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Blue In Green

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Hiya everyone! I have a team to share once again. I believe this is probably my best team thus far. It's pretty solid against most playstyles but still has that Lyd twist to make it unique! And it’s a bit hard to find reliable teams in the post-Zygarde-meta, so RMT’ing it feels only logical, especially when this is my 2000th post after all. I picked “Miles Davis - Blue In Green” for the track of this RMT because not only is it a masterpiece and one of my favorite pieces of music, but it can also act as an allegory to the main core the team is built upon, which is Mega Heracross making use of Grassy Terrain, thus, blue in green. Anyway, without further ado, here is my building process:

My boy Mega Heracross was the starting point of this team. I've tried several times to build around it, but this time the team really seemed to work, as opposed to my previous attemps which I was never quite happy with.

Afterwards, I realized how deadly Mega Heracross gets with Tapu Bulu support. It provides Grassy Terrain, which for one helps keep Mega Heracross healthier, but most importantly, it provides a pseudo-STAB Bullet Seed to Mega Heracross which helps get past Clefable, Toxapex, and several other would-be-threats. Tapu Bulu on its own is an important member though, most notably checking Ash-Greninja but also soft checking the likes of Tapu Lele and Mega Alakazam in case the next team member gets weakened.

Now, every team needs a Steel-type, in the previous iterations of this team. I'd often go with Celesteela to cover Psychic-types, but every time I tried so, the team didn't quite go the way I wanted it to. Then, I decided on a Heart Swap Magearna. It may seem odd to pick that over the classic Assault Vest but Pain Split can give some added longevity in plenty of matchups and Heart Swap makes Reuniclus and Mega Latias, as well as opposing Magearna, a much easier of a matchup.

Next comes Ash-Greninja. Ash-Greninja and Mega Heracross is a core I got from Ske’s Astroworld. It's really solid because Ash-Greninja just wears Pokémon out with Spikes which lets Mega Heracross punch massive holes. Not to mention that most teams rely on Toxapex as their Mega Heracross check, so getting Toxapex weakened for Ash-Greninja is fantastic.

At this point the team didn't have neither a rocker nor a Heatran check. Garchomp was the obvious choice as a Stealth Rock user that also checks Heatran and several other annoying Pokémon. Spreading Toxic on the likes of Landorus-T is pretty nice for Mega Heracross too, and Grassy Terrain aids its longevity by a little bit.

Last but not least, Tornadus-T rounds off the team providing Defog and a safer matchup against the likes of Tapu Bulu, Mega Medicham, and Kartana. It forms a solid core with Garchomp and the rest of the team already handles any annoying Ice-types. With that out of the way, let's take a closer look into this team.

Tapu Bulu

Item: Leftovers
Nature: Careful
Ability: Grassy Surge
EVs: 248 HP | 20 Atk | 184 SpD | 56 Spe
Moves: Horn Leech | Superpower | Stone Edge | Swords Dance

| Role on the Team |
Tapu Bulu provides the much needed Grassy Terrain, which helps Mega Heracross and Magearna. It also acts as a switch in to Ash-Greninja and a secondary soft check to some Psychic-types.

| Set Details |
Swords Dance three attacks may seem odd at a first glance, but Stone Edge is pivotal that way Tapu Bulu isn’t breakfast to Volcarona and both Mega Charizard, you can’t give up Superpower at all, so three attacks it is. Tapu Bulu packs enough Attack for Mega Alakazam and enough Speed for Mega Mawile.

| How to Use |
Just use it as a check to the Pokémon it's meant to check for the most part—mainly Ash-Greninja—but be careful around Protean variants, regardless, Tapu Bulu can tank a hit and OHKO back if need be. On another note, keeping Grassy Terrain up is always nice to help Mega Heracross, Magearna, and Garchomp. You can catch Charizard or Volcarona on the switch with Stone Edge or do it as they set up in front of Tapu Bulu, up to the match really.


