Tournament BLT VIII: Finals (Won by Turffield Turtwigs)

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congrats turtwigs! exciting season for sure and a well deserving victor to conclude it...

however im writing this post, albeit a week overdue, to shoutout my own team for an amazing season :P
PA thanks for asking to manage with me! we've known each other for a few years now and was nice to finally get to work with you. i appreciate all your hard work and carrying the load of managing with me. unfortunate that we didnt win the tour when we had both the strongest roster and one of the best regular seasons any blt team has ever had, but we'll come back stronger next year for sure >:)

Reje thanks so much for being a big part of this team and playing ubers for us. i know you had a lot going on besides blt both on ps and irl but i truly appreciate you buying into the team atmosphere and being one of our team leaders even during weeks when you couldn't schedule properly... also you're still vetoed :P

Hockey1 i know your performance this season didn't live up to your high standards but i'd draft you again in a heartbeat. you came through with some huge wins and helped baloor out a lot in ou when he was testing 10 million teams each week. hope to see you around tours room more... west coast best coast

Baloor honestly was kinda nervous when we drafted you cuz i thought you were quite obnoxious... and i was right. but in all seriousness huge shotout for being our unexpected star of the season. 6-2 is a nutty record especially for your first tour and it was awesome to see you get better and better each week. you've got a ton of potential and i can definitely see you becoming one of the top players in blt for years to come. thank you especially for being the life of our team as well... roses wouldnt be roses without you :,)

Sificon congrats on your first blt wins haha... thanks friend for slotting in uu and putting up some solid performances. apologies if i got on your case a bit about not prepping too much but thats just cuz i really really cared not only about winning this tour, but you putting up an individual performance that reflects how skilled you are as a player

Kyotoshi been 3 years since our first blt together and it was awesome to team with you again. you were absolutely amazing for us in ru this season and i think it was so cool to see how the both of us have improved so much since laxes. id love to draft/team with you again in the future so hope you stick around in tours room for next year :D

Ninja one of the biggest steals of the tour and our resident brazilian. thanks for being one of our team's leaders and best players this season, especially in nu in which you didnt have much prior experience. the nu pool was stacked this year too and you pulled through with one of the strongest records which shows just how good and how versatile you are as a player. also thanks for talking football (soccer) with me and hope you also stick around for next year :)

Let's Rumble Shall We heatah fajitah legend... thanks bro for putting up a solid pu season for us. it was awesome to team with one of tours room's legends for the first time and was so fun to see what type of team you came up with each week. i know you are a bit disappointed with your playoff performance but dont blame yourself. in team tours we win as a team and lose as a team, the fault is for all of us to share. best of luck with your irl studies and im looking forward to your return in the near future!

Mishimono best doubles player of this tournament for sure... PA and i know absolutely nothing about doubles so we knew we had to draft you. thanks for being amazing for us throughout the entire season and participating in our game nights. it was awesome to know we had almost an auto win in DOU each week and was great to get to know you better as a person. mish.

Kaguya Lys one of my good friends on this site... thanks for qualifying and putting huge effort into this tour. you came out with one of the best mono records proving why you truly are the goat. i know there was some really unfortunate hax that one game but thats how mons be sometimes. keep tearing it up in mpl and hopefully you decide to partake in blt again next year. talk to you later brother

Ron...5 RON GOAT! honestly a year ago you were kinda a meme but after buying you in cvctt i realized just how valuable of a player you were - i had you on the draft plan since day 1. you are an amazing team presence and a lot better of a player than most people realize. thanks so much for being the goat counterpart to :reje: and contributing 3 huge wins to our 8-0 overall ubers record

mets3569 i know we already talked about this but honestly bro you did amazing in your first ever team tour. just like with ron, i had you on the draft plan from day 1 after playing you a few times in room tour quals. you've got so much potential as a player and i hope you decide to not only stick around for further iterations of blt but also in other smogon tours where you can get some more experience. also thanks so much for being super supportive and active in chat even during weeks where we couldnt get you in :,)

Karnisbroke singles goat! honestly im pretty sorry for how this season turned out for you. PA and i had you ranked as one of the top DOU players, but as we had already bought mish we were only trying to upbid you... but somehow we got you for only 6.5k??????? im sorry that you didnt get much time to shine in your home tier but it was honestly one of the best moments of the season to watch you destroy in uu when you self-admittedly said you had no idea what you were doing LOL. also thanks so much for being a huge part of our discord team presence but ngl you had to be the worst skribbl drawer on our team...

