[Breedject Giveaway] HA Popplio/Rowlet + more! [CLOSED]

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Requested: Litten
Deposited: Lvl 2 Rattata (Female)
IGN: Raphael
Message:I want to trade for a pokemon that is strong in battles

Thank you!
Pokemon wanted: Bulbasaur
Pokemon Deposited: Lv1 female Carvanha
IGN: Moose
Message: This is a Pokemon that I just hatched. Please raise it carefully.

Thank you for doing this for the community!
Deposited: lvone male Chimpchar named Panflam in a level ball
Want: 0 atk iv male Larvesta
IGN: Mertyville

thx snippedd
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Pokémon wanted: Long Reach Rowlet
Deposited: LV 32 female Krokorok
IGN: Shaddie
Message: I want to trade for a Pokémon that is strong in battles.

Thanks in advance! :)
Hello Josh
Pokemon requested: ralts male trace 6iv if possible
Deposited cutiefly level 1 male hardy in great ball
IGN GBunglezippy
Message please trade Pokemon with me thanks in advance
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Pokemon requested: dhelmise
Deposited pokemon: Fearow level 38 female in a pokeball
IGN: Hammerhead
Message: I want to fill my pokedex
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Hey! I'm back. Thanks for the mimikyu was useful for my bss team. I want to request larvesta if possible i will say I prefer link trades still because of snipes
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