Brazil's Fantasy - Round 3


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Brazil's Fantasy

Are you tired of the current state of USM?
Are you tired of hearing that it's a fun and healthy metagame?
Don't you shiver in anger after seeing the same 4 mons every single game?
Don't you miss the good ol' days of bop and bang instead of 70 turns of fat and zzz?
Wait no more, young lad(y). We got something for you!

We were discussing in the br chat how the meta would be with those guys around so we decided to make it happen. This tour is a basic Bo3 USM OU tour, except Aegislash, Deoxys-D and Landorus-I are free. That's right, the boys are back.

  • General tournament rules and regulations, which can be found here.
  • Standard SM OU rules.
  • Tournament will be single elimination.
  • Matches will be best of three.
  • Aegislash, Deoxys-D and Landorus-I are allowed.
Round 3

Century Express vs Caetano93
Kebab mlml vs Randomnick
Amphareixon vs pinktidal
Destiny Device vs Twixtry
vs Rainy Dreams
Yadava vs Anish
Myzozoa vs Leo

Deadline for Round 3: Monday, April 23th at 11:59 PM GMT-3.

Thanks to Luigi for making the pairings again.
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