Pokemonerxyz i also know we talked a bit about this in pms but dude you've got such amazing potential as a player. this was your first ever team tour and while you had some moments where you lost your confidence you also picked up one of our biggest wins of the season in the deciding game vs the turtwigs. that was such a huge moment for our team and for you to get your first win on the big stage. i know you're already dominating tours room itself but if you have the interest i could definitely see you becoming very successful in other smogon-based tours :D

blce i know you couldn't officially qualify as a player but you were just as important as one to us. i cant thank you enough for being such an integral part of our team. from helping out with managerial duties to hosting game nights and keeping chat active you honestly did the most. i really hope you can qualify next year so we can draft you for real >:)

Pokeslice thank you so much bro for being our secret nu support. you + ninja is an unreal core and i cant express how appreciative i am of your willingness to help us in nu week in and week out, even when you were away at summer camp. i dont mean to discredit ninja when i say this but a lot of our nu success can be contributed to you and im sure he'd say the same. im sorry you didnt know about blt until it was too late but im looking forward to next year when pokeslices comes in to tear up the nu pool :D

bb skarm we talked a lot in pms about various different things, and i don't wish to reiterate everything here besides the fact that i truly appreciate the support you gave us throughout the season. you're an amazing player and builder, but most importantly an amazing person. it was awesome to get to know you and now have you has a good friend - keep moving forward brother

tko The Number Man Icemaster keppy Bag of Trixx ojr lvl100Blaziken SpookyZ TDNT Z Strats Roginald Expulso jcbc FatFighter2 thanks to the homies (gobos) for hanging out and helping :) sorry if i forgot anyone

TeamCharm for unironically being bad at mons and liking chipotle lol

EternalSnowman i know the laxes might have had a bit of an off year but, like everyone before me has said, thanks so much for being forefront of blt hype regardless. the effort and thought you put into your vidoes each week does not go unnoticed

RaJ.Shoot thanks for hosting noob... nah jk ty for being a phenomenal host. im pretty sure this was your first time hosting a huge team tour like this(?) and ngl there were more act issues (not the fault of my team ofc) this year than ive seen in the past 3 years combined LOL. also thanks for being a great friend and hanging out in our cord :P

id be lying to say that it doesnt hurt to see another team win this tour instead of the roses. maybe it's because i was a manager for the first time ever but i honestly wanted to win this blt more than any other tour ive ever participated in on this site. our team had such a phenomenal atmosphere along with such a dominant regular season, and i saw taking home the overall victory as icing on the cake. while it unfortunately didn't turn out this way i am still incredibly proud of our team for everything we accomplished. despite losing this tour has been my best experience on mons to date and i can only look forward to next season in which roses will prevail >:D

once again congrats again to the turtwigs and (unfortunately) 100%GXE !
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Congratulations to Turtwig for this BLT 2021 victory ! :Turtwig: A victory after long weeks of competition and reflection. Congratulations to all the members who played during his 10 weeks of competition and once again thank you all for posting your replays throughout the tournament. Even though I'm just a small paper boat in a big ocean.. I was very happy to have been able to shine a light on your knowledge. Again congratulations to Turtwig and thank you all for playing ! :D :Turtwig: :Lapras: :Roserade: :Articuno-Galar: :Poochyena: :Munchlax: :Celesteela: :Snorlax:
I dont even know where to begin. BLT has always been the most cursed tour for me, yet I still love it the most. This was my seventh attempt and my second finals, but it just doesnt want to happen for me… (yet?). Grats to the Turtwigs, really strong team and deserving BLT winners!

