BW OU 6v6 Team Help

Alright well I am fairly new to pokemon, so I figured id ask for some help team building. I naturally like offensive teams and despise stall teams, so the point of my team was to have sweepers that are versitile and difficult to wall in.

Lead Metagross
Name: Stealth Rock
Move 1: Stealth Rock
Move 2: Meteor Mash
Move 3: Earthquake
Move 4: Bullet Punch
Nature: Adamant
Item: Balloon
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Spe

Alright well this was the lead I used in my brief experience in 4th gen. Its meteor mash/bullet punch combo works great on speedy leads, and often times they have to choose whether to set up rocks or kill him. This lead seems to get wrecked by infernape, however he is less common in this generation. Bullet Punch is very important on my team because it is the only priority move on my team, and if he can stay alive after killing or setting up rocks on the other team, he is a great revenge killer late in the game. In the late game he kills threats with bullet punch such as terrakion who can pose a threat to my team after a rock polish.

name: Choice Garchomp
move 1: Outrage
move 2: Earthquake
move 3: Dual Chop
move 4: Fire Blast
item: Choice Scarf
nature: Jolly
ability: Sand Veil
evs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe

Alright well this is my revenge killer. I like to use him early in games to kill threats that can sweep my team. I have fire blast so he can work as a nattorei and skarmory counter. Dual chop is used because I hate sub zapados, although he is somewhat rare, I really hate dealing with him and Dualchop breaks his sub and messes up that strategy, as well as sub punchers. I also have garchomp to scout for ice beemers and dragon counters early, because if you look down you will see I also have a Latios. Outrage is their so when it gets low on health after a revenge kill or 2 I can go out with a bang and put a dent in something or possibly killing it.

name: General Wall Porygon2
move 1: Thunderbolt
move 2: Ice Beam
move 3: Toxic
move 4: Recover
item: Eviolite
ability: Trace
nature: Bold
evs: 252 HP / 184 Def / 72 SpD

Since I have a offensive team, I wanted to have a very versitile mixed wall, and with only one weakness Porygon worked great. I also love the fact he has decent sp attack and the bolt beem combo for coverage. This is my primary counter for Gliscor, with the Trace ability I can switch into a fling and gain Poison heal to increase his already impressive bulk, than I can hit him back with a ice beem. Toxic is used so if I run into a wall that is too powerful, I can just toxic it it and attempt to stall it out. He has worked great at taking hits from dragons, and forcing them to switch out because of fear of ice beem, and than I can recover off the damage. Now powerfull fighting pokemon can give me trouble especially conkeldurr, which is one reason the team is a work in progress.

name: Calm Mind Keldeo
move 1: Calm Mind
move 2: Hydro Pump
move 3: Sword of Mystery
move 4: Hidden Power Ghost
item: Life Orb
ability: Justice Heart
nature: Timid
evs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

Well This is my first sweeper, I dont believe this is allowed at the moment but when battling with my friends we allow him, and if I battle on a site I ask if its ok to use him. Secret Sword makes him very difficult to wall as he takes down most physical and special walls, and if he gets off a calm mind watch out. Hidden power ghost is their for coverage, and it is the only ghost move on my team so it comes in handy in certain situations. I normally use him early game to attempt a sweep. With metagross as my lead and him holding a balloon, I often get Fire types switching in, so what I normally do is send in keldio to absorb the fire attack, and than calm mind as they switch out, if they do not have something faster often times I can take out multiple pokemon, and people sometimes underestimate his power after a calm mind, overal Keldio and meta work out great. When he dies, most the time garhomp gets the revenge kill anyways.

name: Offensive Latios
move 1: Dragon Pulse
move 2: Surf
move 3: Hidden Power Fire
move 4: Psycho Shock
item: Life Orb
nature: Timid
evs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

After Garchomp has annoyed the other team and has most likely revealed the other teams dragon counter. Latios most the time has a clear path to try and secure a late game sweep. Dragon Pulse is the most I like to stick to as most teams dragon counter is gone and most teams will than get hammered hard by dragon pulse. Being a late game sweeper I choose Pulse over Draco Meteor so he can hit more than once. Psych Shock is a suprise attack that can catch teams off guard. Just like Keldeos Sword of mystery, this makes him difficult to wall late game, and it has saved my but sometimes. Its also a great move to kill conkeldurr who switches into my Porygon2 quite often. Since it has high speed hopefully it can outspeed the other team and secure the sweep.

