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not sure if this is the right place but shiftry should be able to get any combination of stab moves in stabmons
This is caused by this issue:-

The hardcoded banlist in the 'Pokemon' ruleset incorrectly takes precedence over legality-expanding rulesets such as 'STABmons Move Legality', disallowing sets that should be legal.

How to Replicate:-

1. Import the following set and validate it as [Gen 7] STABmons team:-

Ability: Chlorophyll
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Leaf Blade
- Sucker Punch

This set should be legal in STABmons because Shiftry has Grass/Dark typing and Leaf Blade and Sucker Punch are non-restricted Grass and Dark type moves, respectively.

2. Click validate. The validator will throw the following error:-

Your team was rejected for the following reasons: - Shiftry has the combination of Shiftry + Leaf Blade + Sucker Punch, which is impossible to obtain legitimately.

I got the endless battle clause because my heatran didn't make a move for about 14 turns but I had other pokemon left and so did my opponent
I was just about to report this myself; it seems like there is currently something seriously wrong with endless battle clause. In this case, Heatran is not losing HP or PP due to continued freeze status and leftovers, but Ninetales should still be losing PP from using Freeze Dry. However, the battle states the false conclusion "All active Pokémon are in an endless loop" and considers it an endless battle.

This battle, reported to me, came to an even more sudden and bizarre end (Turn 22):-

Turn 22

The opposing Mewtwo used Extreme Evoboost!
The opposing Mewtwo's Attack rose sharply!
The opposing Mewtwo's Defense rose sharply!
The opposing Mewtwo's Special Attack rose sharply!
The opposing Mewtwo's Special Defense rose sharply!
The opposing Mewtwo's Speed rose sharply!
The opposing Mewtwo ate its Leppa Berry!
The opposing Mewtwo restored PP to its Extreme Evoboost move using Leppa Berry!

Mewtwo used Stoked Sparksurfer!
(The opposing Mewtwo lost 28% of its health!)
The opposing Mewtwo is paralyzed! It may be unable to move!
Mewtwo lost some of its HP!

[The opposing Mewtwo's Harvest]
The opposing Mewtwo harvested one Leppa Berry!

Mewtwo is in an endless loop: it got a Leppa Berry it didn't start with.
All active Pokémon are in an endless loop. Endless Battle Clause activated!
Both sides started with a Leppa Berry.

The battle text falsely claims that "both sides started with a Leppa Berry", even though icemaster523's Mewtwo was always equipped with a Life Orb. This situation seems problematic even if both sides were equipped with Leppa, though, especially (though not only) because one side lost HP this turn as well.

It seems like at the point at which only one side of a battle is beginning to fulfill its part of the endless battle condition - which I believe previously/under other conditions(?) displayed a warning like "If both Pokemon enter an endless loop, endless battle clause will activate" - can now immediately trigger endless battle clause by itself, contradicting the content of the battle text. There might be other problems as well, but I couldn't find a source that explains the precise conditions that are actually supposed to trigger endless battle clause, and auth in Help didn't know either, though they were confident in calling the current behaviour buggy.


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Endless battle clause bug:

Trevant was Taunted out of its attacks and struggled, but recoverded with harvest + sitrus. However, it still had more PP in its other attacks and my team had ways to deal with it even when it was recovering its recoil damage.

Furthermore, when the clause triggered, Trevant wasn’t even Taunted and my currently active mon did not even have Taunt. So I’m not sure what caused this other than the game thinking that switching with Trevant and the Struggle loop it was once in whats the flag.
http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ru-900826580 Z-Memento Effect is not applied on turn 35 after interacting with clear body from registeel. This is a bug, as on bulbapedia it states, "If powered up by a Darkinium Z into Z-Memento, if a Pokémon is switched in to replace the user the same turn, that Pokémon has its HP fully restored (even if Z-Memento was not used successfully after gaining its Z-Power effect)."
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Using Minior, after the 'shields down' ability activates, the sprite color of Minior reverts to the default red. I chose the green color in team builder. Minior's color is correct when sent into battle and in the fainting animation.

The bug happened in the second-to-last turn of this replay:

I was using Galvanize Golem-Alola and i should get an Electric type breakneck blitz, which the UI properly displays. However when i use it in battle it´s still a normal move (ghost types were inmune to it).

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