Item: Leftovers
Nature: Calm
Ability: Soul Heart
EVs: 248 HP | 28 Def | 96 SpD | 136 Spe
Moves: Flash Cannon | Volt Switch | Pain Split | Heart Swap

| Role on the Team |
Magearna is the team's Steel-type. That means checking Tapu Lele, Mega Alakazam etc. On the other hand, Heart Swap enables it to beat Mega Latias, Reuniclus, and opposing Magearna.

| Set Details |
The Defense EVs let Magearna stomach Landorus-T’s Earthquake from full, or two if Grassy Terrain is up. Magearna packs enough Speed for Mega Mawile, even though they rarely run full investment, it’s pointless to risk it.

| How to Use |
Magearna’s main goal is to stay healthy to check Psychic-types and the likes. With that in mind, try to keep it healthy between Grassy Terrain and Pain Split, or else it will get overwhelmed. Magearna can also tackle some physical attackers like Mega Mawile, Choice Scarf Kartana, and Kyurem-B, but don’t let it get worn down.


Item: Flynium Z
Nature: Timid
Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 88 HP | 160 SpA | 8 SpD | 252 Spe
Moves: Hurricane | Knock Off | Defog | Taunt

| Role on the Team |
Obvious Defogger but also a check to the likes of Kartana and Mega Medicham. Having a Knock Off user and a Taunt user is always nice too and Tornadus-T compiles both jobs pretty well.

| Set Details |
With this EV spread Tornadus-T always stomachs an Ice Beam from Protean Greninja. Taunt is picked over the would-be U-turn to help the matchups against the likes of Toxapex, Gliscor, and TankChomp, stopping them from using hazards, Toxic, or their recovery moves.

| How to Use |
Tornadus-T plays just like how you'd expect it to. Pivot on rockers it checks to keep Stealth Rock away, as well as checks like Kartana, Mega Medicham, and Mega Scizor. Recovering HP with Regenerator is instrumental on certain matchups so use the ability to your advantage. Knock Off is nice to catch Assault Vest Magearna, Leftovers Heatran, and Wiki Berry Rotom-W, don't let them in for free. Supersonic Skystrike can be used on the likes of Toxapex, Garchomp, Gliscor, offensive Landorus-T, Tapu Fini, and several others, it’s just a powerful nuke that can rid you of problematic walls as well as ease revenge killing.


Item: Rocky Helmet
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Rough Skin
EVs: 248 HP | 8 Def | 252 Spe
Moves: Stomping Tantrum | Fire Blast | Toxic | Stealth Rock

| Role on the Team |
Garchomp covers two very important roles. First and foremost, it’s a great Stealth Rock setter, and this hazard is very important for Mega Heracross and Ash-Greninja, especially when stacked with Spikes. It also provides an important check to Heatran, which is a massive threat otherwise.

| Set Details |
While most TankChomp opt for enough Speed for Heatran, full Speed is definitely a cool technique that allows it to get the jump on several problematic wallbreakers in the 95 to 100 base Speed range. Fire Blast is the coverage of choice to roast Mega Scizor and weaken Ferrothorn, not to mention that OHKOing Kartana is always nice

| How to Use |
Your bread and butter with Garchomp is coming into the likes of Heatran and getting up your easy Stealth Rock. However, Garchomp should feel entitled to switch into other Pokémon, such as Mega Scizor and Magnezone, in case Tornadus-T is weakned, you can add Kartana to that list too. Garchomp can also make some agressive switch-ins into Pokémon such as Magearna, Mega Mawile, Mega Medicham, and Kyurem-B, however be mindful of the risk these plays take and only do them if they’re crucial for a win. On another note, try to catch the likes of Landorus-T and Tornadus-T on the switch with Toxic, badly poisoning the former helps Mega Heracross take it on, and doing the same the latter means an easier time keeping up hazards.


Item: Heracrossite
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Moxie | Skill Link
EVs: 136 HP | 216 Atk | 4 Def | 152 Spe
Moves: Close Combat | Bullet Seed | Rock Blast | Sword Dance

| Role on the Team |
The star of the team. Mega Heracross provides an invaluable role to the team as a wallbreaker: it's the team's main source of power. However, it also acts as an offensive switch in to the likes of Kartana and Weavile, and considering how threatening these two are, it’s always nice to have a backup.

| Set Details |
Bullet Seed should be evident, but if it isn't, it enableas Mega Heracross to overcome checks like Clefable and Toxapex with Tapu Bulu’s support. Leaving out Pin Missile may seem odd, but Heart Swap Magearna already covers Pin Missile’s main targets. The EV spread gets the jump on your typical Rotom-W when it comes to Speed. The Attack investment reaches a jump point and the remaining EVs are invested towards bulk so that Mega Heracross better handles Kartana and other physical attackers if need be.

| How to Use |
While Mega Heracross can switch into Kartana or Weavile in extreme cases, you're usually better off using Tornadus-T and Magearna, respectively, as Mega Heracross is the team’s main wallbreaker, and should be preserved as such. Try to pull doubles to bring it in. Or just bring it into Pokémon that don’t immediately threaten it, such as Tapu Bulu, Ferrothorn, and Tangrowth.