Considering what our team has been through this season, to me, it already felt like victory even reaching finals. Getting terribly unlucky in some weeks, losing one of our big players early on, having some dodgy decisions go against us. The fact that this team never even showed a hint of losing hope and kept pushing for it even when playoffs seemed like a distant dream at some point, was truly incredible. Thank you all for that. :heart:

Im not gonna do individual shoutouts, because all of you were simply amazing and Im really glad we picked up every single one of you. Just like ESM mentioned in one of his videos that he had almost too many good players and felt bad benching some of them, it felt the exact same to me. Xiri and I had full confidence in every one of our players to pick up wins.

Having said that, I feel obligated to mention at least few names..

ChessRobot you are one of the reasons we even made it to the finals, what a steal you have been, going 5-2 in a stacked mono pool as a newcomer. And you know what, it doesnt even surprise me one bit. I was genuinely stunned by the amount and intensity of your prep going into every game. Not only that, you even supported the guys in other tiers as well, I know that you beat yourself up for coming short in the finals, but there is absolutely no reason to. I dont know what your plans are, but if you keep playing on this site, you undoubtedly have the potential to be among the big ones.

Well and obviously Xiri
This has been our 4th BLT together now, and I dont even need to get too personal here because you know how much of a fanboy I am of yours.
We ended my Zamslam, and started your Lapras era. Leading by example, mr. reliable, the goat, and most importantly a great friend.I could write pages about you and your dedication, you always wanted this BLT win as bad as me.
All the success the team had was because of you and Im sorry I couldnt do more, unfortunately I am an old washed man.
Thank you once again for managing with me :heart:

Also thanks to RaJ.Shoot for being a almost always :psytear: great host, I talk from experience when I say this is quite ungrateful work and that you get a lot of anger directed towards you, but you handled it superbly

It was a fun BLT, a lot of strong teams where only small margins decided outcomes.
Maybe we will meet each other next year, who knows.


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Just woke up and omg we are BLT champions, not sure if I can believe it. This was my first BLT tournament and I wasn't even sure about participating because of my lack of skills and my laziness, luckily saba convinced me lmao, love you :heart: . I found myself in one of the best teams I could hope for, full of incredible players and people, furthmore 100%GXE is an incredible manager. I'd like to say a few more words about my teammates, but y'all already know everything, they have been amazing, even the ones who weren't play that precise week like StitChuu, Wubben, Demykunst. I feel like gxe words are (like him) 100% accurate. I need to thank also the external guys who supported me like Lartedipissog L2p Mihowk ho preso il custom prima di te godo Ferrari450 LoSconosciuto voi due siete veramente imbarazzanti però grazie per esserci stati in queste settimane di doubles frenetico. Also big s/o to all other team especially lavander laprases, this final was incredibily close and you deserved as well as us this title (particularly after the win against roserades) :psysly:
I'm clearly forgetting about someone but yeah this was an incredible experience, thanks you all and see you in tpp (my last year record is 0-x managers)
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GXE and I would always talk about how funny it would be if we won BLT with this stupid logo while other teams had some legit ones yet here we are. After doing basically nothing this BLT (cuz fuck mons) it truly feels like I got carried on some group project. After getting carried, it only makes sense that I do some shoutouts to the people who made this one of my favorite BLTs to take part of:

RaJ.Shoot one of my day ones, 2nd best blt host after me thanks for dealing with all the shit

100%GXE YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. After meeting gxe by chance like 3 years ago after smashing him with cottonee he is one of my closest friends on this site. From getting smashed in metronome lc battles to talking about football to teaming up with him on the stuffulls I knew we would be cooking up something special this BLT. Before BLT started I was kind of hesitant to manage cuz I was basically done with mons but after seeing GXE cooking up shit like "turffield turtwigs" and "viridian virizions" I knew we had to ball. I couldn't ask for a better co manager and I don't think we would be anywhere close to this successful without him running tests and basically supporting every tier except lc (we got rawdogged during the drifloon suspect and swore off that tier). Thanks for managing and dealing with my useless ass and we running it back next year on some threepeat shit.

Blimax While planning for the draft gxe and I knew we wanted you as our OU slot. We thought you were very good and thought we'd have to pay a lot to get you but imagine getting the fucking goat for only 10k. I know this BLT was a bit rough since u were slotted into a wack tier but ty for sticking with it and prepping ur ass off and getting important wins. Sorry for making you play 1000000 turn games and congratulations on winning 2 BLTs in a row!

myjava Before BLT I didn't know who you were but GXE was adamant about you being hella good at OU and someone really worth it in the guaranteed pools. I trusted GXE cuz hes a ladder goat and you fucking popped off this season and was really fun to have u in the chat.

