Done Bring back Sun and Moon VGC 2019 series back in the Challenges opponent.

Hello, even though sun and moon formats have ended already, they are one of my favorite formats up to date, with removing them completely from showdown (as in only created tours allowed) it really does not give any profit. With sun and moon series still there I think we can make use of it such as:
- Making a tournament with it (Nostalgia Tour) Bo3 with money prize
- Have more Gen Format battle (vgc 15,16,17,18,sun,moon,ultra) maybe we can make a draft league with all formats intact (?)

I see more profit on keeping them in showdown as they may have expired, but they are still a part of a vgc tournament format. Thank you
Seconding this, removing them has/will throw a slight wrench into some vgc tours. Not the end of the world or anything but I think the vgc community would be very thankful to get them both back since they're only a few months old and still very popular (and hell even vgc18 is still up).


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I spoke about this with The Immortal earlier, and I suppose this thread would be a good way to repeat my thoughts publicly and more thoroughly.

Maintaining legacy VGC support is nice for convenience sake in challenging, for organizing in the teambuilder, and for tournament organizers still hosting tournaments in Sun/Moon Series. The VGC room has hosted room tournaments infrequently for Sun/Moon Series despite Ultra Series being the current format. For Sun Series, we've hosted 4-5 room tours in most recent months, with 2-3 in others since Sun Series ended in January; we similarly average around 2-3 Moon Series room tours per month since the format ended.

Room tours are relatively trivial, though; I already have implemented rules for custom Ultra Series tournaments that emulate Sun/Moon Series on VGC's roombot. The convenience of Sun/Moon Series for other tournaments is more valuable. A good example of a major tournament held recently was the Moon Series Invitational, held June 9-10, which garnered support from Trainer Tower. Another important upcoming tournament would use Sun/Moon Series would be VGC's World Cup, which runs similarly to Smogon World Cup, but is hosted by Trainer Tower.

Although Sun/Moon Series were not the formats held by the World Championships, they were represented by two large international tournaments in Brazil and Australia, and these formats were an integral part of qualification for the World Championships this season for many players. We'd be able to manage without Sun/Moon Series, but it'd sure be nice to have them as challengeable formats if possible.
While being on the ladder seems pointless given it is not being officially ran at the moment, it feels wrong to have them outright removed. They are still definitely being played by a multitude of people, as DaWoblefet has said. The formats are still far from dead.

At least having them available for tours, challenging privately and such would be appreciated for sure.

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