee certianly impressed by winning from keepingiticy. Either Harlee's skill fluctuates with each week, or after his last win he firmly grasped onto RU, making sure to not get passed easily.
NU: Sanjay VS Ptoad - SANJAY is the best NU'er in this tour. Ptoad has been going around the roster all weeks so constantly has to shift his playstyles regarding the tier and meta. That's bound to not give good results for the reshirams.
PU: Ronman5 VS Skipkan - Skipkan's loss against ve was unexpected, and I don't know how he will recover from that. I hope for him that he will just shrug it off and go all-out against Ronman to clutch the win
LC: Sificon VS Mikaav - When you're up against one of the better LC'ers in this pool, you're going to have a tough time. Mikaav's trip to UU was paired with no succes, but with him returning to good ol' LC I don't see him lose.
DOU: I want Atago to sit on me VS London13 - A final good match to close out the predictions. The DOU pool is pretty stacked, with 6/8 players already being known for having at least decent skills in Doubles. Cheese is better than London though so it shouldn't be too hard for him to win.
ubers: Ninjadog VS Dandaman99 - i still dont know why the hell ninja isnt in lc and serene is playing something else but w.e.
ou: Chaitanya VS Attribute - 90/10
uu: realSurfyteen VS Sam.tan - a bit better
ru: gg i guess lmao VS Kingofcrimea - with a way easier opp he will get his first win
nu: Dahli VS The Amuse - a good amount better
pu: lkapkd1 VS Xiri - happened but i wouldve bolded xiri by a huge margin anyways
lc: Serene Grace VS Pokeart2004 - lol
dou: alternatif VS SMB - also lol

Ubers: mysterious m VS Jeran - both solid should be a good match
OU: denisthemenace VS Maroon - he gotta win one right ?
UU: eternalsnowman VS Michielleus - ez 3-0
RU: Harlee VS Karalynia - both looked ok so far i guess idk should be close
NU: Sanjay VS Ptoad - lol
PU: Ronman5 VS Skipkan - unless ronman stalls again and gets a good mu he aint winning another game
LC: sificon VS Mikaav - better player and still needs his firs win too
DOU: I want Atago to sit on me VS London13 - how can you not bold this name lmao

Ubers: Reje VS RichardPepper - way better
OU: Tragoedius VS hamhamhamham - look above
UU: ORAS-Mega VS Terracotta - look above
RU: Abyssal Ruins VS Lugia_Numair - look above
NU: PrinceOfAllTacos VS DJ Breloominati - close but after seeing poats nu open games ive lost trust in him again
PU: xSkelly34 VS Yoshi972 - close i guess, both havent been impressive
LC: Jack In My Box VS frisoeva - way better
DOU: Havens VS Shadowmonstr4 - look above

Edit: Sunday 2-3pm gmt+2


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ubers: Ninjadog VS Dandaman99 (65-35) dan has been doing well but ninjadog should bounce back
ou: Chaitanya VS Attribute - happened
uu: realSurfyteen VS Sam.tan (60-40) idk too much about either but surfy won a game against a good player in kythr
ru: gg i guess lmao VS Kingofcrimea (20-80) koc gets to go against an opponent he should have less trouble with :] shouldnt be close
nu: Dahli VS The Amuse (65-35) i heard amuse plays lc better and peachy is heat. should be a clean win unless they get a bad mu
pu: lkapkd1 VS Xiri - happened
lc: Serene Grace VS Pokeart2004 (80-20) poke mains nu and serene is serene
dou: alternatif VS SMB (75-25) from what ive seen alternatif is decent but smb is smb

Ubers: mysterious m VS Jeran (55-45) as much as i would love to go for jeran whos been heat so far, mm will prob take this by a little
OU: denisthemenace VS Maroon - happened
UU: eternalsnowman VS Michielleus (60-40) i like mich and i think theyre pretty underrated but esm turned out to be capable in uu. also a fan of that adrenaline orb azelf set heh
RU: Harlee VS Karalynia (30-70) ive seen harlee make some crucial misplays and karalynia is good so
NU: Sanjay VS Ptoad (75-25) i like toad but sanjay should take this
PU: Ronman5 VS Skipkan (35-65) Skipkan didnt perform very well last week but i still have faith in them to turn it around
LC: sificon VS Mikaav (30-70) i cant rly see mikaav losing this one
DOU: I want Atago to sit on me VS London13 (50-50) this dou pool is so heat, this match could def go either way. im picking one over the other for the sake of picking one

Ubers: Reje VS RichardPepper (65-35) reje performed pretty well last week against one of the best ubers players, i think he should pick up his first win
OU: Tragoedius VS hamhamhamham (15-85) uh yea
UU: ORAS-Mega VS Terracotta (60-40) solely because i havent seen terracotta play uu
RU: Abyssal Ruins VS Lugia_Numair (70-30) lugia is a good player but kii is a step above him
NU: PrinceOfAllTacos VS DJ Breloominati (50-50) another tossup, picking poat for the sake of picking someone
PU: xSkelly34 VS Yoshi972 (55-45) ve straight up outplayed his opponent but skelly is quite good, ill still take them because of ve's round 1
LC: Jack In My Box VS Frisoeva (35-65) jack had an impressive round 1 and im a bit sold on him but fris is fris
DOU: Havens VS Shadowmonstr4 (50-50) wow what a great dou pool, picking shadow for the sake of picking someone

Sigh screw today... AC lost, forced to John opppnet for 3 hours. Every time I wanted to battle I was forced to do something. Then of course I start the battle and then told to get food...

Also my hands are tied as I have two projects and exam due Sunday/Monday...

Oh and to top it off the pizza was wrong so now I’m forced to drive back!

This is literally a first for me and it sucks it happened in a team tour my appologies team

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