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Once upon a time, there was peace in Circus Maximus.

That time was when it had zero posts.

Since it was thrust into existence, there has been rage. The forum was built in a salt mine.

"You're the worst host ever" "My team sucked" "Mafias were OP" "You call this balance?!" "Terrible game terrible host" "Should've been abandoned" "This game doesn't exist" "Village was doomed from N0"

On and on, the incessant din of disgruntled players fuming against their thankless hosts.

And then one day, it happened. The rage to end all rage.


That was it. The final straw.

A solution had to be found. How could we continue having games if every host is the worst ever at balancing them?!

You think the hosts are so bad at designing games? Why don't YOU try it?!

That's right, YOU. Send me a role and I'll put it in the game. Then when your role/team/game is gimped, well, don't blame me!

Let's get ready to have some FUN.


In this game, YOU pick the roles! Every player will PM me a role on Smogon when they sign up. THIS WILL NOT BE YOUR ROLE, BUT IT WILL BE IN THE GAME. You may make this role anything you like and can specify its role name, faction, how often it can happen, etc. It may be as complex or simple as you like. If you send in something like "hooker" I will assign it to a faction based on the other roles on the team (IE no team should have 5 hookers and the rest none). I reserve the right to balance or modify roles submitted to make sure they are all in line with each other power-wise.

You may get as detailed and creative or as simple as you like. Including the faction you want the role to be is not mandatory unless you particularly want to see it as a village or mafia role. The more unusual the role, the better!

The players will be RNGed to roles so you likely will not get your own.

Silencers or kidnappers who prevent the target from posting in the thread (vote negation is ok but inability to post is not)
Roles that can never die/be killed or are otherwise immune/broken in some way
Post restrictors* (already in the game)
Lynchpins since the village will not be designed or balanced around a split
"Vanilla" roles with no night action or nothing to do since they are boring
Stupid items/interactions like the notorious Diamond/Rock IE instawins if you get it or general dumb conversions

If a role is submitted as a neutral, it will be a neutral. I will not be making any roles submitted without a faction attached into neutrals. Note that you do NOT have to specify what team you want the role to go on.

I will not personally be adding any items into the game however if someone wants to submit a role that either has an item involved/comes with an item/can make items, I will permit that
I will allow c/ping of item lines of PMs so that their function can be understood, however, nothing else from role PMs

There will be no NPC aliases unless someone submits a role involving them, then I will add however many make sense for said role(s)

This is a post restriction game, which means that all of you will be sent a PR you MUST follow in ALL of your posts. You are also obligated to make at least one post per cycle or you will be godkilled. The PR could be something like "pretend you are Russian" and you would have to post as if you were Russian.

You may all submit a PR for me to follow in all of my posts as well. I will RNG between all submitted host PRs and pick one to follow.

There is a side competition in this game! Whoever can PM me with a list of all other users' PRs first will be a winner of the game, regardless of if their team wins or loses. Since the mafia have team PMs, I will allow you to have X wrong guesses, where X is the number of mafia who know their team's PRs. I will judge all guesses to the same degree of accuracy and if you got the gist. The "pretend you are Russian" PR could be "pretend you are Vladimir Putin" as a correct guess, but not "pretend you are European" as that is too general.
You may submit as many guesses as you like until someone wins. This is also why everyone has to post each cycle!

After the game ends, we will take a vote on who had the best execution of their PR. Funniest, most dedicated, most accurate, etc. You cannot vote for yourself. Whoever is voted Best PR will be a winner of the game, regardless of if their team wins or loses.

There will be aliases. There will be 1 for each player in the game unless a role requiring NPC aliases is submitted. Your alias is NOT your role name!

This will be a day/night game beginning on Night 0. Nights will last 48 hours, Days will last 48 hours to allow for people to post in. This is an OC game and you are welcome to discuss it beyond the confines of the game thread.

You may NOT paste any part of your Role PM, you may NOT make any screenshots of the conversation, you may NOT invite anyone to your Role PM conversation.
You may tell people about your role but again, you can't C/P things. This means no fakes are needed.
If you have an information role, the only thing you may C/P from your result is the WC. You may summarize the info you got from your role but you cannot C/P a full role PM when nobody could counter it.
Exception being items if any are submitted.

