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Requested Greninja

Deposited Ekans LV8, male, dusk ball


Message “Please trade Pokémon with me. Thanks in advance”

If it’s possible I’d like it without a nickname.

My original sun game died and took my shiny Greninja with it so I’ve been trying Masuda method one and I’m at 3,000+ eggs with no luck.
Yeah if blackout doesn't mind the info from their game being in a video, then mawile will be on YouTube in a homemade video explaining how to do nincadas split evolution
Well I am gonna have to redo the video, so I just won't use any Pokemon in my party without my OT and ID (other than event pokemon)
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Hey blue this time I am requesting shiny Greninja (naive, protean, male), no nickname please
Deposited Cutiefly named Blue24
In pokeball
Level 8
Message I want to fill my Pokedex with other languages.
I set the level and the gender

Thank you
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Requesting: Max Optimizers Toxapex Nature: Bold HA: Regenerator
Deposited: Level 8 Female Rattata Quick Ball named Blue24
IGN: Markos
MSG: I want to trade for a Pokemon that is strong in battles.

Thanks heaps mate!
Request: Gyarados (taunt moveset) (nicknamed)
Deposit: Level 1 Male Charmander nick'd "Blue24"
IGN: Flarey

EDIT: The Tyraunt I posted earlier got sniped. I have another Shiny Gyarados now tho ^_^

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Req: Salamance (nicknamed)
Nature: Jolly | Ability: Intimidate | Held item: random
Deposit: Gible lvl 1
Ign: Vsl
Ultra moon (Europe)
Requested Pokémon


Nature: timid

Item: electrium Z

Deposited Pokemon:

Croagunk/ nickname: blue24

Lvl 1 pokeball

Ot: Papa Austin

Trade message: Pokémon just hatched
Wanted - naive mence
deposited - Mudbraynn Blue24 13F
IGN - afset
I want to fill my pkdex
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Gengar (nicknamed)
nature timid
held item mago berry

Spearow (Blue24)
lvl 10
Gender female
ball net ball

IGN: BatataKawaii
Message Please trade Pokémon with me. Thanks in advance

Thanks in advance bro :)
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Wanted - Toxic Aegislash
Deposited - Lilipup "Blue24" 12M
IGN -afset
I want to fill my pkdex
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