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Fat Team is?

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Hi I am Yifeng (Bob the Bro), the first Kiwi to top the UU ladder (I think).

Warning: If you don't like fat teams then I suggest you turn back now.

I am writing this RMT mainly to showcase my team, but I’d also like to get feedbacks/suggestions regarding the team and to perhaps inspire newcomers with building fat teams.

This team, alongside my Mega-Houndoom team was what I used to achieve rank 1 for the first time in UU. Since then, this team has kept me consistently at the upper ladder. I'd like to mention that the inspiration behind this team was from Dingbat's OG team, but with some quite drastically different sets.

The team at a glance:

Note: Prior to the September drops, I had a band Victini in place of Togekiss.

In-depth analysis of each Pokemon:

Aggron @ Aggronite

Ability: Sturdy

EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD

Careful Nature

IVs: null Spe

- Stealth Rock

- Roar

- Heavy Slam

- Metal Burst

M-Aggron is arguably one of the fattest physical walls in existence, armed with the amazing ability filter, it will eat up any unboosted physical moves in the tier. Thus it will serve as our stealth rock'er and phazer. Being a mega, you can freely switch Aggron into knock offs and sponge it. M-Aggron, being a pure steel type and with amazing defensive stats and ability, will be able to check the scariest of physical sweepers in the tier, such as M-Aerodactyl and M-Absol. It will also stop any fairies in the tier, and OHKO or 2HKO it back with heavy slam.

Now comes the interesting part, Metal Burst. If you've played UU enough, you'd know that metal burst is almost non-existent on M-Aggrons. Metal Burst serves as a trumpcard for M-Aggron. Due to its ability to take just about any one hit, it will pull off the Burst most of the time and surprise the heck out of your opponent. If a pokemon is destroying your team and you're sick of its shit, switch into this monster and destroy its life with Metal Burst. Note that prior to it mega, normal Aggron has sturdy, which comes in handy sometimes to pull off the Burst. With Metal Burst, it can sometimes kill things that stops the usual M-Aggron set, like Rotom-Heat (Given it's not specs) and Blastoise. M-Aggron is somewhat of an unexpected check to common threats such as Crocune and Togekiss. If a Crocune is setting up in your face, just go into Blissey, pass a wish to M-Aggron to get back to full and spam Metal Burst, even at +6, Crocune Scald does 90% at max to specially defensive M-Aggron. With Togekiss, +2 Air Slash does around 30%, so assuming you don't get flinched 3 times in a row, Heavy Slam will OHKO any Togekiss without significant defensive investment.

With the September drops, it might be worth considering Dragon Tail over Roar, due to the Smeargle-Geo-Pass-Espeon cancerous core. However Geo-Pass Smeargle is very rare in high ladder, so ultimately the decision is up to you.

Krookodile @ Choice Band

Ability: Intimidate

EVs: 208 Atk / 48 Def / 252 Spe

Adamant Nature

- Pursuit

- Knock Off

- Earthquake

- Superpower/Stone Edge

Probably one of my favourite Pokemons in the tier. It's basically there to trap things and get rid of items, and sometimes pull off sweeps on a weakened team. With a Choice Band, Krookodile is by far the most powerful pursuit trapper in the tier. It will kill a lot of threats if you catch them switching out. If your opponent has something like a Victini in their team, make sure you lead with Krookodile, as they will most likely to UTurn out and you can snatch a free kill turn 1. If your opponent is smart and see the pursuit coming when they have Victini in, they will V-Create. The 48 EV's in defence is to ensure Krookodile will take V-Creates 100% of the time from Jolly Banded Victini. Even if Victini wasn't the lead, Krookodile in conjunction with Alomomola is almost a perfect counter to Victini (Yes Victini is that much of a threat). Knock off is the obligatory utility moves, it's there just because it's STAB Knock Off and it will destroy things (most of the time). Earthquake on Banded Krookodile is amazing after you've taken down any flying types/levitators. For the filler move, I personally run Superpower to hit things its STABs can't hit as hard, like Hydreigon and Scrafty. But now that I think of it, Stone Edge is probably more viable because of all the Togekiss's that’s running around.


Ability: Infiltrator

EVs: 56 HP / 252 Atk / 200 Spe

Jolly Nature

- Acrobatics

- Defog

- Roost

- Taunt

Due to the nature of the team, having counters to just about every Pokemon in the tier, you’d be switching out very often. It’s essential to keep the hazards off your side of the field. Defog is the superior choice over Rapid Spin as it is far easier to defog than it is to spin and this team doesn’t necessarily need its hazards up to win. Crobat was definitely the best candidate for the role of a Defogger. Alongside its fantastic typing, with Crobat’s blazing speed, only Sableye, M-Aerodactyl, Tornadus (very uncommon) and Whimsicott (even more uncommon) would be able to taunt it to stop the Defog.

Roost is there for the reliable recovery and taunt is to stop things from recovering or setting up or doing any other annoying things. I personally like to run itemless Crobat with Acrobatics. In conjunction with taunt, it allows Crobat to beat Blissey 1 on 1 and it’s just overall more reliable as Brave Bird means you might waste precious turns roosting up due to the recoil. It also allows Crobat to switch into Knock Off’s. But you can choose to run Brave Bird with either Black Sludge or Sky Plate for the extra power. Jolly 200 speed EV’s allows it to outspeed everything in the tier barring M-Aerodactyl.