IRC channel is #BYO, you will find it helpful to join. If you make a channel for your faction, please invite me (Yeti). I don't officially condone using the PS! Circus Maximus channel over #BYO as I can't kick people from it if something starts going terribly wrong but you can talk there if you like. If you make a spreadsheet for your faction, please ask for my email and add me.

Submit all actions in your Role PM conversation as a new reply. No need for a new convo for each night. OR if I am on IRC as Yeti ONLY, you may submit there if I respond to your action with something along the lines of "k." If you don't get a response or I was on another nick I was probably AFK.

Lynches are every day, please bold your vote, format anything user. Ties will result in a no lynch. The day will end after the set deadline or after a majority that cannot be contested on any one USER and all living players have posted.

I do not give extensions for inactivity or idling scrubs, you all know this, the only reason an update would be delayed is if something came up irl for me. I will say in advance I am traveling back home June 24-July 5 so there may be an extended night cycle on June 26-29 where I will be at a camp and possibly unable to get on/update, TBA the internet circumstances at the camp.

No kills on N0. After that, expect anything.

Standard anti-clowning rules. You all should know the spirit of things by now, ask me if you need something clarified that's not explicitly said here.

There will be one village and two mafias unless the game size becomes so large I could feasibly do a third mafia.

The playerlist will be RNGed so you will NOT be getting your own role unless the RNG blesses you. You may request to be village or mafia if you have a strong preference, but beyond that, you cannot submit an OP role and expect to get it to boost yourself.

(This is an open concept game so there is no limit on the number of players! As many roles as I am sent, I can put into the game that many players)
Thetwinmasters / Role in
jalmont / Role in
internet / Role in
Haruno / Role in
Ullar / Role in
Paperblade / Role in
Blazade / Role in
penguin344 / Role in
Aura Guardian / Role in
LonelyNess / Role in
Dullagamur / Role in
RODAN / Role in
Asek / Role in
jumpluff / Role in
acidphoenix / Role in
Mithril / Role in
Nomark / Role in
King_ / Role in
Former Hope / Role in
shade / Role in
kirsche / Role in
Memoric / Role in
Flyhn / Role in
askaninjask / Role in
Alfa610 / Role in
Walrein / Role in
Ditto / Role in
vonFiedler / Role in
UncleSam / Role in
DTC / Role in
Whydon / Role in
zorbees / Role in
LightWolf / Role in
TheGooeyGastrodon / Role in
RBG / Role in
Vanillish Wafer / Role in
Spooked / Role in
Mages Vulpes / Role in
bluedoom / Role in
Pidge / Role in
Steven Snype / Role in
jayelt413 / Role in
Hannahh / Role in
shubaka17 / Role in
Feel free to make changes/additions to your role before the game begins, just keeping track of those I have received via Smogon PM (run ideas by me on IRC/PS but pls send on forum ty).
Sub after 6/24: Maleovex

This game will begin in ~70 hours, 4PM PST 6/19. You have until then to sign up and PM me a role and PR for me to follow if you choose. IT IS MANDATORY TO PM ME A ROLE IF YOU WANT INTO THE GAME. However you will have until the game starts to send it so feel free to take your time.

Be sure to PM me the role on Smogon Forums. I will be glad to discuss the role with you on IRC/PS! though before its final incarnation is submitted. I also reserve the right to change it based on the power level of the rest of the roles submitted.

DO NOT SHARE THE ROLE YOU SENT! If your role gets put on village but you told someone who gets put on mafia, that might be bad!
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"If you do not send in an action on any night you will be godkilled."

This was a hyphy rule.

Also aliases who vote in the lynch will NOT be listed.


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i dont want to play this but i want to make roles for shits and giggles am i allowed to do that
If someone asks you then you can give them ideas but otherwise there should be one role sent in by each player and thus X roles for X players thus only people on the playerlist can send them.

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