Harshal_08 Another person GXE and I didn't know before BLT but after watching replay and seeing Raj? vouch for you we were really happy to get you. After ur pu game week 1 I knew we got hella lucky with you and you were fucking goated being one of the best OU players this tour and carrying the team getting important ass wins. Ty for the great season!

Wubben Probably the hardest worker on the team always prepping ur ass off and helping with tests. I know you might not be satisfied with you performance but trust me and GXE we could not have gone this far without ur team support and also being awesome to talk with. You really deserve the custom avi!

Demykunst Another teammate who had goated support, always offering to test. Sorry for haxing the fuck out of you with rain during your ladder test games probably didn't know i was trying to snipe you lol. You are one of the kindest people I have met on this site and I hope to continue talking with you!

udongirl Probably my fave moment of the tour was when u brought like 6 choiced mons and still won that shit was fucking hilarious. Another person I didn't really know before the tour but I heard you were a tours fiend and you popped off this tour and your teams were always a treat to work with.

TeamCharm You gave me a fucking heart attack when I saw Xiri asking for a sub when I was at a bar and I nearly shat my pants. Another person I was pretty unfamiliar with but GXE vouched and was adamant on getting you on the team and thank god because u were so funny and carried us through the our with hella wins and good ass team support. Had me sweating in that last game but u pulled it off and congrats!

Decem I know you were in a similar boat with me about that fuck mons attitude but ty for sticking with it and getting us clutch wins and being great to chat with. Good luck in college and it was hella fun seeing you cook up shit like topsy turvy malamar and stunfisk galar.

Maki You fucking popped off this BLT going undefeated and being pretty self-reliant with your teams and prep. You got us hella important wins and I know u wanted that custom avi so congrats!

Serene Grace the fucking LC goat. GXE and I knew you were the first person we wanted on our team cuz ur hella goated and even since last gen I was trying to steal lc teams out of your replays cuz i knew they were built different. Your youtube channel is goated and I am still stealing teams off that shit and learning stuff like why Kakuna is banned in ADV UU or something. Congrats!!!

mammalu It feels like forever since the TP days of playing random ass room tours and seeing you try qualling for some AAA suspect. you were someone I knew who was good from TP but I didnt know you would be THAT good and you were so crucial this season getting important ass wins against a stacked dou pool. That kommoo shit was funny af and I hope to continue teaming with you!

StitChuu My fellow Korean I know u hella wanted a win this tour but ur presence in the chat was invaluable and I felt like u were always there (maybe cuz same timezone idk) always helping us with prep or inviting cool people or just being a nice ass person. Congrats!!

And to the support
blce one of the nicest people I have met on this site ty for ur art and hope to talk to u more in the future!
gorex Baloor kythr Gray Ron...5 Z Strats PrinceOfAllTacos for all ur prep and general team support and chat presence
FatFighter2 Holy Ghost Ainzcrad for all ur help in ubers especial cuz we had no idea what we were doing in that tier (see Decem)
TheFranklin STUFFULS ty for all ur help in ru and also passing me teams
daniYSB for cooking up shit with GXE and tc
umbry for helping so much in DOU and always passing teams to mamm, couldn't have won without you
and anyone else i forgetting ty so much

So close, yet so far. Can't say I expected that we would make it this far, but I also have to admit that it's disappointing to come just inches from winning and come out empty handed. Of course, that's not to say nothing was gained. I'll always remember the memories made and all the amazing people I met. BLT was a great experience for my first tournament on Smogon and I am really happy contribute to all that the Laprases overcame and achieved. The Turtwigs clearly demonstrated that they were undeniably the best team in the tour and their prize is well deserved. Congrats!

From being a new player who couldn't even decide on a tier (I remember listing LC. Imagine that LOL) with fears of whether I would even play to putting up a respectable record, I am super glad Xiri and MJ gave me the opportunity to contribute to the team. I can't thank you guys enough for supporting me every single week.