Item: Choice Specs
Nature: Timid
Ability: Battle Bond
EVs: 252 SpA | 4 SpD | 252 Spe
Moves: Hydro Pump | Dark Pulse | Water Shuriken | Spikes

| Role on the Team |
Ash-Greninja is the team's main win condition. Spikes support is also very nice and puts plenty of pressure for Mega Heracross. It's also a respectable priority user, which vastly improves the team's rather rough offense matchup.

| Set Details |
Not much to talk about here, in all honesty. I barely consider other variants of Ash-Greninja that aren't identical to this one mostly due to how much Choice Specs and Spikes bring to the table.

| How to Use |
As Ash-Greninja will likely be the win condition in most games, it’s very important not to play recklessly with it, unless necessary. Laying down Spikes should be done often to help out Mega Heracross, but try some mix ups not to get overly predictable, or else, you may be risking the team's main win condition.


So that’s the team, and I hope you liked it! Here’s a couple of replays of “Blue in Green” in action:

(click the sprites for the replay)

(click the sprites for the replay)

(click the sprites for the replay)

And now time to shoutout some friends (in no particular order at all!!!):

OU People
- OU C&C -

Talah Thanks for all the help lately with teams including some tweaks to this very team. You're one of the nicest people I've met in this site and outstanding builder and player. Best of luck in SPL bruvv!!
Leo Sadly most of our interactions we just end up annoying one another, but you're a really cool dude and I'm grateful you added me to OU QC and all.
GMars Also thanking you for the OU QC spot, means a lot to me. It's ya boi GEEEEEMARS!!!
Jordy You're a great analysis writer and QC'er but more than that you're a great friend, big fan.

- OU Forum -

TPP You're a wonderful friend, always nice to have some random conversations on Discord. And now that my classes are starting again we'll continue the tradition of talking when it's 6:30am for me and 3:30am for you lol.
Indigo Plateau you're a great friend too! Wish you popped up on PS! a bit more frequently but it's w/e. Will also be nice to host the OU seasonals with you too bruvv, I'm hyped.
Finchinator Thanks for the CC badge and approving so many OU forum projects, you're the best forum leader OU could ever have.
curiosity Nice to see how far you've gotten with that green badge of yours. You're a really good friend and I still wish we could surf together in aussieland some day. Also thanks for helping me out with replays :)
Colonel M Arguably the best and most strict mod OU has ever seen, but you're a nice dude inside. You should recommend me a Fire Emblem game some day by the way.

- OU PS! Room -

ShinyUnown laser火circus FMG quziel Jytcampbell Srn false Thanks for the presence in OU Room and the Discord too, always nice to talk to you guys there every once in a while! Special thanks to false for the driver promotion.

- Other OU friends -

sed You're an excellent friend, even if you do quit mons I hope to see you around in PS! or Discord every once in a while. I won't forget the voice promotion nor the one team or two we built together.
Ske Baloor You guys are excellent builders and strong inspirations for me to step my teambuilding game up, thanks for that!
LL you're a hardworking dude and a nice friend, hope you get a real badge someday. Also suck Mannat.
Mellow Hope you get a real badge (or two) someday too lol. Also nice to talk to you on Crew Discord every once in a while.

— Other Tiers —
- NU -

banks Rabia Realistic Waters Abejas Your tier is cool and you guys were super receptive when I started playing it, thanks a lot.

- DOU -

talkingtree Level 51 n10sit I kind of gave up on DOU because I'm disastrously bad, but your tier is really nice and thanks for the occasional QC checks and DOU Discord conversations!

— Other PS! Rooms —
- The Studio -

Surgeon vivalospride Clouds Rageeeee StarBlim MDM Arrested Your room is so nice!! Thanks for the voice promotion (ily surg) and being so receptive of my presence in the room :) don't tell it to OU room but you guys really are the best PS! room by far imho.

