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Braviary stands out in SS DOU as a strong attacker with nifty ways to provide Speed control, though also as one that's vulnerable to quickly getting overwhelmed
  • pretty much a really good speed control bot, can be a great pick for offensive teams on the faster side
  • high attack and great offensive typing in flying makes it a brazy hitter, with middling Speed and above average bulk to go with it
  • one of the few actual speed control mons in the tier, nice access to tailwind : )
  • defiant allows it to bring further support by taking advantage of wyrmwinds and intims
  • nice access to two great max moves in airstream and knucks, allows brav to double as both a potent supporter and strong attacker
  • offers very little defensive utility due to bland typing, relies on fat HP stat and not much else; can easily find itself checked down due to this
  • one dimensional and its middling speed can leave it simple enough to stop as it takes a while to actually get going
  • walled by elecs, exca gives it a hard time too due to being able to circumvent its brav's niche for a bit with Sand Rush + being able to hit hard with slide / rockfall
name: Speed Control
move 1: Brave Bird
move 2: Close Combat
move 3: Tailwind
move 4: Protect
item: Lum Berry / Sitrus Berry
ability: Defiant
nature: Adamant
evs: 228 HP / 64 Atk / 216 Spe

Set Description
  • Moves
    • BB is STAB bro
    • CC for coverage against threats that resist BB such as Tar, Exca, and Corv
    • Tailwind makes team go fast
    • Protect
  • set details
    • spread + nature outruns Adamant base 75s (Vish, Zolt) and KOs Exca with CC
    • Lum for burns from the likes of Rotoms and Arcanine, Sitrus = longevity,
Usage Tips
  • this guy fits well on offensive teams that appreciate the combination of tailwind + strong attacker in one package, as well as teams that may be packing one physical attacker too many and is thus too weak to intimidate
  • rly important consider the board states when using brav, especially considering how prone Brav is to getting quickly smashed in practice bc lol typing
  • very exceptional mon to dynamax as it supports its team while also razing the opponent's team ie no real tempo loss, also leverages its HP stat really well
    • take note of speed tiers when it comes to airstream boosts
    • knucks is really nice when used along physical attackers too, but watch out when u need it to kill something as it's weaker than cc
  • when dynamaxing brav isn't an option or when u prefer speed control with more general applications, tailwind is valuable af
    • using tailwind forces brav to stay in on normal size form for a while, but it's much more handy in exchanges where brav isn't a star player
      • tailwind sacks are fine-ish plays to make occasionally when brav more or less has outlived his usefulness; this is something that can be reliably done postmax after racking up boosts
    • it's also important to be able to differentiate when to tailwind and when to just attack lol
  • leverage defiant when you can, especially as a support tool alongside physical attacking partners

Team Options
  • middling speed attackers (Dracovish, Exca, Sylveon)
  • physical attackers in general because they appreciate defiant
  • mons that can deal with rotoms (Mold Breaker Exca, Dragapult, Hydreigon)
  • mons that can deal with exca and rocks e.g. rhyp, tar
    • waters, rotom-w the fish, gastro
    • arcanine can intim them down and burn them but he's dicey
    • steels in exca and corv can fare well + increase D with Steelspike
  • anti-TR measures specifically because brav is a tailwind setter and u really should be prepared for this
    • spread attackers like exca, tar, sylv
    • big dragapult

Other Options
  • facade or giga impact, hits Rotoms lol while also making foes slower when Brav is maxed
    • this set can also run wacan!
  • Charti
  • u-turn is never bad probably, it's probably only ok! also it's probably nice with flutterby
    • could be nice with CB

Checks and Counters

**Electric-types**: rotom formes and Dracozolt, for obvious reasons. can get smashed by tbolt pult too

**Rock-types**: rock hits won't be fun to eat no lie. Rhyp, Exca, and Tar can do the dash on Brav though Exca and Tar can get OHKOd by CC

**Corviknight**: walled lol

**Faster Attackers**: lack of resists means that i can get hit p hard quickly, esp important since it takes some time to get useful as an offensive piece

**Opposing Speed Control**: these are entirely antagonistic to brav's entire niche lol; TR from Dusclops or TWind from like Corv

**Burns**: rotom formes and arc, though lum can give brav a pass once

- Written by: [[Memoric, 215000]]
- Quality checked by: [[username1, userid1], [username2, userid2], [username3, userid3]]
- Grammar checked by: [[username1, userid1], [username2, userid2]]
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  • [Set] I'd probably slash Lum first; you already have Defiant for Intimidate so having Lum for burns makes Braviary immune to the traditional Attack-lowering strategies
  • [Usage Tips] I'd point out that DMaxing weakens your Fight STAB, so don't DMax against something you need to KO with CC
  • [OO] Rock Slide sounds really bad to me, nix that one. I also would say Iron Head is worthless bc Corv exists
  • [OO] When you point out U-turn, could add a CB set with BB/CC/Uturn/TW or something? I think I've seen that before and it seems okay
The rest looks pretty good to me, QC 1/2

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