Togekiss @ Leftovers

Ability: Serene Grace

EVs: 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 Spe

Timid Nature

- Air Slash

- Nasty Plot

- Roost

- Heal Bell

The purpose of this Togekiss set is simple: stay alive and flinch everything to death. Max speed to outspeed as many things as possible and flinch them. Max HP to take as many hit as possible. As of now, Togekiss is probably the most hated Pokemon in UU, and it’s for a good reason. Roost and Heal Bell will make people even more mad as it can’t be stalled out. Even the fattest of special walls can be taken down if you get enough flinches. This Togekiss does have trouble going through steel types, but Krookodile eats them. Togekiss is probably the best this team has for Crocune, you have to Nasty Plot up and hope you can flinch it to death.

Blissey @ Leftovers

Ability: Natural Cure

EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD

Calm Nature

- Seismic Toss

- Wish

- Heal Bell

- Protect

Alomomola @ Rocky Helmet

Ability: Regenerator

EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD

Impish Nature

- Wish

- Toxic

- Scald

- Knock Off

I’ll discuss these two fat bastards together since they’re the best of butt buddies. Blissey alone walls every single special attacker in the tier if they don’t set up, even with no investment in special defence. Alomomola alone walls 95% of physical attackers in the tier if they don’t set up. I run wish on both of them as they both have a gargantuan HP stat and one wish will heal any other team member back to full. Wish also lets these two pivot between and heal each other and do other butt buddy activities. When used together, even without making too many predictions, these two are almost invincible.

Blissey is fully invest in defence because it does not need any special defence investments to take special hits at all, Focus Blast coming off max special attack M-Ampharos does 44% at max. So it is in the best interest of the team for Blissey to be fully defensive to take Psyshocks and other physical moves better. I have two Heal Bell users on my team because Togekiss carries it just for itself, but Blissey is a team player and carries it for the rest of the team.

Blissey’s physical counterpart, Alomomola, Of course, will be fully defensive to eat up physical hits. Rocky helmet is there to punish any physical attackers, especially if it’s switching in to take a Brave Bird or Flare Blitz. And Because Alomomola has Regenerator, Protect and Leftovers will be somewhat redundant. So instead Alomomola carries Knock Off, to get rid of items and just be a nuisance in general. Scald is the obligatory STAB that just about every water type carries. Finally, Toxic prevents set ups and to wear down opposing walls.

Ultimately, the purpose of these two are to tank hits and keep the whole team healthy. Play these two right and you’ll have yourself an easy win. But do be careful of opposing set up Pokemons, and switch into the appropriate counter accordingly.

Threats to this team:

I will explain why the following Pokemons are scary to this team and the procedures I personally would take to deal with them.


Crocune is arguably one of the most annoying pokemon in the tier, nothing can take it out reliably and it will become a huge threat after a few Calm Minds. As previously mentioned, Togekiss is the best this team has for Crocune, if it tries to set up, then just set up yourself and flinch it to death. Should this fail, M-Aggron can revenge it with Metal Burst if it has enough hp. As a last resort, you should weaken it to about half HP and then Krookodile can take it out with Earthquake from there.


No Chandelure sets are particularly threatening to this team other than the Sub-Calm Mind variant. The main special wall of the team, Blissey, has no way of hitting it and will become set up bait for it. Thus, care must be taken when scouting for the Opposing Chandelure set. The way I usually deal with Sub-CM is either to come in with Crobat and kill it with Acrobatics if it’s low enough, if not, I would bring in Alomomola to Knock Off until it kills Alomomola, ensuring it does not have a sub up then I would come in with Krookodile and pursuit trap it.


Lucario is the most dangerous threat to this team, especially the physical Swords Dance set. After one Swords Dance it can plow through half of the team. Exercise caution when playing around Lucario. Do not let it set up. Seismic toss it with Blissey if you know it’s going to set up. If you’re locked into Knock Off with Krookodile and Lucario comes in, Knock Off will 2HKO it. I will reiterate: do not let it set up. If it carries Crunch instead of Bullet Punch then Togekiss can check it easily. Otherwise I would sac something and then come in with Krookodile to revenge kill it, as a +1 (after Intimidate) Extremespeed will not kill Krookodile. If all else fails, Alomomola will be able to take a +2 Close Combat and you can fish for a Scald burn.


Again, any choiced Haxorus set will post no threat to the team. The set to look out for is the Dragon Dance set, do not worry about the Dragon Dance+Swords Dance set as Togekiss is a perfect switch in to it. Haxorus after a Dragon Dance or two will sweep if M-Aggron and Alomomola isn’t at a healthy amount of HP. The way to deal with Haxorus is rather simple, go out into something that it can’t kill with Earthquake or Poison jab, fish for the Outrage then switch into M-Aggron and proceed to tank and kill it. Another way is to go into Alomomola, Knock Off its Lum Berry then toxic it and proceed to stall it out.


Vs Dudeman

Vs King UU

Vs Factor during my PSPL match

Vs Cancer Core

Vs zTerribadTastic

Final Words:
The teambuilding is only half of what it takes to win games. Play the team and play it right. Play intelligently and strategically. Make predictions according to your opponent's skill level. Weight the risk against the rewards when making gambles. Do all these correctly and you'll come out victorious.

Shoutouts to RowDog and a few other guys from the UU chatroom for helping me out with this.


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Very good team. I hardly even have a suggestion to make. What I'll say is that at times, switch up moxie with intimidate on Krook. Considering it's your only hard hitter, it's important for it to be able to dismantle bulky offence, which it can do with it's relatively good speed.
Very good team. I hardly even have a suggestion to make. What I'll say is that at times, switch up moxie with intimidate on Krook. Considering it's your only hard hitter, it's important for it to be able to dismantle bulky offence, which it can do with it's relatively good speed.
I have used Moxie before but then it can't check Lucario as well, the struggle is real.

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