In particular, I want to thank MJ for bringing Ground when I brought Grass in the Monotype battle where you guys were deciding whether I should play the next week. We take those! But seriously, thank you for taking a chance on me. (Also thank you for the kind words in your post above. I really appreciate it :heart:)

Thank you to Xiri for supplying teams, testing them, and helping me have the highest chance at winning each week. I definitely would not have done as well without you guiding me. You also did a great job at leading the team. Your record was insane but your support was even more important.

Thanks to all my amazing teammates who tried their best no matter the circumstances:

Halaman95 - I appreciate you suffering through a tier you never really played, which is also coincidentally everyone's favorite tier due to it's exciting games, called Ubers.

Zoaw - I know your record wasn't the best but you did a great job at supporting the team. You also had some huge wins against very solid players. Very happy we didn't lose you to the wild dog.

Not Miyan - Never got to know you too well but you had a good overall performance, stepping up big when it mattered most, in the finals. Thanks for keeping your head up even when things weren't looking great.

Mac3 - Amazing job saving our season! The act win wasn't your fault. Things come up in life. And good thing it never mattered in the end.

Tlenit - You were super clutch late in the season, despite a really rough start due to RNG. A huge part in why we made it so far. Thanks for never giving up :D

Velvet - I hope MJ and Xiri were able to cure you of the No Johns disease. Certainly not the best start either, but your effort really picked up. I appreciate how you were always happy to help.

Queso - You did a great job taking over the UU slot! You really picked up steam late in the season and I'll never forgot your tiebreak win in 6 turns. That was insane lmao.

Surfy - Really glad I got to meet you. You were really warm and welcoming. You performed really well despite playing in such a stacked pool of players and gave us life with the win in finals. I remember you sending the friend request when Showdown just implemented the friends list, and despite it being such a small gesture, it really meant a lot to me. Thanks so much!

Henguinie - Sorry for taking over your Mono spot. I appreciate you always trying your best in the difficult OU tier. Your record was far from representative of your level of play.

MagicalXerneas - I know you got down on yourself for making a few mistakes. It's fine. This season just didn't go in your way. Keep your head up. You'll perform to your potential soon if you continue to try.

TMM - If you're somehow reading this, it'll have been a year. If you even remember anything, then props to you. But I respect how you continued to build, test, and support the team despite getting banned.

I also want to thank all the supports that helped despite not receiving anything in return. Especially those of you who came from other teams that got eliminated and still helped us like we were the team that drafted you. Thanks to Acehunter1 (LC), GoldCat (RU), Gray (OU), EternalSnowman (RU, DOU), Trade (Ubers), and Sunrose (DOU). We couldn't have made it without you guys.

Finally, thanks to everyone who made this BLT possible. RajShoot, you did a great job keeping everything smoothly. Thanks to all the competitors and managers who spent their valuable time, especially the 7 who had to deal with my difficult scheduling.

There's no team I would have rather been on than the Laprases. You guys were amazing (expect the first two weeks) and I'm really proud of our resiliency to bounce back after all that tried to stop us. I'd love to run it back and try for another chance to win it all next year, if you guys are still managing and if I'm still playing this game (just don't pay too much and don't expect anything either). Much love, Chess.


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Congratulations to the Turtwigs for winning BLT. It'll be a lie if I say I'm not disappointed, but the Laprases tried our best but we were just a few steps behind you guys. Overall it was an enjoyable yet close series, so I have no regrets.

Like MJ said, our team was on a rollercoaster the entire tour. Asides from getting very unlucky in some of our crucial games, we had some other unfortunate things happen which I won't list here. But despite those negative events, I am really grateful for our team staying positive and not losing motivation. Nobody showed any signs of pessimism and that surge of enthusiasm and positivity really helped us push through to the finals. So thanks every one of you Laprases! I know I've been a little harsh on some of you but please don't take the criticism to heart. Every one of you improved a lot throughout this tour, and that alone pleases me as a manager :D

Now, to the individual shoutouts!

velvet halaman95 you guys probably the roughest season since unfortunately I was of zero help in ubers and we didn't have proper support. Despite that, you guys really did well and stayed positive and supportive of the other players, which I really appreciated! I don't think I succeeded in curing the 'no-john' disease Velvet has but oh well lol

henguinie Not Miyan MagicalXerneas our lovely OU core. Again, my OU knowledge is somewhat limited so I couldn't offer much help here either but you guys worked really together and the synergy you exhibited was amazing! Special mention to henguinie for offering to take up a tier which you're not maining (which probably would have been very stressful so big props to you) and Miyan for that amazing performance for the final week.

