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Welcome to the Second BW Premier League!​
This thread is the place to sign up for BW PL.

The format for signing up is as follows:
Time Zone:
Tiers Interested in Playing:
Forseeable Inactivity:
The tiers are:
  • BW OU
  • BW Ubers
  • BW UU
  • BW RU
  • BW NU
  • BW PU
  • BW ZU
  • BW LC
Please note that consistent activity is expected of all participants. Do not sign up if you are not able to commit to participating in BW PL.

The 6 teams and their managers are:

:vigoroth: Vibing Vigoroths: Links and SBPC
:crustle: Crustle Palace: Star and TDK
:latios: Eon Executioners: Monai and mad dawg
:emolga: Entralink Emolgas: starry blanket and Finchinator
:sigilyph: Soaring Sigilyphs: Fantos13 and Feaniix
:skarmory: Skyarrow Spikers: Colteor and RageAgainstTheMagearna

Signups will close 24 hours before the auction: Also TBD.

Good luck to all!
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