name: MixKen
move 1: Fire Blast
move 2: Hi Jump Kick
move 3: Hidden Power Ice
move 4: Protect
item: Life Orb
ability: Speed Boost
nature: Rash
evs: 80 Atk / 200 SpA / 228 Spe

Here is where I need help. I have Blaziken to add yet another mixed sweeper, however it seems like it could be overkill. He is however the only fire pokemon on my team, and is a good switch into all those pesky bug steal types in the game. The speed boost helps, and hes just another sweeper who is tough to counter, but my success with this blaziken has been iffy, and most the time keldeos secret sword is just as good ast the high jump kick.

Possible replacements I came up with for my blaziken

Chandelure - Covers my need for both a Ghost and Fire pokemon, and I could possibly run energy ball to get rid of swampert who can posess problems to my team. Hes also somewhat bulky and can add some bulk to this offensive team.

Gengar - Possibly considering a scarfgar with Trick, that way like chandelure, it can stop some pesky pokes that wall me.

Thundurus - Not gonna lie, this is mainly because he looks pretty cool, and he has mischievious heart so he can provide support, however he gives me a big weakness to ice.

Tyranitar - He can help garchomps ability of sandveil. He also has Dark moves which I do not have

Jellicent - Really dont like his look, but he can stop the fast fighting types that cause me probs, and he also works well with Porygon2 to give me a 2nd wall

Conkelldurr - I dont have a pure Physical attacker besides metagross (who is lead) and garchomp (but hes choiced into one move) and his priority mach punch could help

Basically I am looking for a fire, ghost, dark, physical, or a wall to fill my final spot, I am open to any pokemon and any reccomendation would be appreciated. Since this is my first time getting serious with pokemon I feel I have alot to learn.
Pretty nice first team I guess, but there are some problems that could be fixed.

Metagross: Pretty good, but one thing I would watch out for is leadtrans. Using that set, all those have a x4 resistance or an immunity (assuming that it has a balloon). He can either set up rocks or proceed to OHKO you with fire blast.

Garchomp: Again, that heatran with balloon is gonna give this problems. He can pick on this with dragon pulse, and heatran might have his trusty balloon to ignore earthquake.

Porygon2: Like you said, conkledurr will really cripple this. No other real comments.

Keldeo: He's not on the smogon ban-list, so I guess you can use him. Good thing to stop that heatran, but if he has HP Electric, it might faint before setting up.

Latios: Finally, something that can really stand up to heatran. But if it's a lead, you might want to send him out ASAP. Because he will probably use fire blat, which latios resists, you can go and KO with surf. Nice job.

For the last pokemon, i would chose jellicent, who stands up nicely to heatran and conkledurr STAB fighting attacks have no effect on it. Plus a liitle more stall so you can last a bit longer.

Pretty nice team, I'd like to run into it one day!
If I add Jellicent over Blaziken, is that enough that I can keep lead meta, or should I go to a more versitile lead?
Meteor Mash and Bullet Punch just waste his type coverage Try a Zen Headbutt. Porygon seems too weak to be a wall (from my experience).
well I tested the team out and really did not like porygon and jellicent, right now Im probly gonna go with a nattorei or maybe a skarmory for a wall, but ill need to figure something out, my porygon got 1hkoed by a unboosted close combat fromm terrakion, i realize its his weakness, but thought i could atleast take one hit
you could change porygon2 to a chansey. with evo stone he is basically the best wall in the game.

Chansey @Evo Stone
Careful, Natural Cure
252 HP, 4 Def, 252 SDef
-Seismic Toss
-Toxic/Thunder Wave

Toxic or thunderwave is your choice, you can go either way. Or you can try clefable, no one is ever prepared for it. It may seem dumb, but if it gets set up....

Clefable @Toxic Orb
Careful, Magic Guard
252 HP, 4 Atk, 252 SDef
-Cosmic Power
-Belly Drum

use Cosmic power ass much as possible, then use belly drum and a softboiled. then with toxic orb, facade is 140 powered +6 STAB, 2HKOing Natorii. either one pretty good (for me at least).

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