TMM despite what happened to you, I'm very grateful that you still stayed positive and dedicated to assisting the UU slot. If I was in your shoes, I would have probably lost all my motivation tbh so I really respect the fact you stayed diligent in building and testing our UU teams. Was fun working with you (again!) and I really hope we can work together again in other tours!

Mac3 z-goat former-zam goat! I was really glad we were able to pick you up again, and you certainly didn't disappoint! You've proved me wrong a lot of times with your sets that I didn't think would work (specs coba hello?), and watching your games was always fun. Hopefully we can be in the same team three years in a row next year? :pray:

tlenit randomly calling me a lilligant hater wtf I kinda felt guilty for making you join BLT when you got haxed for like what 3~4 weeks? But like the cool person you are, you managed to brush it off and make a comeback with a positive record in the end. Those things do happen to us a lot huh? I guess its karma rofl. You're probably sick of hearing me say this by now but I always enjoy teaming up with you and I really appreciate our conversations. Now let's win PUPL

Surfy I was always surprised at how I always woke up to like +200 lines of prep in the LC channel. I really appreciate your strong dedication to your tier, and you should be very proud of your performance despite a very stacked LC pool (especially the finals battle. That was certainly marvelous!). Really enjoyed your supportive presence, and I'm sure the other Laprases did too. Also, special thanks to Acehunter1 for supporting Surfy from start to finish!

Zoaw queso Another tier which I had zero knowledge about rofl. Like the LC channel, this channel has also been flooding with discussion and ideas, and just like the other amazing Laprases, the dedication shown by you two has been amazing. Special thanks to Cheese for taking up the UU slot, and that tiebreaker game... easily the best moment of our season for sure.

ChessRobot Definitely the hidden gem of this tour! The amount of time and effort you put into analyzing and preparing for your game was phenomenal and I think that level of motivation deserves to be fully recognized. Your record was outstanding for a player that has never participated in a team tour before, and I'm certain you have the skills and dedication that will take you very far in your mons career. You're probably not gonna be a cheap buy from the next BLT onwards but I really would like to see you again in my team for sure.

mj we were sooo close this time too rip. It's been 3 years since we managed together, and I really thought we had it this time but alas. I'll always be grateful for offering me the co-manager position 3 years ago, and for continuing to manage with me for 3 years. And I'm older than you which means that you can't retire until I do lmao. Hopefully we can manage again in the future? We're going to reach that trophy someday, I'm sure of it :D

The Laprases finish second place, but we'll be back (maybe)! Overall I had a lot of fun managing and playing, and I hope everyone that participated also feels the same way.

...okay I should get back to work now probably.
Just woke up and omg we are BLT champions, not sure if I can believe it. This was my first BLT tournament and I wasn't even sure about participating because of my lack of skills and my laziness, luckily saba convinced me lmao, love you :heart: . I found myself in one of the best teams I could hope for, full of incredible players and people, furthmore 100%GXE is an incredible manager. I'd like to say a few more words about my teammates, but y'all already know everything, they have been amazing, even the ones who weren't play that precise week like StitChuu, Wubben, Demykunst. I feel like gxe words are (like him) 100% accurate. I need to thank also the external guys who supported me like Lartedipissog L2p Mihowk ho preso il custom prima di te godo Ferrari450 LoSconosciuto voi due siete veramente imbarazzanti però grazie per esserci stati in queste settimane di doubles frenetico. Also big s/o to all other team especially lavander laprases, this final was incredibily close and you deserved as well as us this title (particularly after the win against roserades) :psysly:
I'm clearly forgetting about someone but yeah this was an incredible experience, thanks you all and see you in tpp (my last year record is 0-x managers)
I, I did play finals though
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