- Trainer's Academy -

Most TA people were already tagged in other sections but thanks TPP, quzieL, A Cake Wearing A Hat, decem and curiosity for being nice presences in the room and giving me voice.

— Miscellaneous Groups Of People —
- Crew -

Nuked yogi allstarapology Bebo Qplaz Stoward Noisy martha A Cake Wearing A Hat Jho Algeria neomon Gross Sweep Simia Anish Eien nui tondas DKM MFJK GW vso Sun roman Decem Moosical CKW Chloe and anyone from Crew not here too. I love Crew so much and each one of you guys are all really nice people :) special thanks to Algeria and neomon for helping me with replays.

- Translations People -

Mitsuki Luna Perry Darksafadao Ropalme1914 Yay HappydaTropa Muito fã de vocês, valeu por ajudar no projeto de traduções que é muito foda e eu devia participar mais :/
TMan87 Was nice to collab with you on the pokebio and poketunes articles, hope we get to keep this tradition going!
Cretacerus Love all the arts you do, you're so talented bruvv. Also still hoping for a Germany versus Brasil rematch in which we win 8-1.
AlphaWittem Thanks for all the help compiling cms changes and taking care of OU room when we're all offline :)
Moutemoute Naziel Flare Altariel von Sweep Aishia S. Court Averardo Hubriz big fan of you guys too!

- Smogon Social Media -

P Squared Kalalokki vzxt dream frostration Ticken Blueforce Big fan of you guys :) also thanks to the first three letting me help out in the twitter and facebook departments!

- Other People -

inactive I swear I tried I couldn't fit you anywhere. Big fan though.


And that wraps up my RMT, thanks for reading, hope you enjoy it :)​
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Quality team lydinator

Only improvements I can suggest are pretty minor and honestly a little wonky so bear with me.
You could try U-turn over Spikes on Ash Greninja. The vast majority of the time Spikes is better, but because this team has Mega Heracross, I think that ash-gren u-turning on grasses to give mega heracross a free switch-in will do more damage than laying down a spike will. That's subjective, but I think its definitely worth considering, as its something thats been used on other teams I've seen before and worked quite well.

I dont think fire blast on rh chomp nails any meaningful 2hkos/ohkos that flamethrower doesnt get, and i'd rather not miss. Ya still 2hko mega scizor, still ohko kartana, and ferro was gonna tank with leech seed anyway. Flamethrower>Fire Blast on RH Chomp

I leave this one for last because its the weirdest, but you could experiment with Coba Berry>Leftovers on Tapu Bulu. This would mainly serve to play more aggressively with SD tapu bulu and be able to 1v1 torn-t's with stone edge, which would really give a lot more freedom to mega heracross, as it wouldn't have to predict rock blast to prevent torn from pivoting in and forcing you out.
On the flipside, you could altogether just run Protect over Stone Edge because this team is pretty weak to z-bounce gyarados.

That's all I got hf


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Hmm is this TOTW material?


Probably not.

Jokes aside...

Team looks solid.
I agree with the person above U-Turn might be better than Spikes and I'd also swap Bullet Seed for Substitute on Heracross. I prefer to have status protection and more setup opportunities.
Cool take on Mega-Heracross. Back during last years OST I made something similar in structure (although it had three different mons) with Amoonguss/Zapdos/Jirachi over Bulu/Tornadus/Magearna, mael and I used that team a lot. Personally I am missing a scarfer on this team and I dont think Ash-Greninja is enough to revenge kill with, especially on a rather offensive team like this one. I would normally just suggest Jirachi over Magearna, however, that would result in you struggling against Tornadus and I really like what Magearna does for you so instead I'm going to suggest you switch Bulu to a choice scarfed set. Your team is bulky enough for a slower scarfer, especially in combination with Ash-Greninja, and Tapu Bulu still checks most of the threats you've mentioned. Additionally, Stone Edge is very valuable on the choice scarfed set and will allow you to lure the threats you mentioned (Charizard, Volcarona etc.) even better, which is very appreciated on your team since you've stacked a few fire weaks. You can play around with bulk/atk/speed investment, I dont think you necessarily need 252 in either of those for the scarfed set.

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